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  1. BrandonKF


    I can't get ONE single game that goes my way. Someone explain this to me. I've got a 3-point captain in her, and every match it's the same [edited] every time. I get 4 or 5 people looking at me and focusing me to hell and gone. Explain what is going wrong here??? What do I need to make this piece fight well????? And don't even start with me about the teams... I've been getting ripped to pieces and watching my team literally melt whenever I drive this thing.
  2. BrandonKF

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Welcome to life in Kii dispersion land.
  3. Hey. 

    You stole puppyshark.

    I'm honored.

    1. tcbaker777


      i like cute things, what can i say? lol

  4. BrandonKF

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    While I'm not crazy about the Roma Kobayashi, I do enjoy Kii's by him. To each their own.
  5. BrandonKF

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Lewd. But I know what you meant.
  6. BrandonKF

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    I remember Mouse was in love with her.
  7. BrandonKF

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Yes. Kii does.
  8. BrandonKF

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Looks like Kii, Yamato, and other Japanese battleships, as well as Cesare.
  9. BrandonKF

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    You have strange tastes in aesthetics, Mouse. To each their own. I'm not enamored with this "can" idea. Then again, having owned Kii as long as I have and playing it as much as I have, I can attest that the bonuses are good. My own personal overview of the Kobayashi ships follows. Kii was purchased by roughly 1,400 players for PVP games on NA and EU servers. Her weaknesses forego popularity as people have tried driving her and discovered how weak she is at her tier match up. Ashitaka was bought by even less players and has seen even less play. Roma might see more popularity because she's Italian, but given the review, I suspect many who purchase her will not enjoy her for the lack of useful secondaries and meh gunnery, similar to Kii. She will also encounter stiff competition as she is stacked against tier X, and that raised citadel and subpar gunnery will come back to bite her hard. Her saving grace might be that she will not be as susceptible to the rage of repeated torp walls that Kii has to deal with on a regular basis, due in part to Roma's handling and her stealth.
  10. BrandonKF

    Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze

    This will likely be my last Kraken of 2017, and I got it in Harekaze. Thanks for the tips Mouse and all of the Discord channel. https://replayswows.com/replay/12773
  11. BrandonKF

    Premium Ship Review: Duke of York

    Don't forget the secondaries. -chews happily- Right now I'm in a serious place of contention.
  12. BrandonKF

    Premium Ship Review: Duke of York

    I've slaughtered plenty of cruisers with her. It's your play style. That's all.
  13. BrandonKF

    Premium Ship Review: Kii

    Update. 105 games in, and by the time of writing I was averaging only 43,000 damage. I know, woefully under par. So, I watched a few videos on "How to Kii". This was my last match for the night.
  14. BrandonKF

    Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze

    For the Harekaze. Show me a smart destroyer captain that's alone early in match you can go gun to gun with. And show me where to find the enemy radar ships prior to the game starting. And then, show me how to keep teammates alive in those first four minutes before your opponents are weakened. You can't. Because you don't control them. Like I said. Mouse was right about the challenge.
  15. BrandonKF

    Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze

    As a solo driver with a less than 33 percent win rate in Harekaze, let me iterate: No. It isn't icing. It's either vital or nonexistent. And a partner is almost essential to both survival and success. Alone, a Harekaze is only as good as the teammates' gunnery you spot for. Without better torps, you're forced to go into 7 kilometers to reliably hit. That's well within radar range of every radar ship in its tier or above. Smoke won't save you, and torpedo boost only gives you an extra eight torps, and then still a 2 minute reload after. It's a very challenging ship. And most people who buy her don't do that well in her.