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  1. Not that I've seen or know of. I bought the basic package. Just a ship and 0-point captain.
  2. She is a nice ship. My second match ended in defeat, but I was top scorer in my group. And I'm a total noob. However, she is VERY fragile. One broadside of torps brought her below half health. Two more sunk her. Second match was me in Scharny. I ended up going head-to-head with @Ice_GopherFC, and we ended up in a joust. He planned to ram, I forgot I had torps in the dodge, and Giulio and Scharny both passed within mere meters of each other, raking each other with secondaries. We'd both launched our main guns and stared each other down at full speed. Epic confrontation. I like this guy! Notice I was third in Scharny after being sunk mid-match by Maass torps, but Ice's Giulio Cesare scored 107k damage and made top place in his team. She is a beautiful ship. I love her. Even with her softness, she's a fast, agile, accurate battleship that makes enemy cruisers gulp. TLDR: Dat aft.
  3. Yet another triple detonation game. This one changed greatly... I ended up winning this time and surviving (very rare when I started). Honestly, this match went so crazy... but I'm happy with how I ended it. I finally made Battle Hero with this one.
  4. I'm there! -runs over-
  5. Is it just Nikolai? I need more information.
  6. Last night: -Queen Elizabeth joins Duca D'Aosta on a south push. Duca dies to huge salvos. New Mexico and King George come after Queen. Queen Captain: "Haaaaaaaalp! :o" *runs straight for map edge* Me in Scharnhorst, near center: "Come to me, man, come to me!!!" *furious full speed drive south* Queen Captain: "Can't, to turn is to die!" Me: "Turn, dammit, and wiggle waggle your tush!" He lived and we were able to get those two battleships while the carrier flew top cover and the rest of the team wore out the enemy. It was hilarious considering how often I've cursed Queens for broadside slapping my beloved Scharny.
  7. You've held out. Be patient.
  8. An hour to go at work, then download and see how they look... My lady will get a kick out of these.
  9. PSA in chats for those who can read.
  10. Now that's just temptation to get through the higher tiers with good looking ships. ..... Want.
  12. Tell me this is available in randoms...
  13. -puts cheese at the end of the maze for the spinning mousey battleships-
  14. Godspeed to all those who have left us... and to those left behind.
  15. Happened last night after a good run of bad luck in randoms. Constant losses, didn't matter what ship I ran. End of night I jumped in Scharnhorst. Only a 6 point captain in her, but I stayed at range and gave some pot shots. Team was holding back, waiting, and one guy complained BBs weren't pushing. Never mind the Nagato and King George hanging around at center. Our cap went up, a Russian Tashkent had settled in it with smoke, a Hipper, and another cruiser. I was still full health, and was listening to the Black Panther trailer. Charged in, enemy BBs focused on me, cruisers focused, Tash launched torps, but I wagged my nose all the way, launched torps at smoke after creaming the Tash with 6 main gun hits, launched another at the Hipper, and another destroyer ate my secondaries. I died, but cap was saved, enemy push crushed, and the guy who had complained typed out, "Scharnhorst bravest Scharnhorst." Only 18k damage, but two vital kills (Tash ate one of my torps) and I felt accomplished when I saw 1 million potential damage sent my way. What a run!