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  1. As if everyone knew that, I didn't and I've been playing for a long as time
  2. Did a quick google search and up, first time I've came across this bug EDIT: The first three minutes of the match were fine, then the hud started to flicker like crazy then it disappeared (Zoomed out) Zooming in made my hud flicker for a while then that disappeared all together as well. I do find it funny that I managed 40k without a hud for half the game
  3. Also forgot to mention that after I restarted my computer and the game all my item collections appeared as new even though I've already looked at them before.
  4. I was playing a game in my Hipper and after the match had ended I was sent back to my port like normal. However, my Hipper was still in battle. I couldn't select it or do anything with it so I just thought if I play another battle in a different ship maybe it would fix itself. Nope... The same thing happened to that ship. So I decided to re-log to fix the problem however, the game wouldn't load. After it wouldn't load I decided to restart my computer to get everything back to working order. And it did, but when I logged back on; all my ships that were set as primary weren't set as primary anymore. To try and fix that I went and restarted the game; that didn't work, so I went into a match and when I came out of it, it still wasn't fixed. I just ended up going through all my ships and setting the primary ones again. EDIT: Hope I'm posting in the right area, and thank god my campaign missions didn't get reset.
  5. Yeah, but mine says it's the 22nd... https://gyazo.com/a9ab243aeeeb0da921ddb6897c7bc44c So it was their mistake then. Thanks
  6. https://gyazo.com/8524e4587db3e7796a1becce6f67b77d Am I mistaking something or? It says it's suppose to start 12-22-2016 and, well that's today. On https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/graficviolence/ It says it starts 6:01 CST time on the 22nd and it's 6:47 So what I'm trying to ask is; did WarGaming make a mistake or am I being the idiot?