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  1. I watched a youtube video of several new players on the EU server. They were experienced players from WOT, it seems from their conversation and they divisioned together. As I watched they played T3 ships. From their actions starting at the ships page it was plain they had little or no knowledge about the various ships or how they were either modified or captains scaled. In game they basically sailed along and fired at different ships in range with very little understand of aiming. They did not know that the little guns on their ship image in the lower left would tell them which were able to fire. They played both T1-T3s in the three games I watched them play. Potatoes? That is the term used by far too many players of WOWS on people who have no real idea of what or how to play the game. Which buttons to push, how to modify their ships with upgrades, camo, flags etc...Their attitude was good but they seemed somewhat at a loss. The point I am trying to make is two fold. From WGs POV there should be SOMETHING to tell these newcomers that they can use the various modifications, upgrades, flags, purchase improved variants and a tech tree. I think being a bit bewildered was my main impression. From players POV I only hope the godlike elitists don't push them out of our game. Being from WOT I sensed they were a little wary of 'Premium' ships and 'gold'. Not everybody is good or better at these arcade PVP games but their presence helps keep the game alive and reduces queue times. So many others are limited in playing time due to both Real Life and enjoyment of other games. So WG - please for goodness sake give new players SOMETHING they can get hold of before they are dumped into PVP or even PVE. A tutorial that can get them a ship if they finish, perhaps a T2 from any tree in the game if they play through. Not winning or losing but learning how to play various types of ships, what they can do to them and when they finish that, a shiny new ship alongside their T1 starter. Help save the newcomers is a worthy charity if you will.
  2. Hi dsee, wanted to thank you for your posts. Old US Navy here from the '60s and learned more from you than 50 years of general naval study. Thanks.

    1. dseehafer


      Tanks for the compliment mate! and thank you for your service! I try to include just enough History on the vessels to give the viewer a general overview, while not giving so much information that the readers become discouraged from reading the resulting massive wall of text. I would like to think ive found a pretty good balance. Glad to hear your learning something and enjoying the posts in general!

  3. Submarines did make a major impact on sea warfare. However most WOWS players want a straightforward WW1 surface warship battle with their favorite ships. Adding CVs may have been necessary but after Pearl Harbor and the sinking of the Prince of Wales and the Respite in SE Asian waters then the CV ruled as the supreme sea warfare ship in the world. Many of the most important battles of WW2 took place between carriers out of sight of each other. Where's the fun in that? That is why carriers are nerfed and will continue to be so because this is a game of surface to surface warfare and aircraft are both too powerful and frustrating to the 90%+ players in this game. Submarines would simply add to the frustration and along with CVs drive player after player out and into some other game. Sub and CV commanders would simply have to play with themselves.