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  1. playercatz329

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    Some controls are missing even when I customize them they don't work in game play but I am able to shoot and all other functions seem to work just fine but as soon as I go to controls I see this...
  2. playercatz329

    Update 0.7.12 - Feedback and General Performance

    This is some feedback on the public test due to controls not working or there is a blank spot to were the controls for ships movement go and am not able to move any ships during game play but all other controls do work. I even tried to customizing the controls and makes know difference..
  3. playercatz329

    Zooming (shift) while in free-camera mode

    Why don't you all just change the controls in settings... I do all the time...
  4. Just wondering if any one knew when the next public test for World of Warships is and also, would like to know if anyone knows why is there are never any public test for World of Warplanes any more or am I just missing them cause I have been watching for it and have not seen a public test since before they did the big change in the game? Thank You...
  5. playercatz329

    0.7.12 Public Test Bug Reports

    Yes I guess it had worked it self out cause it's just fine now.. Thanks
  6. playercatz329

    0.7.12 Public Test Bug Reports

    Port issues: At a point I was not able to by consumables or any thing at that. I was able to go to tech tree and so on but not able to buy nor sell anything...
  7. playercatz329

    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    It looks though should be a option to pick... lol
  8. playercatz329

    Whatever Happened to?

    It would make world of warships a more difficult game to play but then again I guess it would have its own game server as the others do..
  9. playercatz329

    Whatever Happened to?

    could have sworn they had them during the alpha mode could be wrong though even though I am a beta tester. I came into beta test a little late so i can't really say i am for sure... maybe the moderators can tell us if indeed this is true or not. In any case true or false they should bring it to attention cause it would be another great game to play.. World of Submarines.. It fits well anyway...
  10. playercatz329

    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    I for the most have downloaded and played the game with no problems at all... No glitches, nothing really to feed back on except wait time but i think that is due to lack of downloaded test players.....
  11. playercatz329

    Whatever Happened to?

    What ever happened to the submarine boats they had at the very beginning alpha and beta stages of World of Warships?... Just curious..
  12. playercatz329


    Sounds good will do and thanks for all input...
  13. playercatz329


    Agreed need to be good to be a super tester. name says it all.. It took me a while just to become a Beta Tester let alone a Super Tester, shoot I would be lucky to even get to Alpha Tester status.
  14. playercatz329


    I do love your quote at the bottom of your post... I just had to add that for no reason at all...
  15. playercatz329


    Torpedo's are going right through the enemies and the enemies torpedo's are going through the islands and/or mountains and striking my ship causing damage ore death in game....