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  1. playercatz329

    Whatever Happened to?

    It would make world of warships a more difficult game to play but then again I guess it would have its own game server as the others do..
  2. playercatz329

    Whatever Happened to?

    could have sworn they had them during the alpha mode could be wrong though even though I am a beta tester. I came into beta test a little late so i can't really say i am for sure... maybe the moderators can tell us if indeed this is true or not. In any case true or false they should bring it to attention cause it would be another great game to play.. World of Submarines.. It fits well anyway...
  3. playercatz329

    Whatever Happened to?

    What ever happened to the submarine boats they had at the very beginning alpha and beta stages of World of Warships?... Just curious..
  4. playercatz329


    Agreed need to be good to be a super tester. name says it all.. It took me a while just to become a Beta Tester let alone a Super Tester, shoot I would be lucky to even get to Alpha Tester status.
  5. playercatz329


    I do love your quote at the bottom of your post... I just had to add that for no reason at all...
  6. Now lets talk about some Ground Troops to make this war fianl..

  7. A little humor while we wait.. :)

  8. So i dont know about you all but i have been pretty patient about the warships coming into game and now that i can feel it a my fingure tips the patience is coming to a complete and utter kid like sindrome like a kid getting ready to go to Disneyland for the first time but has to wait for just little bit longer and he knows its just right there around the corner but yet he still waits for that speacial day he actually go's to download this epic momment and bam the Beta Keys were gone.Pati...

  9. Going to warplanes to Battle and waiting for Warships.....Can't wait