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  1. Pappy_0311

    Update 0.8.2 - Feedback and Performance

    You haven't really played in a CV games lately have you? And I know they said there is supposed to be some type of AA Nerf this last update. Because it's seems like someone turned the dial the wrong way.
  2. Oh my god dude have a beer go to bed and shut the f*** up. You're the one starting s*** with everybody who disagrees with you.
  3. Pappy_0311

    Hello Mr. Nelson, What are you doing Here?

    Oh I get posting because you have a good game, but in reality that is not what he's doing this post wasn't about him it was about a 7 tier in a tier 10 game that's why I clicked on the post, where in reality he wants you to see how well he played because he wants validation that is not as bad as he is. I get it some people live on validation they need to get the good jobs. All I'm saying is don't hide your need for validation under a false post, if you need that validation just posted under "hey I had a good game please praise me".
  4. Pappy_0311

    Hello Mr. Nelson, What are you doing Here?

    Yes the naming shaming comment was more of an afterthought feeling the need to point out a tier 7 in your tier 10 match, My main point was directed at you and your need to get attaboys from people, over the past several weeks I've noticed you more and more posting pictures of you having a good game well good boy you had a good game why you need to post that every time I don't know, but to be honest your stats are as bad as mine that's why I hide mine and just because I have a good game it doesn't mean I'm going to go out and post pictures to get good jobs from people. But I guess some people just need a validation of how they're playing. So once again we get the idea of your screenshot you had a good game in your CV it doesn't change the fact that you are a subpar player.
  5. Pappy_0311

    Hakuryu tips?

    I would go with selling it Japanese line is not very good compared to the Royal Navy and the US.
  6. Pappy_0311

    Hello Mr. Nelson, What are you doing Here?

    Everytime I see one of your posts lately you're either patting yourself on the back, or you're criticizing other people and yet still patting yourself on the back. why do you have such a need to get attaboys from people? So this is apparently what you want, good boy that's a very good boy you had a great game! PS leaving the Nelson's name in your screenshot is kind of like naming and shaming isn't it?
  7. Pappy_0311

    Public Test 0.8.2 - Feedback

    Till Wargaming go's to a -1 MM with CV you will never be able to balance CV's, trying to balance a CV to a +2 -2 MM will never work and the fact that Wargaming keep's trying to do it show's just how limited their thinking is.
  8. Okay for starters wasn't stat shaming stating a fact is not stat shaming it's called stating a fact! 2 I never said you had a 48% win rate in your CV. I was referring to your overall win rate (so I guess it too hard to understand your own stats) as for your other comment I did respond to your comment about mechanics.(You have the same mechanics working for you as the unicom! Why are you so bad? and they are so good?) But hey what should we expect from someone who obviously is not play CV and obviously dislikes some anyways and wants to see him removed from the game or at least see them nerfed so badly then nobody will play them. So maybe you should try playing them before thinking you're the expert on them.
  9. If the mechanics are there for all to do... Then why are you a 48% shouldn't you be better I mean you have the same mechanics working for you as the unicom! Why are you so bad? and they are so good?
  10. Pappy_0311

    Lex Takes on Tier 10

    Look someone had a lucky game in a CV I guess it's time for the HAMMER to come out!!
  11. Pappy_0311

    We need to speak out against pointless CV nerfs!

    Coming from a DD's player who will spend most of his game hiding and try to torpedo ships, or pop smoke and spam HE. most battleships you see sit at the back of the map and try and snipe and cruisers will sit behind island and spam HE.
  12. I'm sorry but the so called balancing that Wargaming is doing is just dumb, Wargaming is going to Nerf the damage output of a tier 8 CV yet still put it in tier 10 matches! Why is the GZ doing too much damage to tier 10. If that is the case why is tier 10 AA not being nerfed for doing too much damage to tier 8 CV's? Or is wargaming once again basing their Nerf on the fact that unicom players are doing 200k+ in the GZ so it must be OP it must be nerfed! So once again screw the average players who are coming out of a tier 10 game with 10K and tier 8 game's 70 to 80 K damage. When will wargaming understand that we are not all unicom players, a lot of people playing are average players with a life with families and a job. Not all of us are lucky enough to spend our days playing video games for a job. So maybe wargaming should spend more time making the game playable for the average players, and not spend so much time trying to make things more difficult for unicom players. Seeing how the average players make up a much larger majority of the game.
  13. Pappy_0311

    We need to speak out against pointless CV nerfs!

    Really do your shells get shot down mid-flight, do your torpedoes detonate without hitting a Target. being a tier 8 stock in a tier 10 does suck for everyone but you can still at least contribute.
  14. Pappy_0311

    We need to speak out against pointless CV nerfs!