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    In continuation for clarification: I don't give one single iota if they sell it. I have more premium ships than I can play in a day, and rarely play low tiers anymore.


    My point is that it would be more ethically acceptable to sell a ship that was given away for free than it was to put an "exclusive limited time only" tank that was bought with real money back on the market. I can walk around handing out free coasters on the street, telling people they are special for owning it. That does not put me under any obligation whatsoever to never sell the same coaster. OTOH, if people were buying the coasters because of their exclusivity, it would be bad business and unethical to dilute the exclusivity by selling more.


    It's a lot more likely than the mutant BECAUSE it's a free reward, rather than something that was sold for real money with a promise of exclusivity. I was a big proponent of selling a different version of the mutant, but not taking away the exclusivity from those that bought it on preorder.

    We need to speak out against pointless CV nerfs!

    With that name, I'd think you, of all people, would know how infuriating it is to get blown up by someone you can't shoot back at because they are controlling their explosives remotely. Being bottom tier in a CV means you don't have free reign to massacre whoever you please. Being bottom tier in a surface ship against a top tier CV means you have to pray for mercy because if that CV wants you, you are dead 5 minutes ago.

    New Version of WOW and the hacks are still on

    I can't tell if you're mocking me...

    New Version of WOW and the hacks are still on

    I'll be honest; sometimes I think people are using the lead assist mod, which isn't technically hacking, but is close. Then again, I also watch videos of very skilled players consistently nailing shots like they can see the future. My advice to you: make sure you have the dynamic reticle turned on, practice, and be unpredictable.

    CVs... Not even close.

    As a matter of fact, I recall quite clearly the very next game was a 200k damage game for me, and I was again on the weak flank vs a Musashi, Mino, and GK. The GK and Mino were both on me while I used a small island to hide my bow so the GK was forced to shoot my angled belt or super structure (like side scraping in WoT), while I quickly melted the mino with multiple cits. The GK eventually ran away just in time for the Musashi to round the island within 3km of me. He botched his opening salvo and bounced off my belt. Since he thought I was just going to eat all his shells to my cit, he didn't bother with angling. I gave him 60k worth of citadel hits before he either reloaded to finish me or his secondaries got me, not sure which it was. In any case, I'm familiar with getting outnumbered because I frequent the weak flank. The difference is that I at least have a fighting chance against other surface ships. Sure, they can kill me, but I can kill them as well. I can't kill CVs. This is what it would be like if arty in WoT had guided shells that they could fly to your tank. You've spent multiple posts trying to trigger my feels, and judging by your name, I suspect this is pretty common for you. I'll not be feeding you. Sorry. That would be fine if it actually limited the damage, but the best it was doing was running down their plane supply. If my AA had been dropping the planes that were getting ready to drop bombs, that would have much better than killing them off as they were returning to the carrier. Clearly, since they lost a boatload of planes, they should have had a wee bit tougher time with the slaughter. My AA was mostly in tact when they began the assault (I was dropping them quickly, but the ones getting shot down weren't the ones about to dump 6-8k salvos on my head), and yes, toward the end of it my short range was all but wiped out, and mid was around 50%. After the first or second drop, my AA might as well have not even been there. Admittedly, I was on the weak flank, and the team mates that were with me had either died or ran away. The DM is not a rapid mover, so even though I was indeed attempting to retreat, there was no way I was going to catch up with another AA ship. The high XP isn't necessarily the part I object to. The part that troubles me is the fact that they lost as many planes as they did, but were still able to destroy me almost completely on their own while there was nothing I could do to defend myself. You cant take cover from CVs like you can from arty in WoT. You can't shoot back at CVs. You can't hide yourself. They are the only class that can spot their own targets, and focus them down without any risk of getting shot at. Sure, they MIGHT eventually start to run low on planes, but you're already dead by then. So what I'm getting from these replies, and all the other replies, is that I should be playing my ships not to the strength of my own ship (such as the 200k damage CV-less battle I had immediately after this one), but to the strengths of all the other ships on my team so I can float around the edge of the map "kiting," getting blapped by BBs with 25+km guns. This isn't a synchronized swimming game. I shouldn't have to stay within 4km of an ally at all times, especially if they are absolute shitters that insist on staying at max gun range like so many pubstars do.The DM isn't fast enough to run to the nearest ally every time a plane is spotted, and it dies pretty quickly in open water. If I end up alone against a flank of 3-4 enemy surface ships, that's fine. I can use my ship's strengths to at least weaken them and/or slow them down so the rest of my team can either push the other flank or return to counter. Even if that scenario is a loss, I still get rewarded for dealing good damage. What kind of reward did I get for dealing 85k damage to the enemy planes? Peanuts.

    CVs... Not even close.

    I'm going to try to rein in my rage, and make this as civil and constructive as possible. I am aware this is a topic that's been beat to death, but it's not dead enough, imo. I think CVs are still outrageously broken. I was just in a battle in my Des Moines that has pretty OK AA. I was doing decent work until the enemy CVs decided they no longer wanted me in the battle. Once that happened, there was absolutely nothing I could do. They both started sending HE bombers after me, and they did not give one single squeak about my AA build, or the fact that my defensive fire AA was shedding planes left and right. They were still able to completely annihilate me within a few moments. In fact, they lost 177 (!) planes in total, and still dominated the match. I did 85k damage to their planes, but that didn't seem to slow them down in the slightest. There was NOTHING I could do to defend myself! It was a non-stop steady stream of bombers hammering me. No amount of maneuvering helped at all. I was helpless. Just a sad little kid in a wheelchair getting slaughtered by his classmates in a game of 20v1 dodgeball. Just.... stupid. It wasn't just their CVs doing work either. We only had one CV for the majority of the battle, and we lost 102 planes on our team. That means our one CV lost the majority of those, but he still managed to do a very respectable job. This is nonsense WG. That was NOT a fun battle for me at all. What is the point of even having AA if it does nothing to protect you from the attack? I don't expect any sort of civil communication in reply to this post, but the whole point of them throwing the half reworked CVs in to the live server was to get input, so here's mine; still broken. I would love to give my input on a solution, but I already know that my wish would not be well received. No, it's not to get rid of them, either. It would just be more work than WG would be willing to do.

    Premium Ship Review #118: Wichita

    I like the ship, but it is indeed a bit unremarkable; especially with planes being so abundant. I don't regret buying it, but if not for my impulsive financial irresponsibility (between planes, tanks, and botes, there are probably less than 20 vehicles I DON'T own), I'd likely pass.

    Musashi/Yamato - concealment still worth it?

    This is exactly the point I was getting at. Sure, if you're lucky enough to have enemy CVs that don't want you dead, great. However, if the enemy CV decides he wants you dead, you are either going to die, or you are going to run to your AA heavy friends where you are useless. The only reason you got behind enemy lines to kill the CV was because they let you. Your CE had nothing to do with it, most likely.

    Musashi/Yamato - concealment still worth it?

    Concealment isn't even worth it for DDs anymore.
  12. Every WG title has, and will always have a class that caters to people who want to play while being as far away from the fighting as possible. WoT has arty, and to a lesser degree TDs. WoWp has bombers, and to a lesser degree ground attack planes. WoWs has CVs, and to a lesser degree BBs. As much as I would LOVE arty and CV free game modes, they CANNOT work because very very very very few players would play them in anything but arty/CVs unless it was for a mission to kill those classes.

    Over Penetration??? wth IS THAT???

    Years ago, my uncle had a severe rabbit infestation on his ranch. My brother-in-law and I went to work with a variety of rifles to help cut the population (there were so many rabbits that the ground literally looks like it was snow covered from any distance over a couple hundred yards). Anyway, some of the resulting hits surprised me using the following rounds: .17 HMR hollow-point, 22-250 hollow-point, .22LR ball and hollow-point, .357mag hollow-point, 45-70 soft-point and hollow-point. The .17HMR fires the smallest/lightest projectile, but it performed well because the bullets had time to expand inside the rabbit. They weren't overly destructive, though, because they simply didn't have enough energy. The .22 also performed well with the hollow-points, but the ball rounds didn't fair too well. The ball rounds just passed through without causing much damage. Sometimes, the rabbits just flinched and carried on their day. I didn't use the ball ammo much because of this. The 22-250 was devastating. The insane velocity and rapidly expanding bullets would either sent the head flipping through the air, or turn the rabbit into a rabbit skin rug, depending on shot placement. The .357 hollow-points had expanded quickly enough to make a pretty good mess as well, but nothing like the 22-250. The 45-70 (the Yamato of the group) was the one that surprised me a bit. The hollow-points were lighter and faster than the soft-points, so they were able to make a mighty mess, effectively turning the rabbit into a pile of guts and fur, even though I doubt they were able to expand much. The round was fast enough that the caliber alone caused significant hydro-static shock, I assume. The soft-point, though, was a big, slow, heavy round designed for really big game. The 45-70 soft-point had a similar affect on the rabbit as the .22 ball. It just passed right through the rabbit, doing very little damage (aiming for vital organs on a rabbit with an iron sight buffalo gun is not super easy). Obviously, the size of the round alone was enough to give the rabbit some serious concern, but I'm fairly sure the rabbit could have survived much longer than one would expect after getting hit by a 405 grain bullet. That same 405gr. bullet would be able to expand inside a bigger target, thus dealing a massive amount of damage, but it would take several feet of flesh to get that to happen. TL:DR- ships are exactly like rabbits. Oh, and something about over-penetration not dealing as much damage as a round is capable of, even if the size of the projectile is way overkill for the target.

    Modify air detection to save DDs.

    "Reported positions" is exactly what my proposal does. The current air detection is more akin to laser marking. With a ship drawn on the map, skilled map aiming can get you some hits. Reducing the concealment makes it easier for other surface ships to spot them as well.
  15. Obviously, air scouting is an integral part of naval warfare, but it's currently detrimental to ships that rely on being discreet. Radar is being changed so only the radar ship can directly see the detected ship, at least for the first few moments of detection, while the rest of the team is merely alerted to the detected ship's location on the map. I think that would work well for air detection as well. Planes can already put a pretty good beatdown on most ships, so I don't think a Yamato should also be able to dev strike a light cruiser or destroyer from across the map that is only spotted by a ww2 multirole fighter. Planes could still alert the team to enemy movement, spoiling the plans of any would be surprise bettsux backdoor torpedo boting. Perhaps it could be a combo of marking air detected ships on the map, as well as reducing their surface detectability by 2-5km while spotted by the plane. Just an idea.