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  1. Thanks for the suggestions Seaman_Rookie. Got lost in the Russia server so gave up after trying a few things with Twitch. Removed it from my disk and got so disgusted with it, I am finished with anything to do with the test server.
  2. Just how does one get an account on the test server if you did not receive a email to confirm my email address. NA can't help as they have no access to the test server. I can't do another registration as it say my email address is in use, can't log in as my email address has not been verified. Puts you in a catch 22 position. Would be a nice feature for the test server people to put the option to resend the email if it was not received. If it is already available I can't find it. Can someone on this side of the pond, ask someone on that side of the pond to check my account, I would dearly appreciate it. Email is same as I use on the NA server.
  3. I am not a good player but made it to tier 10 in the USN line. First time I took it out I was feeling I did ok, not great but not bad. Looking at after battle stats, it cost me a lot, and I mean a lot. Parked it and only take it our when I have a lot of special flags to put on it. Buy flags, buy lots of flags. Also buy premium account. And did I say buy lots of flags for your tier 9 and 10 ships, their is a reason you see the majority of 9 and 10 tier ships flying flags. PS Buy lots of flags.
  4. About this BB thing?

    I suggest you watch Flamu , IMO his gives the best info on how to drive a ship and how to use it. I have watched others but Flamu also gives suggestions on how to be a team player depending on the ship and its abilities, which is sorely needed in this game. I shoot AP when I think I have enough broadside to shoot at, all other times I go with HE. I play the KG a lot and I use more HE more than AP than I should. Set a fire and hope he puts it out quick, then set another two on him and look for another ship to do same. Also your AP counts for a lot higher score than HE per round. (not counting fires you can start)
  5. I play the GK a lot. Since the last minor update I have been having a very hard time setting fires. Lately I can let off 4-5 salvos and hitting 4-6 rounds per salvo on a ship and not one fire. Before I was setting fire every other salvo. Also getting a lot of bounce, so much so I notice it. Much more than I was getting a few weeks ago. Yes it may RNG but I'm thinking RNG has had a little help on the divide by 0 side of things.
  6. Selling Ships

    I do not collect ships and right now we have a chance to sell them for a short period of time without paying to dismount any add-on. I thought it would be a good time to clean up the port. I sold all my DD's except for the ones that had 0 value (2) and one tier 6 just to have one I might use sometime. All cruisers to tier 5 were sold. A few above tier 5 that I never take out. All BB's to tier 5 and a few above that I very seldom drove. Was wondering if anyone else does a clean up for whatever reason. Right now I have all the ships in port that I have an interest in other than 2 or 3 BB, but not enough interest to buy them at this time. Now I am just saving just in case WOW introduces something I would be interested in.
  7. Secret Santa 2017

    I did this last year. Guy sent me an email saying he was not all that well off and could use a gift. Sent him one or two (forgot the amount). Since then, I have noticed he has posted a few times about buying ships and $$ wise he was more than good. That did it for me. Will buy myself a few.
  8. very strange

    I once had a card that was cancelled and was issued a new card/number when I used it to buy Premium time. Something about not being safe.????? I now us Paypal. I think it had more to do with the country than the site.
  9. Bought 20 crates, ended up with 4000 gold, a 2 DD's (which I will never drive) and a boat load of flags. Might have missed something but if I did it did not impress me.
  10. Can't help you on which to pick, but I am very happy we get to reset the skills. Wanted to reset some for some time now but was low on my list. Now I have reset all of them and $0 cost. Thank you Wargaming.
  11. Wargaming Mod pack

    It would be nice if Wargaming would release the official mod pack for the new versions the same time as the new versions are released. Or just include them in the DL with each new version.
  12. We have the same style game play, except I am not above average. I really like the KG. I have found I like dealing damage with HE plus setting them on fire and look for another ship in range to set on fire. I play most of my other BB's the same way. Early on when I started this game I found myself putting too much effort in sinking a ship I had first contact with and overlooking others in range. Now I will set one on fire and if possible will move on to others to light up. For me the KGV is a keeper.
  13. When I first started this game I ran up the USA line of cruiser's and very seldom used HE. I very seldom used HE when I started the BB line. Driving BB's it seemed no matter which cruiser was shooting at me they always use HE. One day I got fed up with getting lit up by cruisers and now find myself using HE in return. I have also found that my scores on average are higher in games when I use only HE than ones where I do not. May be my wishful thinking but it seems to me I also have more on target hits with HE than I do with AP. I will have to pay more attention to my game scores to see if it truly is only wishful thinking.,
  14. I am really liking the KGV. I gave up on using AP after my second game. For me the dispersion is too much compared to HE. I am a lower average player. My high scores have always been in the KGV. I set BB's on fire and if another one is in range I will switch to it if not will set more fire on the first one. I love BB drivers that immediately put out a fire. I light them up again and then try and find more marshmallows to roast.
  15. Thanks for the link Oberarzt U511, watched his video and saw a lot of good mice to look at. Narrowed down my selection fast as I want a wireless. Have an old wireless Logitech and will never go back to a wired keyboard or mouse. So it will be the Logitech G900 or G903. Leaning toward the 903 as I like the idea of charging the mouse with the accessory power pad.