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  1. Was watching the Des Moines and saw an abnormal wake. Wondering if other people see same or maybe I have a problem with my video card when it renders the wake for this ship. Checked a couple other ships in game and saw what I consider normal wake.
  2. I thought that was pretty funny. Got a laugh out of the snowman manning the guns.
  3. I played a few rounds in mine today and found it to be a fun little ship. Very accurate even at max range. Plan on playing it more.
  4. I would not beat yourself up. There are many reasons for a team losing a battle. I am assuming your are not the type of BB driver that stays back at the limit of their gun range and lobs rounds and doing a happy dance with one round out of a salvo scores a hit. In this case I am pretty sure the loss can be shared by a few other team members.
  5. I play mostly BB's. Any BB I play I very seldom shoot at anything at the max distance of the ship I am playing. It has been my experience that out of a full salvo of any BB I play I am lucky if one round hits at max distance, if two rounds hit, I buy a lotto ticket.
  6. Noticed I have a new BB in port. No Idea what I did to get it. Did a quick check on site and did not see any info on how one gest one. Don't think I am complaining. Took it out for a test drive with a 1 point Captain and had a nice score for me. Just wondering how I got it. And no, I did not buy it. Tell the truth if I was looking for a premium BB it would not have been the one I bought. Think I might like it. Just noticed how some other got one, during the Xmas offering. I bought myself two containers but neither had a ship in it. Bought a few for other players, not sure you get a ship for that.
  7. Thanks for your comments, suggestions. Think I will wait a bit to see if they fix the scale that DoomStomper mentioned.
  8. Thinking of getting a 4k monitor and video card. Would like to hear from someone that is running a 4k monitor and what video card you have. Tks for any reply.
  9. See your point but nobody that plays this game is my friend or family. And no I am not worried about 1 3 or 5 dollars if I were I would not be playing this game. Merry Christmas Time for this to close as I have given to a couple of people.
  10. Good points on the freeloader part. If there would be some way to identify an account that has been pretty active but seldom or never buys premium time or ships. Not a full proof way to identify a freeloader, so not sure there would be a way other than taking a person's word for it. I am also on a fixed income, can not buy a sleigh full of presents, but I figure if I can afford to buy a few ships and time for myself, I could buy a present or two for someone.
  11. This might have already been covered but I have not seen it. I would like to take part in the Santa Program but I do not want what I buy to go to someone that can afford to have a premium account or buy ships. I would like them to go to people that play for free due to it being a hardship to buy time/ships. Not sure how this could be done on the back end but I really do not want to give a present to someone that can afford to buy ships or premium time. Just have a hard time giving a present to someone that has a port full of $20-$50+ ships when there are some that have to work for months to climb the tech trees.
  12. same here 84 percent then zip
  13. Seventy games and you are on the short end of the stick. That is a lot of "bad" players floating around you get teamed up with. Most time when you have a problem like that you look at the problem, some time you can come up with what is the most common denominator in playing with all those people in 70 games. Sometimes the answer you get is the right one, not always but many times.
  14. Most likely like my stats sure make me look a lot better than I am. Also battle and win count on ships seems to be off.
  15. I am most of the time in a Cruiser and when I have torps I have tired using the gray area as a aiming aid. I can't remember a time I hit anything using it. Maybe if I used torps more it would be different but I seldom use them. I look at is the say way I looked at the little clock that use to indicate a good aiming point when it pulsed. I used it to set up shots and then adjusted for course and type of ship I was shooting at. Still do not know why they disabled it. Made it fast to set up a shot but you still had to adjust, it was not like you see it pulse then send off a broadside and it made you feel all warm and fuzzy.