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  1. For what info is give I find it over the top with all the worry about "getting my information". Have a driver's license, do you rent, own a home, use cc's, enter a contest. There are so many ways the majority of the people have all kinds of info on the internet about themselves. Want to get a taste of the type of info you can find for free or very little money, try one of those sites where you can look up anyone's info with very little info given on said person. Cost you very little to get unlimited searches for 24 hours. Was the last time I used it. I did suce a search on the guy that was going to marry my daughter. I learned things about the guy that I am pretty sure his parents do not know about it. Nothing bad, just nice to know info. Thanks for the recognition WG, appreciated.
  2. If you find out let us know, I have no indication of how to join.
  3. CNCfan

    Passive Play

    I was not playing WoW for about three months (sorry WoW, I really found DCS). Been back playing for about a month. It seem to me players are playing a lot more passive than what I remember. Especially BB's And DD's. May be the teams I am on, I have noticed DD's very seldom go for a cap in the first few minutes of the game. Few I have seen going for caps are the games we mostly win. I just don't get the mentality of people waiting until a cap is taken and THEN go in and try to take it. And then there are the BB's ( I play mostly BB's). I have seen more BB's hiding behind island or so far from the caps they are really no help to the team. Then when most of the teams sunk they complain about noobs. I have been told to get back so many times I lost count by other BB players. Just seems there is a real lack of aggression from far too many players. And particular in BB players. And for all you stat police that will check my stats after you read this, I will save you a bit of time. I have been playing quit some time and in the stat world I am below average, or so I have been told. I have absolutely no interest in my stats. If I did, I would change my play style.
  4. CNCfan

    the game sucks now

    I for one agree with the op. I took a 3-4 month vacation for WoW and played DCS. First thing I did was to get 3 months premium. Then went into battle. Quite a surprise for someone that has not followed WoW for a few months. If I had played just 1 game before signing up for the premium I would not have. Made a long story short I am going back to DCS,, will still play for three months since I already have the money invested but I find DCS a lot more fun than what is happening in WoW.
  5. If I had never played WoW and downloaded it going by what I see in the ad I would be a bit disappointed. I could see where a lot of people would think their PC is not working as it should as the movements are not as fast as in the video ad. IMO the ad should have been in "real" game time, not sped up to give you the impression of fast and furious action.
  6. Just where in the memo did you read they are blaming bugs on the older systems? Pleas enlighten me as I missed any reference to bugs and older systems. I for one am very glad to see WG doing any changes as referenced in the memo. Yes some people will be very upset with the changes as this means they will have to upgrade their pc. Sucks to be them but WG is addressing changes that will benefit the majority of the players. This is how it should be. Looking forward to see any improvement in graphics and game play they implement in the future.
  7. CNCfan

    Japanese Ship Suggestion (T10)

    "WOW wants to be accurate" Oh yes, I can tell by ships shooting lasers, smoke stacks with electric arcs, and side paddle wheels. Accurate when out the window a long time ago.
  8. CNCfan


    Tks Rolkatsuki
  9. CNCfan


    We do I have a BB in port that I cannot take into any type of battle?
  10. CNCfan

    Grumpy Old Farts United (GOFU)

    Sent a request. I'm old and sometimes grumpy. Not very good for the number of rounds I have played, but I am pretty sure I know my problem.
  11. I have had problem also, loaded these mods and I cannot see the mini map or enemy ships. No UI at all except for friendly ships and islands.
  12. Sound cuts of every few seconds. When off it only last a second or two. Not my system, have tested it in other games and video. Only happens when I am in WoW.
  13. CNCfan

    USS Massachusettes

    Way I got it was a popup in port asking if I wanted to buy it. So far I have found two things I think should be changed. You only have a fighter plane no spotter. Don't see many CV's so fighter is a waste. Also the main guns are something else......I think I almost hit a ship at max range, was pretty happy about that until I realized the ship was behind me and I had all my guns facing forward. Lets just say dispersion is a little on the wild side. They warn you about that on the wright up but it was worse than I was expecting even with the warning.