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  1. Thanks for the link Oberarzt U511, watched his video and saw a lot of good mice to look at. Narrowed down my selection fast as I want a wireless. Have an old wireless Logitech and will never go back to a wired keyboard or mouse. So it will be the Logitech G900 or G903. Leaning toward the 903 as I like the idea of charging the mouse with the accessory power pad.
  2. LucidSound LS40 Headset EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 AMD Ryzen 7 1700 3.0 GHz 250 GB SSD 16 GB Ram Windows 10 64 Bit LG 31" 4k Monitor Looking to replace my mouse and GamePad. Any suggestions welcome
  3. I get intermittent video stall often while in game. Have an AMD Ryzen 7 1700 at 3.00 GHz and the video card is GeForce GTX 1080. OS is Windows 10 64Bit. Have updated all drivers and nothing seems to cure the problem on my end.
  4. I know of a 100% way to correct your problem. Do NOT play on the weekend if playing with "stupidity " bothers you that much. But be warned, I play everyday so you will have to put up with my stupidity if we are on the same map. I consider myself a below average player, saying that I very seldom get upset with a players action other than when a player turns and runs because all of a sudden they have rowboat show up and they are scared they will get hit with a paddle. You think you have problems now, wait till WOW comes out on a gaming console.
  5. Deleted game from system, did another DL and now game working fine.
  6. Since last update I have been getting kicked out of the selected game back to the "Connect" screen. This has happened while in port, after entering game but before the countdown for start of game and after being sunk and watching game play or after round ends before I go back to port.
  7. This has happened to me a few times, It hangs starting a game or ending one. Have to go and end the task with task manager. It started doing this since the last patch. Running Windows 10 on desktop.
  8. Got my last one today, other than seeing a few play toys to look at, I don't get a tingle up my leg. If you get you limit of crates each day it is easy to get them all without spending money.
  9. Was watching the Des Moines and saw an abnormal wake. Wondering if other people see same or maybe I have a problem with my video card when it renders the wake for this ship. Checked a couple other ships in game and saw what I consider normal wake.
  10. I played a few rounds in mine today and found it to be a fun little ship. Very accurate even at max range. Plan on playing it more.
  11. I would not beat yourself up. There are many reasons for a team losing a battle. I am assuming your are not the type of BB driver that stays back at the limit of their gun range and lobs rounds and doing a happy dance with one round out of a salvo scores a hit. In this case I am pretty sure the loss can be shared by a few other team members.
  12. I play mostly BB's. Any BB I play I very seldom shoot at anything at the max distance of the ship I am playing. It has been my experience that out of a full salvo of any BB I play I am lucky if one round hits at max distance, if two rounds hit, I buy a lotto ticket.
  13. Noticed I have a new BB in port. No Idea what I did to get it. Did a quick check on site and did not see any info on how one gest one. Don't think I am complaining. Took it out for a test drive with a 1 point Captain and had a nice score for me. Just wondering how I got it. And no, I did not buy it. Tell the truth if I was looking for a premium BB it would not have been the one I bought. Think I might like it. Just noticed how some other got one, during the Xmas offering. I bought myself two containers but neither had a ship in it. Bought a few for other players, not sure you get a ship for that.
  14. Thanks for your comments, suggestions. Think I will wait a bit to see if they fix the scale that DoomStomper mentioned.
  15. Thinking of getting a 4k monitor and video card. Would like to hear from someone that is running a 4k monitor and what video card you have. Tks for any reply.