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  1. CNCfan

    the game sucks now

    I for one agree with the op. I took a 3-4 month vacation for WoW and played DCS. First thing I did was to get 3 months premium. Then went into battle. Quite a surprise for someone that has not followed WoW for a few months. If I had played just 1 game before signing up for the premium I would not have. Made a long story short I am going back to DCS,, will still play for three months since I already have the money invested but I find DCS a lot more fun than what is happening in WoW.
  2. CNCfan

    Japanese Ship Suggestion (T10)

    "WOW wants to be accurate" Oh yes, I can tell by ships shooting lasers, smoke stacks with electric arcs, and side paddle wheels. Accurate when out the window a long time ago.
  3. CNCfan


    Tks Rolkatsuki
  4. CNCfan


    We do I have a BB in port that I cannot take into any type of battle?
  5. CNCfan

    Grumpy Old Farts United (GOFU)

    Sent a request. I'm old and sometimes grumpy. Not very good for the number of rounds I have played, but I am pretty sure I know my problem.
  6. CNCfan

    Deplorable Potatoes

    Wondering what is the age group of your clan? I'm interested in joining a clan, but I have found that age plays a big part in how the clan operates.
  7. CNCfan

    [] Hakabase's Modpack Installer ver.01

    I have had problem also, loaded these mods and I cannot see the mini map or enemy ships. No UI at all except for friendly ships and islands.
  8. Sound cuts of every few seconds. When off it only last a second or two. Not my system, have tested it in other games and video. Only happens when I am in WoW.
  9. CNCfan

    USS Massachusettes

    Way I got it was a popup in port asking if I wanted to buy it. So far I have found two things I think should be changed. You only have a fighter plane no spotter. Don't see many CV's so fighter is a waste. Also the main guns are something else......I think I almost hit a ship at max range, was pretty happy about that until I realized the ship was behind me and I had all my guns facing forward. Lets just say dispersion is a little on the wild side. They warn you about that on the wright up but it was worse than I was expecting even with the warning.