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  1. server latency

    no. it is constant and consistent. my shells pass through the enemy ship. but if i aim to hit 50-100 meters in front of the enemy ship, it will register a hit (impacting the air in front of the ship). when the enemy ship blows up, it jumps forward to where the shells were blowing up. likewise with enemies shooting my ship. if they hit the ship, it splashes but if they hit well in front of the ship, it registers a hit. seems like server lag, even though im running a solid 30ping
  2. this is not okay. why is this ship getting blown up but well behind where those shells are hitting? fps is fine ping is fine game is crap
  3. any plans on resolving this or nah?
  4. thank you guys for confirming that i am not alone. every time i ask in game. people sound completely surprised and confused about what i am asking
  5. Issue: hit boxes are anywhere from 10 to 100 meters in front of the ship im shooting at Ship: all Map: all Occurances: Reoccuring Tested: Able to replicate Severity: game breaking Details: while shooting at enemy ships, if my shells go though the ships graphics, i just get splashes. i have to follow the hit graphic from other ships and aim for that empty space in front of the ship im firing at to register a hit. also when that ship blows up, the explosion animation teleports to the ships current location. typically 50 to 100 meters in front of what i see on my screen.