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  1. MBT808

    German Branch DDs

    Z-23 in its current form should be removed from the game in my opinion. It’s a weird fake ship when there is no need for it(since it was made 12.8 only, it’s a fake). I’d rather they made Z-23 be restored to its 15cm historical spec and be made a coal ship. The changed branch would result in Z-23 and gaede(which is also an unnecessary fake ship) being replaced. T-44 being the new tier VI and Type 1945 destroyer the new Tier X(Z-46 and Z-52 being down tiered by one). Most have touched already on the 15cm branches purpose. The branch gets good with GJM, I had no issues with the ship unlike others posting here. While their HE isn’t the greatest, having the capacity to penetrate 38mm plating gives you the most reliable HE DPM of any dd branch. It works good enough even on Z-31(the only ship I’d say could use a bit of a buff out of all 4). The accuracy actually makes a difference in DD fights, allowing you to out trade them at range. It’s also important to note that the 15cm branch has a normal duration smoke screen unlike the 12.8 branch which has the shorter duration German variant.
  2. MBT808

    Tips for Agir in brawls?

    You can do it, but only in the right time or place(or if you've already won and you're just going for glory). Its generally a last resort, Agir(and Siegfried) should ideally bow tank until close enough(4km or so) to drop their torps. Its very good against opposing super cruisers, cause other than Yoshino, Siegfried and Constellation, the rest have no torpedoes. The torps give you a decisive advantage in close and your secondaries can do some extra damage which is helpful. I've brawled a few times, once I managed to double strike against a richelieu and Sinop I believe(I might have a replay buried on my computers storage, but it would take forever to find) in Agir. I've done it as well in Siegfried a few times as well.
  3. MBT808

    Convoy, disappointing?

    I think the concept is fine generally. However I think it needs a few changes and it would play much better. 1)remove CVs from convoy mm. They make defending the convoys a near impossible proposition. A couple matches I had the transports basically got killed by the cv. There wasn’t much the surface ships could do because of how AA is. 2)increase transport health and improve its concealment so their less vulnerable to long range fire early on. 3)Better routes for the transports. Some of the routes are through narrow straits that are near impossible to defend and make it better to just leave said transports to die and focus on the other routes. Other paths are just too out of the way to dedicate ships to and thus better off avoiding.
  4. yeah but like you said thats just one situation, if you take her outside that you run into problems(CVs eat for free at the Lazo bar and citadel). PvP she just doesn't hold up(I don't really think Co-op and ops are a sufficient metric to objectively evaluate a ships performance, because almost any ship does well in Co-op and most are viable in ops).
  5. I'd say it sounds like a personal Daemon for sure. The secondary changes benefited PEF quite a bit and helped improve her overall performance. She's deceptively tanky if you manage to maintain her angling. In my experience, she's a solid premium and out performs her non-premium counter part Mackensen with ease due to her better overall characteristics. Sounds RNG decided to hate you though with the guns, cause I routinely hit 5 out of 8 shells almost every salvo(This is with Aiming systems mod 1). her secondaries are a vast improvement on Mackensen, having better 15s and having 10.5s instead of the useless 88s. I will agree on the AA, PEF used to be best AA at tier VI before the CV rework, but like basically every other ship in the game, having good AA basically means nothing outside of the best of the best of the best AA setups(Ragnar/Halland for example). AA needs to be addressed, playing the convoy mode highlights it the few matches that had CVs. Small tangent aside, overall PEF is solid ship overall. It has a good balance of characteristics in all statistics, few tier VI BBs can come close to her capabilities when played well and fully built.
  6. Most of the big ones have been mentioned so I’ll throw in a couple personal picks: siroco - decent when the reload booster is active, otherwise it’s generally sucks. Play Aigle instead. Lazo - one of the worst gimmick consumables in the game on a ship with overall poor performance to begin with. Anchorage - great torps I guess but everything else sucks and shows why you don’t put a smoke consumable on heavy cruisers. Azuma - when heavy cruisers can citadel a super cruiser at range and get a Devastating strike, you know somethings gone wrong. that’s all I can think of off the top of my head, I’m sure there’s more I could list. I’d like to take a moment though to talk about a ship someone else mentioned, Marco Polo. Honestly, it’s not that bad to be in these types of ship list threads. If the RNG decides to make her suffer in some games perhaps. But she still stands as being better than the entire tech line of Italian BBs and 406mm SAP hits crazy hard on a good salvo. I’d say she is average at worst, good at best. She’s a balanced premium, though I wouldn’t say no to a couple small buffs.
  7. running gold requires premium time and premium tanks(atleast a tier VIII playing numerous games to grind out the required credits in tandem with premium time). if you have neither, you make zero credits. On a pure F2P account, you can't run gold if you wish to progress. their still p2w, but you pay for them indirectly instead of how it was in the old days when things like armor still mattered.
  8. WoT has many similarities to WoWs. However it’s lost most of its popularity since 2012(ish), and it’s generally viewed as stagnant with little to no development. It’s most notable for its heavy reliance on pay to win Tactics(gold rounds, laughably overpowered premiums and broken mechanics). Skill is optional, if you load gold rounds you have all the skill you can pay for. The game also since has become balanced around use of gold rounds. Armour is largely irrelevant, gun performance is basically the same with gold, and the economy makes high tier F2P basically impossible(you have to have at least a premium tier VII tank if want to make any progress past tier VII). WoWs learned from WoTs mistakes for the most part and developers(at least at the first few years) were better. WoT developers are some of the most ignorant and greedy around, on equal footing with EA.
  9. When it comes to world of Warships, its a far different game than WoT(there's no loading the skill here). WoWs has a deceptive difficulty curve, but most of it stems for player knowledge. You can get better at the game, but you need to be willing to put in the time and do HOMEWORK. knowledge is key to your success, knowing what ships to engage with yours and what ships counter yours. Then you have to understand the commander system and how to allocate skills to fit the ships play style. Many ships also have wildly varying play styles(some are similar, but they have their own flavour/take on it). If your struggling, perhaps ask a Veteran player(like me) to show you tactics in the training room. One tip I can give, is to always keep your head on a swivel. Situational awareness will sink your ship if you lack it. If you struggle with this, you can take the commander skill Priority target to give you a helping hand, but I'd recommend developing your own(this skill is a crutch, if you have good enough awareness its irrelevant and you'll be a better player than most if you can do without it). I would not recommend staying in co-op if you plan to play random battles, bots are generally not as capable as real human beings(though some players I've run into over the years challenge this). Humans will do things that the bots will not do and strategies in Co-op are impossible in randoms. Looking at your stats, you spend most of your time in BBs and DDs(ship class designations, get used to seeing these). As a new player, I'd recommend sticking to CA/CLs(heavy/light cruisers) and BBs for the time being. DDs(destroyers) are the hardest ship class in the game to play well and being unlucky is exceptionally bad. They are in general, for experienced players only and only if you've developed your situational awareness sufficiently(as well as know destroyer tactics). If all of the above sounds like too much, I'd say then perhaps WoWs might indeed not be for you(Not trying to be harsh, not every game is for everyone, I've seen it first hand and even had my own experiences with games).
  10. Instead of many unlocking a super ship to qualify, a player should have 4000+ battles to be considered a veteran. This would avoid people who pay to bypass tiers or just get a tier X premium right away.
  11. MBT808

    French cruisers.

    to be honest, looking at the line, only the tier X looks like its even decent. Cherbourg is really bad so far, basically doing the same job as the French battleship variants that follow the same play style but lacking the armor, guns and range to make it work. I don't know about the tier X, but the tier IX is functionally the same as cherbourg so I don't think its worth while either. Edit: I did some checking with WoWsFT, and Strasbourg, Dunkerque, and Richelieu(as well as Jean Bart compared to Brest) all have better DPM even when the french BCs are running heavy AP and heavy HE/SAP skills to boost damage. They do have BC dispersion, which sorta would make up the difference, but a few games so far it hasn't. I'd expect buffs in the future without a doubt.
  12. MBT808

    28 sec reload time for a cruiser?

    To be honest, the reload time isn't great for a BC/super cruiser and the play style really doesn't work. Your basically playing a worse battleship for all intents and purposes. legitimately, the french battle ships have larger guns with better fire rates at other tiers and do the same job better. The Cherbourg, is pretty terrible for a super cruiser in general. its reload booster is good for one shot, its AA is anemic(aka irrelevant), its armor is bad for this ship type/play style, and the guns lack any staying power.
  13. MBT808

    Team or yourself

    Generally, I've noticed in almost any game you play, missions take precedence over winning or playing well. Dockyard is particularly bad for this in WoWs, not everyone completes the missions during their initial availability and then enter a "Panic!" mode during the last two weeks or so(Its consistent with every dockyard that I've been part of). However I'd say when the mission is something with a inconsequential reward, it tends to be a non-issue. I think the missions in general should be more passive and the goals lowered, cause some of them are very unrealistic(EG: 1,000,000 torp or flooding damage, with a luck based weapon). In regards to PVP and random battles, I don't think everyone expects other players to be doing their best to win. I'd say at this point, people are just expecting their fellow players to have at minimum a shred of common sense more than anything else(I certainly do, because the average skill level is so low at this juncture).
  14. MBT808

    News ships being announced on WOWS stream

    Z-39 is a very solid premium, more so than ZF6 in many ways. It wasn’t great when it released, but changes to the German dds over time(1/4 he pen, commander skills reworked to improve the 15cm’s) have made it a much better ship. But it’s reputation still haunts it from way back then, so most aren’t aware of its current capabilities and value.
  15. I think the next tree to probably have a ship replaced would be the german DD line. Z-23 gets removed, Z-46 and Z-52 drop one tier and Type 1945 takes tier X.