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  1. MBT808

    Is the Flint worth the coal?

    I have Atlanta and flint, however I prefer flint. When the smoke is used strategically, it more than makes up for the range disparity. In the hands of a good player, flint is better even with less range. That smoke really makes a huge difference, allowing you to have cover where Atlanta would be forced to do open water and risk potentially lethal consequences for little gain. Just gotta plan ahead a little and maintain good situational awareness. Honestly I’d rather a rate of fire buff right now than more range for flint and a touch of concealment. However if we want to be talking competitive value of the ships, neither are as good as München comparatively.
  2. MBT808

    This has to stop

    The last three days have been really(really) bad. Like I've had my bad luck days, however those are usually only once every month or two. Some of the matches I've had to witness have been out right depressing how horrible the play is. I understand the OP's frustration/rage/disappointment, I've been feeling it too.
  3. I bid 100m on the safe side. I wish I could’ve bid twice to be honest, so I could’ve gotten a second amount of coal. 100,000 coal is a lot more useful than 100m silver for me. With how much silver people have at this point, I’m certain there are people who bid far more than me.
  4. Siegfried isn’t a bad choice either. I’m honestly surprised they haven’t removed her yet from sale.
  5. MBT808

    Who likes the Pommern?

    I don’t put too much stock into overmatch unless it’s Yamato. Mostly cause it’s so inconsistent(in my play anyway). It only seems to reliably come into play against light cruisers or low tier ships where the gap between the gun caliber and armor is more significant for the overmatch to be more effective. Forgot in the original post, but when pommern released I managed to get several battles with FDGs in some brawls. Though I myself may not be the best metric, I won ever fight with FDG. The extra guns, improved secondary gun angles, and torps really made a significant difference.
  6. MBT808

    Who likes the Pommern?

    3x3 torps? 2x4 more like it. But it’s not just about the torps that make pommern a nice ship. The 4x3 38cm guns can hit really hard compared to the gun options on FDG. While fdg is more accurate than pommern, the extra guns make up the difference in accuracy. The 38cm also over pen less than the 40.6/42’s. As an overall package, Pommern ends up being a better FDG essentially.
  7. MBT808

    Huh - Elbing???

    Ideally she would let the Z cap and not engage at all. Elbing really isn’t a DD at all, it’s more like a super light cruiser in terms of what it’s intended. Elbings guns are extremely potent against heavy/light cruisers, due to their high pen angles, best in game accuracy, and extremely high penetration(it’s on par with heavy cruiser 203mm guns) for their caliber. in short, elbing is intended to basically be an opportunistic assassin, punishing light and heavy cruisers with precision strikes. It’s theoretically possible you could kill your target before they can bring their guns to bear against you. Against BBs your AP will also be quite effective generally speaking. Elbing will be an extremely difficult ship to play potentially, but also potentially really rewarding.
  8. MBT808

    Premium Ship Review - Hizen

    One of the things that really hurt Hizen in my opinion, was the existence of Pommern. Pommern in many ways is so much better than Hizen and able perform similar roles, that the latter becomes only other you’d consider if you need a high tier IJN premium(or you have a few thousand doubloons that you have nothing better for, like me).
  9. I actually found the Hizen dockyard to be super easy except one directive. Most of them I got done in two-three days of normal play. I think Odin and Anchorage were more difficult/grindy by comparison from my perspective. Granted I wouldn't have recommended purchasing either of those ships(Odin mostly due to the fact that Agir/Tirpitz exists and anchorage because it only really has two great features for a significant number of terrible trade offs). Though Hizen wasn’t much better, it had some potential. ZF-6 looks to be the best of the dockyard ships so far to me. However it’s hard to say at this point, with the cv rework even some of the best DDs in the game struggle big time.
  10. Francesco is not a ship I’m keen on. It’s wildly inconsistent at the best of times as the OP says. I’ve had some good games where I’ve managed to get 100k or more. Yet somehow despite the inconsistency, I’ve managed 80k average for the ship. The strange thing about the Italian BBs is when their guns get good salvos and behave consistently, they are extremely potent like the Italian CAs. But when they have bad rng, they are probably the worst battleships in the game with few exceptions. when it comes to SAP, it’s generally better to fire AP 90% of the time so you can get citadels to at least get average damage by game end. Other than that, there’s not much point using them cause the AP can do almost as much damage on pens anyway with a chance to citadel.
  11. MBT808

    Fix fighters already, WG

    Catapult Fighters consumable could use some love while we’re at it too.
  12. MBT808

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    Can you tell us how it happened? Just to hear the other side of things and what all lead up to this. I’m just curious mostly.
  13. Nope, just don’t trust stats alone or pts players to provide a reliable result. Especially after the Italian BBs, everyone thought they’d be crazy broke but their generally terrible. Everyone thinks these will be terrible and they will probably end up being really amazing(WG logic, it’s not meant to make sense). So as I said before, we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for the German DDs.
  14. We’ll see if that remains the case in the future. One result isn’t enough. Also as soon as flamu mentions a broken engine and going super slow, I suspect that captain didn’t have last stand. So probably not the best example. I’d wait for notser to post if he hasn’t already. Or even mouse to do some of her testing with the usual thoroughness. For now all we can do is theorize till we get our hands on them for testing.
  15. Ironically the tier X of the 15cm German DDs might be good. Apparently has heavy cruiser pen at a light cruiser caliber with enhanced Ricochet angles and the best penetration of any light cruiser gun in the game minus the Russian 180s. Might be a bug or an over buff, we’ll see.