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  1. Scharnhorst was never considered a battlecruiser, but a fast battleship(which was more of an evolution of the BC concept). Graf Spee could have a sub branch on its own, there's enough material for it, though likely it would be combined with a partial WW1 BC branch(which only makes Tier 7 at best). Honestly, a BC/Panzerschiffe line will probably end up being the 4th german line to be introduced to WoWs(since they don't have material for a CV line). Either that or a concept line of light cruisers(paper designs and maybe a fictional Tier X) for germany. I look forward to either of these, I'm a big german ship player(my favourite ship being the Roon).
  2. this is the branch I made that would involve ww1 battlecruisers/armored cruisers and WW2 Panzerschiffe/battlecruiser designs. The tier X is fictional, but only due to lack of any paper ships that would fit the line.
  3. the 90k is a one in a million game for most average player, It really is an excessive expectation of players to get this(it should be giving 6 stars just for completing it). I've given up on the duke of york because of mission 5's ridiculousness and how bad the teams are that I'm getting.
  4. honestly, the missions were reasonable up til mission 5. They were all achieveable, but with mission 5 it when from achieveable to borderline rediculous. Getting 11 torps, suicide runs generally can get you those but your team will hate you for it but in normal play its entirely luck based whether you get them or not(the nation restriction doesn't help either, probably be reasonable if that wasn't there). 10 battleship kills, this is really the only reasonable task among the bunch, its doable but likely going to see a lot of kill stealing which will slow you down. 75,000 exp, unless your a rediculous pro or go without meals, this is easily going to take at least 2-3 days to accomplish with flags and other modifiers. 40,000 takes about a day or two with average matches and modifiers, so I don't know why 75,000 exp is available for only two stars, it should be three or four atleast for all the trouble your going through. 90,000 damage with torps, unless you own a shimikaze with their nuclear torpedoes and find a Grosser Kurfurst/Yamato with full health, this is basically impossible. Honestly, they should extend the event till jan 31st to give people a reasonable time frame to complete mission 5 alone. Whoever came up with the tasks for mission 5 is probably laughing at people suffering with them. I don't mind difficult missions, but this really pushes the limits of difficulty.
  5. with the Admiral Graf spee being released as this years gift ship(finally not a free port slot, why can't wot release a tier VI gift tank?(their too cheap probably)), it had me thinking about the future. Since Graf spee is the first technical Battlecruiser to set foot in World of Warships, I believe that war gaming is using the Graf Spee as a test to find out if battle cruisers will work in WoWS. This could potentially lead to, or perhaps confirms, that the battlecruisers are coming(likely with German Battlecruiser line, or sub branch off the current cruiser branch, is being worked on). Just a theory, although It does depend on how the Graf Spee works out in the end I believe.
  6. German Destroyers are horribly bad!

    So far for me the German DD's aren't very good. The V-25 is fine, but tier III-V are just terrible(the T-22 being the worst offender for having useless guns and adequate at best torpedoes). The full AP damage from battleships and cruisers is a massive drawback and the detection after firing is ridiculous. These are the main contributors to why they are bad, the detection and damage from AP shells should be normalized with other destroyers. The T-22 should also be buffed with maybe a better fire rate or improved HE shells to help it compete with other Tier V destroyers, cause otherwise it will pretty much remain a paywall ship.
  7. Hey, LittleWhiteMouse will you be doing a 3.0 review of the tirpitz since the nonpremium Bismarck is now available? Would like to hear your thoughts on that.
  8. In my personal Opinion, I would have to say its between the Russians and the American's, with Japan being second and Germans being the worst overall. Although if I had to choose, I would say the Russians have the best Cruisers in several key aspects, Although the US are really good in other ways. The Russian cruisers are large and have rather poor maneuverability, but they have probably the most well rounded weapons in the game with good shell characteristics and are serviceable in pretty much all engagement ranges. The Tier 6-8 are the best anti-destroyer cruisers in the game. the AA isn't the greatest, but its not the worst and combined with the poor maneuverability do balance them out somewhat(their main battery could stand to be nerfed a bit). Both the Americans and Russians are pretty much jack of all trades, they do everything either adequately or decently enough that their not really crazy weak in any particular category. The Germans are at the bottom of the totem pole due to their combined weaknesses out weighing their strengths. They have good AA, good maneuverability, decent shell velocity/accuracy, and decent torpedoes, however that is really where their strengths end and list of weaknesses starts(only real excepts in the German line are the Konigsberg and the Yorck). Majorly what brings them down is their poor main battery performance and their(might as well be) non-existent armor. The poor HE shells(with the exception of the Yorck) are a weak point(despite the tier 8-10 buff, they still under perform compared to other nations) that really limits their effectiveness against pretty much all ship types, even DD's. One would expect salvation in the AP, which on looks impressive having the highest alpha strike in the game and good shell speed/dispersion, however this is all negated by the aweful shell penetration parameters. The only time the AP performs is when against broadside targets, moderate angling results in little if any damage at all. The longer the distance between you and the target also makes the poor AP penetration worse. If the armor and main battery weren't so bad, the Germans probably wouldn't be where they are.
  9. Unexpected

    Mikasa could use a bit of a buff though, pretty much useless as a credit earner unless you can get in close to use the secondaries. At this point Its basically a novelty to look at in your port with it being the only tier II Battleship and having a cool paint job.
  10. 0.5.9 public test thoughts

    I don't know why you think the in game voice chat is big, considering how [edited]wot's is, Its probably going to be barely used. The PvE mode, might be interesting, but I wouldn't put money down on it considering more people play WoWS for PvP, not the PvE.
  11. This test is more or less just for the super testers. Regular players like you and me should just wait for the next iteration, most likely the German BB's will be available to everyone and we can give feedback on 0.5.9 as a whole, not the small features that we're stuck with in the current iteration of 0.5.9 test.
  12. The current iteration of the 0.5.9 public test is really rather disappointing since the German BB's aren't going to be available to regular players. When you look at whats in it, there's not a whole lot for regular players to actually test(aside from the new american BB armor and the smokescreen change) or provide feedback on. This test is pretty much for the supertesters alone, regular players should sit this test out and wait for the next iteration of the 0.5.9 test where the German BB's will most likely be able to be viewed and provide more valuable feedback on 0.5.9 as a whole, not the little changes we're getting right now in this test.
  13. AP against Battleships?

    With German cruisers it varies between the tiers what you'll be using. For the Konigsberg and the nürnberg, you should be using pure AP against all targets except for destroyers. This is mostly due to how useless the HE shells are, they are the worst for their respective caliber. Generally both the AP and the HE are rather inconsistent on the German 15cm(worse on the Nurnberg than the Konigsberg due to being a tier higher), but the AP is more consistent generally. For the Yorck you will be using both your HE and AP shells rather equally as both work. On the hipper all the way to the Hindenburg, more often than not you'll be using pure AP because of the high damage potential vs the HE. The Recent buff to the HE shells definitely made them much better than they were before, but I would still recommend going pure AP because the other nations still beat you in terms of HE dps.
  14. like to point out that the Yorck has 105's when upgraded, only the (A) hull has the 88's.
  15. The change that I'm suggesting is in regards to the AA armament that is presently on the Hindenburg, specifically the 5.5cm Gerat 58 prototype AA guns that its presently fitted with. From what I understand, the reason the 5.5cm Gerat's are present on the Hindenburg is that the dev's figured they would have likely been fitted to the ship had it been constructed/existed. What I suggest is, maybe in 0.5.7, that the Hindenburgs 5.5cm's be replaced with the 12.8cm Flakzwilling 40 dual purpose guns. I'm making this suggestion from a historical stand point after having done a bit of research on the weapons in question. From what I could gather from online sources, only two prototypes of the 5.5cm Gerat were ever produced and there doesn't seem to be any record/information on if the prototypes made it to testing or even saw any combat action. Where as the 12.8cm flak 40(both single and twin variants) did make it to production and were used in battle. the 12.8cm Flakzwilling 40 technically is already in the game, appearing as the main battery of the fictional Tier 1 german cruiser the Hermelin. I would propose that the twin 5.5's and the twin 105's presently on the Hindenburg be replaced with dual purpose 12.8cm dual purpose. They could also be fitted on the Roon(As part of the (B) Hull upgrade), although it would have to be tested for balance. The hindenburg could be fitted with 6x2 12.8cm and 6x1 5.5cm's(with slightly reduced dps) and the Roon could have 8x2 12.8's replace the 4x1 15cm's and the 105's, giving the Roon a bit of a boost in AA and improve its secondary battery performance(How balanced this would be, I can't be sure).