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  1. MBT808

    german cvs....WHY!?

    Why German cv’s? Because panzerschiffe, battlecruiser, or even a German light cruiser sub branch would’ve made too many people happy. Id be totally okay with a semi paper German light cruiser branch(based on my experience with Mainz). Maybe with 17cm guns for flavour at tier X.
  2. Thunderer is basically stupid OP and is more or less the best UK premium you can possibly get. line wise, the RN BB line is pretty ridiculous with its HE spam and zombie DRP’s, though the armor sucks and secondaries don’t exist.
  3. MBT808

    Agir vs Odin

    Agir has battlecruiser dispersion and Odin has battleship dispersion. In addition to that Agir has a 2.05 sigma vs Odin with a 1.8 sigma. Its pretty much a balancing thing, no historical backing if that’s what your hoping for(cause their both WG fakes as far as I can tell, Agir a what if 305’s were considered for the O-class and Odin a wg design based a couple numbers).
  4. MBT808

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    German panzerschiffe line 2021 hopefully
  5. That was my first guess actually, though I really hope they don't do that. Alternative could be a FDG/H-39 with nerfed 40.6cm and a different AA setup. Or could be something no one is expecting, like a dreadnought/battlecruiser of some kind with a radical modernization/rebuild.
  6. MBT808

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    Possibly, but the time frame for a 9.7 release means the stats are probably close to finalized. No radical changes in all likelihood, probably some small stuff at most(Though who knows).
  7. MBT808

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    hence why I said try.
  8. MBT808

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    Kinda false advertising when you think about it, they said we'd get a new ship line but its just a small branch split in reality. I was really hoping to see the Italian BB's be announced as well. I was sorta curious about these ships, until I looked at the stats(which are extremely bad at worst or a mixed bag at best). Honestly, these 3 ships are basically free credits and XP farms if they try to push or will be hiding so far back that they'll probably struggle to deal any reasonable damage. I also suspect that the stats on the dev blog are basically final if their due in a months time(next week 0.9.6 likely going to drop), so probably not much going to changed in terms of stats. Strongly get the feeling these will be DOA if the stats are any indication, people will get them then throw them in the port display to be dusted off once in a while for lols.
  9. Not on topic, but I’m just curious(legitimately, not trolling or anything, an honest question), but English wouldn’t happen to be your second language would it?
  10. Trolling is generally an easy way to get chat banned(and bypassing swear filters both on the forums and in game).
  11. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-guides/matchmaking-the-basics-making-teams/ It’s very insightful into how the match maker operates. This specific part is what really matters though: The matchmaker doesn't take into account such parameters as the upgrades and modules mounted on a ship, the number of skills and talents a Commander has, or a player's combat statistics. Essentially, one team could feasibly have fully upgraded and/or modified ships, 19 point captains, and be top 10% players. Where as the opposing team could be the polar opposite, but this is the extreme. Though it’s not impossible though according to the article, which is rather ridiculous when you think about it. You bad night of 10 loss in a row could all be down to the RNG of the match making system that day.
  12. High amounts of gimmick lines in the game, which has in turn let to certain early gimmicks(German hydro, American smoke/Defensive fire, etc.) becoming exceedingly situational/replaced or obsolete for the most part. cv rework has been such a headache over the past year(almost 2) and still can’t say it’s really where I feel it should be. Siegfried being locked in the research bureau dungeon, a ship I was looking forward to(and of course the existence of the research bureau itself). This frustrated me a lot, and with Agir being sorta meh by comparison doesn’t improve things. tier VIII/IX/X camp fests where I really wish there was no quitting penalty so I could try a different match(we’ve all had matches this boring that the exit battle option probably would’ve felt exciting by comparison). On a positive side, because why not, German destroyers getting 1/4 HE was a welcome improvement that we all hoped for. Also I’m happy that the dockyard can be properly enjoyed this time around. One I forgot: the don’t blame the team quote. After learning how the matchmaking system puts together team(courtesy of WG’s article on it), it’s entirely reasonable for you to blame the team for the loss. In some cases, the match maker in the game quite literally is determining who wins and loses before hand. It feels worse knowing that you and a few others try your best but some matches it doesn’t matter how well you carried the game, you still get screwed. EG, that one game you did 190k damage, got all 4 kills, and were the best team mate ever(marking targets, focusing fire, bringing donuts, tanking when a friendly BB has done their share, etc.) but both flanks collapse worse than a wet paper towel(and your left wondering how this all is even possible).
  13. Italian battleships is looking likely. Rumour has it that Impero was made solely for testing Italian BB mechanics, which is a fair hint to the future. German battle cruisers or panzerschiffe(or hybrid of both) lines would be nice, more likely than light cruisers. But with a CV line coming out soon, highly unlikely that we’d get two german lines in one year(personally would rather get German CL or panzerschiffe lines than the CV line). On the topic of sub lines, I’m honestly thinking they might end up being thrown out or confined to a separate game mode at this point. With the community response as I’ve seen it(being extremely hit or miss) over the past month, It’s hard to say what will happen with subs(assuming wargaming is keeping an eye on the feedback of course, though they might just go ahead anyway with adding subs, wouldn’t be the first time something like this has happened). USN destroyer leader sub branch could be an option if the DD line is getting remodelled overall.
  14. For Germany, would probably end up being some sort of enlarged(and up armoured) O-class with the fictional triple 38cm turrets from the upcoming Pommern/Ludendorff in a 3x3 setup. Either that or 40.6cm twin turrets in 3x2(as well as 42cm as a option) from Frederick der grobe. Although there could also be an option C all of the above.
  15. MBT808

    Arizona or West Virginia?

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich is a good choice if it ever goes on sale. Simply because it’s at fast battleship with good secondaries, solid armor, decent guns. A superb all arounder in terms of a battleship, most people hate on her really exaggerate. She’s a solid ship if you have the skill. Can’t speak on Arizona, but West Virginia is rather meh at best. The guns can do great things, but the crazy slow speed, poor anti air, poor secondaries, meh armor are what you pay for those guns(and their nerfed from Colorado as well). They did their best to nerf it down in order to shoe horn it in at tier 6. From what I hear though Arizona might be a better bet due to the improved dispersion on the main guns.