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  1. Carriers are now Useless

    The people who keep going on about how CVs should be nerfed or ask why a cv should be able to one shot something should keep this in mind. To successfully torpedo someone, a CV has to overcome the following. The torpedo bombers have to avoid cv fighters, cruiser fighters, cruisers, multiple ships, and missing. in order, a fighter squadron can tear apart a torpedo squadron and widen the area of attack making it impossible to hit anything. If your enemy doesn't have carrier fighters or if they are off doing there own thing, you have to find the right ship. Don't go after the cruiser, it will destroy most of your bombers with its aa defense and force the remaining ones to spread. even if you get torpedo on course, it will just dodge it with its absurd maneuverability. Also avoid any ship near a cruiser for the same reason above. After this consideration, avoid any ships that are together. Even without a cruiser, it only takes the aa from 2 or 3 bbs to kill most if not all of your bombers before they can close the range to you. Avoid dds, because they will mostly just sidestep your torpedoes. Oh and make sure you can hit at least the 4 or more torpedoes out of your spread to kill a full bb, because if you fail, it can be 2 or more minutes before you can put more torpedoes in the water. So the range of enemies that you can "one shot" is limited to Battleships or Carriers that are alone, in fleets without carrier fighters. If the bb is with more than 1 other ship, or if it is with a cruiser or another bb, you can't oneshot it. As being alone without fighter cover is stupid, you can only oneshot a ship if your enemy is stupid. I, for one, don't count only being able to kill the stupidest players in the most vulnerable ships as op. If you want to really talk about an op ship, we can discuss the cruiser. That ship counters every other ship in the game except for other cruisers, and they got buffed this patch.