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  1. thing is, what ever happens to the forums, the game will keep it going in one way or another,
  2. I'm going be sailing the US ships all the way!
  3. I have a huge favor to ask..

    Subs, would ruin this game lol, Subs vs Ships... Hmm subs would win most of the time.... in real life they likely would....
  4. i think it should be the icon aboce on the fourms with the american flag behind it xD.
  5. Having a dock would look good when chaning ships and things.
  6. What Ship ya Going for?

    I'm going to be going for a aircarft carrier, and relier on teammates for defence of my ship and theirs while i have the planes go attack the enemy.
  7. I'm hoping to be lucky and get into the first test run. on a scale of 1-10 on how badly i want to be a tester its OMG OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Download

    Hopefuly, it is before the summer, it would be greaet if it is.