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  1. Hit Points or Critical Hits?

    kajfasz9, on 28 August 2013 - 10:30 AM, said: While crits may sound like a grat idea in theory, go play a little War Thunder and youll change your mind. In all but the lowest tiers everyone can one shot shot everyone else with little effort. Now Im not trying to compare War Thunder to WGing trifecta of gaming, just the use of crits to get kills. It makes for a frustrating and somewhat less than fun experience. Crits to components are great, taking out a turret, or an engine or something, but a crit to get kills just ruins the fun. I understand everyone has there own preference. I like the idea of criticals to get kills and yes ive played war Th**der.I made this to see what people like
  2. Hit Points or Critical Hits?

    pappina, on 28 August 2013 - 10:22 AM, said: Wargaming is going to be using hit points, not critical points. Yeah its a shame I like the idea of critical hits it can make the game a little less predictable and more exciting
  3. Hit Points or Critical Hits?

    Hey I was just wondering if the game will go off hit points or critical hits? It would be nice for the game to use critical hits instead of health points because it adds more realism and randomness to the game which spices up a game. the use of hit points in world of tanks and world of warplanes probably means that the will do the same :( . tell me what you guys think about it and what you would like. (edit) some of you guys are saying that crits are in the game and I know that. I was meaning the wt idea of crits to kill. sorry about the confusion!
  4. Can't wait for alpha to try out some awesome ships!

  5. Thanks a lot! found that yesterday but had the wall of text problem :/