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    No longer existing mass from 13.75 billion years ago.
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    At the moment my interests are Minecraft mod development, just plain having fun programming in Java and OpenGL related goodies, repairing game consoles, and just exploring the debts of how electronics work. Besides all of that is also having fun doing team work in World of Tanks.
  1. I like both. To me it's about the community of people I play with. However I haven't really gotten social in WoWs yet.
  2. Estimated release date?

    No one knows when, at the moment it's more about catching discrepancies to any other type of problem, to the adding of new features or improving on older features. If I had to make an estimate, it'll probably be 2016.
  3. Testing ... Edit: Well I posted at 9:56 and see it as posted as 9:56, so yeah ... not a problem I'm having
  4. hello!

    Welcome to the forums I don't see much of a problem with kindly greeting new ones. Though it does get counter productive sometimes doing this.
  5. Hello

    Welcome to the WoWs forums. To me you've already made a quite good impression, so I hope we see you during the tests.
  6. Hi everyone :)

    Greeting and welcome to the forums
  7. No Kamikaze

    I was slightly confused between the diving of planes into ships and like you have in WoT ramming a higher tier to death. Though I do get what you mean.
  8. I'm Fedora Eevee!

  9. Clean my pc and delete the game

    The sharing between another Beta Weekend Tester should be fine, but I'd rather not recommend it. Now you need to be thinking of the medium of transfer and rather this is in many cases a problem with the NDA, you can't unless you can physically give the file over some sort of storage medium instead of a 3rd party company. If it was all under my opinion don't worry and if the permission issues continue to the next Beta Weekend it maybe best to just contact someone like gunlion.
  10. Personally if I read something I don't really want to read and it's long, I will either fall asleep doing it or just walk away. The NDA I read through half way before falling asleep. I do have a copy of the Non-Disclosure Agreement and I take it so serious that you wont get anything out of me, not even opinions on the game. That being said, I probably keep info about this game more private than my private ******.
  11. WOWS Weekend BETA

    I guess people who just noticed it on some kind of WoT news site or what ever found their way into Closed Beta Weekend, some got invited but I don't know the guidelines for why they were. Also there is this: http://worldofwarships.com/betaweekend/ What do you mean "Stress testing"?
  12. WOWS Weekend BETA

    I wonder why they're doing this. Anyways congrats to those who got in.
  13. Amd or Intel?

    AMD and Intel in my opinion are both great, though let me explain a little more about them. AMD is cheap, but is also based on the Intel architecture and this is how AMD started. In the past you could actually use an AMD microprocessor in an Intel socket (or so I've heard). After some copyright related issues stuff started changing and yeah ... they changed. Now Intel has something called hyper-threading, but it's really about just being ready to process data faster and doesn't always work in all circumstances. I'm not feeling competent in literature, so before I confuse anyone go check Techquickie for a better explanation. It's basically AMD is cheap vs a more expensive new low power usage and advanced microprocessor.