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  1. Quick Warspite Question

    The turret rotation time is abysmal, but the Warspite itself is very nimble. You can actually dodge torps fairly well. So, at the start of a match, I tend to pick a side to align my guns to, then in battle, I simply turn the ship rather than rotating the turrets. I just wish the guns were more accurate. You only get to fire them once every 30 seconds and at times, it feels like a drunk hip-shooting a scatter gun.
  2. Fire needs a fix, but there are a number of ways to go about it. The problem with fire is that it favors ships with a lot of guns and a high rate of fire (primarily cruisers). It's a lot easier to start a blaze when you are firing a half dozen or more guns every 6 seconds than firing four guns every 30 seconds. Perhaps chance to cause a fire can be linked to a weapon's rate of fire, with faster firing weapons having a greatly reduced chance to start a fire. Not realistic, but good for game balance. I really want to like Battleships, but they are painful at the moment. I can take the slow speed. I can take the slow turret traverse. I can take being an easy target for planes. I can even take firing only twice a minute. But what I can't take is how inaccurate the guns are! I've fired full broadsides with the Warspite at a stationary Carrier at 12k, aiming dead center, and missed on every shot, for two volleys in a row! Meanwhile, I'm regularly shredding Destroyers moving at full speed at my gun's max range using my St. Louis. Battleships, above all else, need an accuracy boost. If you only get to shoot once every 30 seconds, and you are skilled in your aiming, you should be landing far more shells on target.
  3. USS St. Louis

    The most important thing with the St. Louis is to not talk in the forums about how amazing the fully upgraded St. Louis is. We don't want to get this lovely cruiser nerfed!
  4. Murmansk or Warspite?

    I have both the Murmansk and the Warspite. I want to like the Warspite, I really do. It's nimble for a battleship. It's got good AA (shot down 7 aircraft last game), but the turrets might as well be fixed in place. It's easier to turn the ship than the turrets. Reload is around 25 seconds and worst of all, the guns are inaccurate, and when I say inaccurate, I mean it feels like hip-shooting a sawed off shotgun. I regularly hit enemy destroyers that are going full speed using my St. Louis. With the Warspite, I've shot broadsides at stationary enemy carriers at a range of 12k, aimed dead center, and had every shot in the volley miss.. Twice in a row.
  5. Good advice. For new players, especially those used to World of Tanks, it might not be immediately apparent that there are two modes of play in World of Warships. Co-Op: You are on a team of humans facing bot ships. You'll notice the enemy team has the same makeup of ships you do. This is a great way to learn the game. The enemy AI is good, but not so good that you'll get crushed. You can advance to new tiers solely by playing Co-Op but progress will be slow. Random: This is your typical team vs. team PvP. Your team might be great, it might be terrible. Some enemy players will be far superior to the AI. Others will be AFK or morons and easy prey. You will lose more often in PvP than in Co-Op but you will advance up the tiers a lot faster. Most of what was said about the ships in the initial post, especially Battleships is unfortunately true. Reload speed is terrible. Turret rotation speed is terrible. Accuracy is terrible. They can take a beating, but bring little to the table on offense. I'd rather have my Tier 3 St. Louis Cruiser in a mid level battle than a Tier 6 Battleship. Most important piece of advice for new players is don't get caught alone. Don't all cluster up in a single massive group, but stick with a few other ships, watch how the battle unfolds and take advantage of the flow of battle. When you see two ships exchanging fire, assume the enemy is not focused on you and engage. If you are playing a ship with good AA, support your teammates when they get attacked by planes. It's a team game.
  6. Was waiting for the 3 day weekend to purchase. Oh well.
  7. Even stock, the St. Louis wasn't bad. Fully upgraded, it's my favorite ship so far! Last night before I stopped for the night, I damaged 8 of 12 ships in the battle and sunk 5, 3 of which were higher tier (2 Arkansas and a Phoenix) St. Louis
  8. Costs of Murmansk-gate?

    If this is not corrected, then the costs to Wargaming may become significant. I'm not rich, but I have more money than time, so I'm the type of gamer that tends to invest in things like premium accounts and premium vehicles. I don't want to think about how much I've spent on World of Tanks over the last three years. I purchased the Murmansk. I was looking forward to sinking additional money into the Atlanta, Warspite and certainly additional ships in the near future. Those purchases are now on hold, perhaps indefinitely, until Wargaming honors their original terms. These are virtual objects. It costs them little to nothing (other than coder salary) to make this right. Until they do, my ordinarily open wallet is going to stay clamped shut. I can live with grinding the old fashioned way in this game. Now, the funds they are losing from me are hardly significant on their own, but I have the feeling I'm not the only one reaching these same conclusions today. This could end up being a "death by 1,000 cuts" for World of Warships. I'm betting those Return on Investment calculations they prepared for launch are going to take a serious downturn when expected ARPU begins tanking. All they had to do was say :"Our bad. Sorry for the confusion. You'll get everything you paid for in the bundle". These threads would not exist. The articles starting to hit the gaming sites would not exist. And most of all, their coffers would have a lot more of mine and other gamers money this evening. It's not too late, Wargaming. Do the right thing. If not for your customers, then for your bottom line.
  9. Greetings all! Education: BA in Literature and Creative Writing from UC Santa Cruz. Employment: I've been a professional game designer for close to 30 years, first in the traditional pen and paper RPG arena and from 1990 onwards in the computer and video game industry. Over the years this has included PC and console, social and mobile. As a career, it's a lot more work and a lot less fun than most people make it out to be, but I still find it very rewarding. Interests: Gaming of course. I've been a "casual" World of Tanks player for 2-3 years now and only just got my first tier 10. I'm intending to be a bit more focused with World of Warships and grind my way up one line rather than jumping all over the place. I'm also a practicing martial artist and have been for many decades. I'm working on my 3rd degree black belt in TKD and also hold the rank of Ikkyu in Aikido. I also enjoy reading, writing fiction and spending time with my wife and kids.
  10. Is the Murmansk even available for sale anymore in the premium shop?