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  1. Now it looks like, with the changes coming to the IJN DD line, the Mutsuki is now going to be the stepping stone to the Hatsuharu instead of the Fubuki.
  2. Japanese Destroyer LTech Tree Changes

    So my currently Tier 7 Hatsuharu will be swapped out for the new Tier 7 Shiratsuyu? Cool by me. Also glad I still have my Minekaze so I can start working down the other IJN DD line.
  3. Goodbye Hatsuharu

    With todays announcement by Wargaming, splitting the IJN DDs into two branches, you might want to buy the Hatsuharu back if you can. Hatsuharu is in one branch of the tree and the Fubuki is in the other.
  4. Yup and it fixed the problem. Thanks.
  5. paypal delay?

    I tried buying the Fully Loaded Molotov last night. Look s like the purchase was approved but no email from PayPal so no Molotov. I is a sad captain.
  6. I click on the purchase box and select PayPal for payment. After being sent to PayPal, I click on the payment button and then get the WoWs confirmation button that tells me the item has been delivered to my port. I go back into the game to check out the ship and it's not there. I try leaving the game and reentering with no success. I then go back to check the purchase page and it still says I have 1 available to purchase. Fortunately no money is being deducted from my PayPal account but I'm unable to purchase the bundle. My WoWs is running the latest patch with no problems and I do have a port slot available if that is required.
  7. Sail broadside to a Battleship?
  8. I'll buy it....but only if it's the modernized version with Tomahawk and Harpoon cruise missiles.
  9. Patch broke my game.

    Breaks the game for a lot of players apparently.
  10. Why are there no events for those of us who play Co-op exclusively? I don't like PvP (never have, never will) and have been playing Co-op exclusively since CBT. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I'm just wondering why those who play a version of the game, provided by Wargaming, are ignored when it comes to events.
  11. "That guy" on our team.

    And from what I understand your name will turn pink instead of blue if you do team damage. As for team damage with torps, I saw an idiot torpedo someone on our team because he cut across his path at the start of the game. And when I told people to report him in chat, his comment was "Go right ahead. Wargaming won't do anything to me because they love me."
  12. 16 5"/38's tend to do that. I'll probably pick one up when open beta goes live.
  13. Comparison to WoT

    But as long as we don't get a Schader in WoWs all will be well. But, if we do, "unfair plane" will actually mean something.
  14. German Navy?

    I don't believe the Soviet navy will make an appearance before the British, Germans, French and Italians.
  15. As with every beta test I've been in, everyone had to start from the beginning when it was done. One thing the beta testers will have is experience in fighting their ships over those who are just getting started.