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  1. [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #10 (15-09-2018)

    His modpack ie legal, he does not encourage cheating.
  2. CvC and Prime Time Matching

    WG can stop screwing us around. I use to play on the N.A server living in New Zealand you advise us to move to the SEA server. Had my account moved there. After one season you move the clan battle times to 2300 for the Aussie. The Kiwis got it even worse 0100 for clan battles, asked to be transferred make to N.A got told no. Some of us have jobs and a life. Had to start again from nothing. Now we are back on the N.A server and the times are bad for us again. No problem with this as it is N.A but would it be possible to make Clan battles 24/7 Friday to Sunday or even a 12 hour period. The windows are to short some players work 10-12 hour days traveling time to and from work. shift workers, not all of us are unemployed or at school. It is the players with jobs that fund this game yet we get screwed the most by your lack of understanding of real-world conditions like work, lifestyle, family time. etc etc . Not all of the player base can sit in front of a p.c for 12 hours a day.
  3. Premium Ship Review #104: Massachusetts

    Read all your reviews, never post though. Great stuff enjoy your write-ups How far off is a cossack review? So want this DD.
  4. Radar mod request

    Ok first off radar is killing the game if you play DDs. Let's be honest all the BB players cried over the Asashio but it was a one trick pony BB players use WASD keys and torps have a 50/50 chance of hitting you. now radar is making it near impossible to cap in high tier matches, you get radar on a DD and it is instanta kill, which is stupid because DDs are there to cap and scout. It is not like we have hydro/spotting aircraft/fighters/torp planes and dive bombers that can already spot you. Oh, wait we do!!!!!! Wargaming apply some common sense and fix the radar. Remember the Belfast taken out of the game because it was OP lol it looks lame now. Less and less DDS are appearing in matches had 3 games today not 1 DD that is unheard off. Make radar unable to see through an island... Not frigging possible so fix it. Reduce the range, Domskoi is stupid 11.7 km range outside a lot of dds torp range suicide to risk it. Once you get 3 radar cruisers in a game makes capping a death wish, which in turn gets you trashed by your team and insulted for not helping. Radar is just broken fix it. Lower its range to 9kms Make it like Belfast for 10 seconds only. Was not the reason the Belfast was removed because it had Radar and smoke. Well, 11 nearly 12 km range is just fecked. Yes, it Russia yes Russia is all great blah blah. Make it so it can not see through an island hell some ships in ww2 have fixed radar . could only see in one direction. make the duration of radar shorter. I like the challenge of playing a DDs but it is just getting stupid thanks rant over.