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    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #05 (11-01-2019)

    His modpack ie legal, he does not encourage cheating.
  2. Lostkiwi_Disturbed

    CvC and Prime Time Matching

    WG can stop screwing us around. I use to play on the N.A server living in New Zealand you advise us to move to the SEA server. Had my account moved there. After one season you move the clan battle times to 2300 for the Aussie. The Kiwis got it even worse 0100 for clan battles, asked to be transferred make to N.A got told no. Some of us have jobs and a life. Had to start again from nothing. Now we are back on the N.A server and the times are bad for us again. No problem with this as it is N.A but would it be possible to make Clan battles 24/7 Friday to Sunday or even a 12 hour period. The windows are to short some players work 10-12 hour days traveling time to and from work. shift workers, not all of us are unemployed or at school. It is the players with jobs that fund this game yet we get screwed the most by your lack of understanding of real-world conditions like work, lifestyle, family time. etc etc . Not all of the player base can sit in front of a p.c for 12 hours a day.
  3. Lostkiwi_Disturbed

    Premium Ship Review #104: Massachusetts

    Read all your reviews, never post though. Great stuff enjoy your write-ups How far off is a cossack review? So want this DD.