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  1. Lostkiwi_Disturbed

    Soviet Cruisers: Branch Review

    So this called average Dispersion LOL what a Myth.. GG .WG . 21km max range and just wrecked a Venezia 6 shots destroyed.. This myth about average dispersion is real..
  2. Lostkiwi_Disturbed

    Premium Shop: Admiral Makarov

    Not sure why we keep [edited] at WG. Take WoT look at WoWs going the same way, down the #$%#@^*^@*& . This game will soon be populated by bots... Bottom line is they only care about money, not the state of the game or the player base. Better of leaving the game, as all the comments just fall on deaf ears. Research bureau no one wanted it,, Russki cruisers no one wanted it... Smolensk same ol same...
  3. Lostkiwi_Disturbed

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    MM just does work the formula is wrong, i have 5k battles 3.5k are above tier 8 .. If i play a tier 6 ship game, I get tier 8 after 2 battles. So that theory of taking your last 20 battles is not even close to the truth. Second thing is lets say 15k average daily player base{ how with that many players is it not possible to do a 1 + 1 MM as they say MM 2-4 is 1 + 1. So MM can work at 1 + 1 but WG have said in the past that this was not possible.. WoT Aisa has 1+1 MM for tanks and it was great. Battles stop been stomps, and you could forgive the bias towards Russki tanks because matches where even.. Back to WoWs i have seen matches with 3 radar boats to none. 1 radar versus 5 radar so it shows what ever calculations they use are flawed. Players will always complain and I think they should, a stock t8 in a t10 game is just free food. You want players to play the game and enjoy it, but from tier 5 on wards you get rolled by the stat padders who hang around in t5 an up looking for easy kills. Sure there is no easy Fix but 1+1 MM would be a start in the right direction.. Just my 2 cents worth.. make tier 1-3 same tier only so new players get a chance.. from tier 4 and up 1+1 MM would make game more enjoyable stop the stomps and retain players.. What do we the player base know... The one sided matches is the reason I only play CBs now..
  4. Lostkiwi_Disturbed

    Hayate: the Shinobi’s Way

    You mention balance a few times in the video, would you like to transfer that to the game instead ?
  5. Lostkiwi_Disturbed

    Tier X blowouts

    MM is broken always has been, the blowouts though have taken effect in the last 6 months..( seen it from t-6 to t-10 This game is so broken CVs get preferred treatment because WG want them to be a success. WoT Asia has 1+1 MM and it works on the N.A server base is not small, it would work easy enough WG know this. How can you not detonate[floating fecking ammo box} or burn down a CV? Slingshot was such a [edited] glitch yet they let it go because it helped CV players. Finally got patched. Now Subs are getting a buff ? 40 second reload damn WG the balance in this game is like WoT before the player exodus .. Mainz debacle taking out of the shop because it was a good German premium ship. 5 days then removed... Put back after outrage from the community raged. The research Berau no one wanted !!! The list goes on this company made a great game but they seem to ruin it with every patch. I have stuck by WG for 7 years but enough is enough... Toxic as chat in game now like WoT this Community 3 ago years was good and helpful. So I have had enough game is just not enjoyable no more as a clan leader seeing 99 % of ships in CBS are Russian are telling clan mates if you want to play CBS go Russian lines is just fecked.. Yes we have numerous lines but Russian line is best line... Look at current clan battles meta or KoTs . No Italian BBs or DDs yet, here is an Idea WG how about you keep your Russian Bias on the Russian server, All I want is balance never going to happen with WG.. look at WoT they have not learnt from there mistakes there .. French wheeled tanks killed the game play in that game, CVS and Subs in current state RiP...
  6. Lostkiwi_Disturbed

    Dry Dock: HMS Hood

    So where are her Torpedoes? Not very accurate WG
  7. Lostkiwi_Disturbed

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    Bottom line is those defending WG if this was any product you bought for use in day to day lives you would be demanding a refund.. So get off the high horse. If WG had any Morales it would be considered wrong.. The fact that they are replacing the ship, which you have all ready ground, and making players Re-grind is a total money grab, as they know players will spend coin to Free Exp past it.. This game is getting worse by the day everything behind a pay wall is all ready starting to appear by putting everything behind the research center..
  8. Lostkiwi_Disturbed

    How It Works: Spotting and Detectability System 2.0

    So ships can see through Island, go figure... Radar go through Island Go Figure.. When are shells and Torpedoes going to be fixed to go through Island.. Since spotting is so broken and never going to be fixed.... ? Remove the stupid 2km assured detection ...
  9. Lostkiwi_Disturbed

    Update 0.9.2 – European Destroyers: Part 1

    So way does the Daring get a nerf ? Like wth it is the slowest DD has short range torps, not that fast either. Smoke lol so it is now just a stand off gunboat that can be caught by numerous cruisers.. Give it some love with all the radar in the game, it is becoming a rare sight in random battles... All so you should be refunding anyone who wants to give their Atlanta back, Not in game money, actually cash since you just dumped on them.. Putting commanders behind the research bureau is another bit of [edited] no one wanted it so you keep trying to force players to use it.. This game is heading in the same direction as WoT ... Broken as feck with Russki Bias.
  10. No fault of WG though by bringing in to much radar and CVs.. DD players damned if you doomed if you don't. All so weekend is when the kids get on, you just got to roll with it, i get teams that camp at the back in a DD what can you do, you cap the team just sit there. You go spot no one fires, frustrating as hell but the blames lies with the developer, this game has just become HE spam no tactics at all in randoms..
  11. Lostkiwi_Disturbed

    its actually sad how bad italian cruisers are

    Try British CA they feel rushed, Not sure they are CA more like CL with big guns.. Italy there cruiser line is good apart from the 6 hated it. Backs to the British long reload times , or lose range get reload mod then you become an over sized DD with horrible gun range. Not much in that line at all. Would put it at the bottom, but like everything WG does when it comes to balance , you just roll your eyes.. Bring on the new soviet cruisers the t-10 is a beast in current form not OP it is Russian.. Was stealth radar not removed from US cruisers for that reason ?....
  12. Lostkiwi_Disturbed

    What's your most dis-liked feature

    Broken radar that see through islands.
  13. Look at the stats on the Stalingrad compared to every ship in the game... Yes it has a weakness but like he said they are tiny compared to the uber gun platform it is.. How many crusiers can bow tank a BB like the Stalingrad none. All so with the up coming changes to MM with only 2 DDs per side Stalingrad is going to be a beast. Henri got a nerf on speed as soon as you turn it bleeds like no tomorrow. Can i get a list of them OP ships that you are talking about Jeffrey_lei, just so I can laugh, Russian ships get the least nerfs of any ships. Look at Kremlin so called nerf.
  14. Lostkiwi_Disturbed

    Stealth Radar

    Italian BBs hell yes, considering most of Russia post war designs. Where based off the boats they where given from the Italian navy. As for the paper ships, yes it is getting bad. Stealth radar is a bad choice, along with changes to DD going to 2 DDs per side in a tier 10 match. Yet no limit on radar cruisers. That is just stupid . Now your dds are going to sit back and launch long range torps to avoid Radar and stay close to AA boats. cause of CV. These changes are not good for the game. Less DDs will see the game go back to long range sniping . {More camping weekend play 24/7} I just can not see any positives coming out of the next few patches.. P.S British CA lol ....
  15. Lostkiwi_Disturbed

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    So we getting a better Smolensk at t-10 .. More made up Russian crap. Still no BB line for Italy ... Seems legit this game is going down the same route as WoT. friggin Russian crap has to be the best