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  1. devastator5000

    Better than Sliced Bread

    Yeah the CV issue has caused the entire meta to shift, without CVs to spot DDs it allowed them to start stealth firing and when they removed that DDs started to really use smoke which increased Radar use which then led to some of the imbalances now. That and BBs became kings of the seas because there largest predator is almost nonexistent due to AA.
  2. Its hard to organize 7 people normally, but make Clan Battles T10 and then make it limited times makes playing clan battles hard for small clans. I still hate the format Wargaming uses, they should at least offer a T8 version of clan battles and extend the hours.
  3. devastator5000

    Any upcoming premium battleships for me to get?

    Massachusetts, is all I can really think of.
  4. devastator5000


    Thing is 7/8 Ranked exists to allow players who have played for a decent amount of time to play the entire thing, with this it would stifle non-prems who dont got to T9 for price
  5. Trying to find the right Forum Avatar sucks so much

  6. devastator5000

    Premium Ship Review: USS Saipan

    So after viewing this review and Ichase's I'm dubbing this CV the Thug Carrier, Its T9 Fighters and Torp planes are fast and hit harder than anything in this tier. And the DBs without AS can hit for over 80,000 damage as a theoretical max with 8 planes with T9 DMG models for their Rear Gunners.