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  1. ALLOW Test Drive on Prems!!!

    Doing research on a premium ship is very helpful if you are interested in buying one, LWM does some great reviews that highlight most points for premiums and many players will also talk about a ship on the forums once its released. Good research can tell you normally if a ship is right for you.
  2. Just got the Leander myself so taking her out for a special day like this will be fun
  3. Stuntman explains Azur Lane

    Yeah I am very interested in trying out Azur Lane(see my current portrait, I really like some of the character designs for the game), just need to figure out how to get around to emulating it.
  4. Azur Lane?!

    That and from what I've heard Azur Lane is pretty big in Japan as well, it just hasnt been ported to America yet so we aren't familiar with it. IMO this colab is more meant for the SEA/China server than anything else
  5. Worchester PSA

    I for one am excited for the Woostah, it will be fun.
  6. Is Enterprise worth it?

    I havent played my Enterprise in a while, while I do like her she has a large learning curve due to her Tier VII Planes so at times she can be hit or miss.
  7. The Agony

    How's your back? It must suck to a carry a team as hard as you did only to lose.
  8. Just had a match in my Iowa where every ship was a BB except a CV on each team.
  9. [Survey Results] 2017 "Year of the CV"

    Yeah, you have to highlight everything just to read it.
  10. USS Massachusetts

    Yeah been waiting for the Mamie for the exact reason I live in Mass.
  11. T5 CVs Should Not See T6 CVs

    The Same argument could be made for T6's getting up tiered. CV MM is a mess.
  12. Did warships really have a flat bottom?

    Larger ships have flat bottoms, it helps with buoyancy I think.
  13. Proposal: WoWS Classic as the default forum theme

    While I agree, I'm more fascinated by your signature. Where is it from?