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  1. T5 CVs Should Not See T6 CVs

    The Same argument could be made for T6's getting up tiered. CV MM is a mess.
  2. Did warships really have a flat bottom?

    Larger ships have flat bottoms, it helps with buoyancy I think.
  3. Proposal: WoWS Classic as the default forum theme

    While I agree, I'm more fascinated by your signature. Where is it from?
  4. Mod Policy... WG is too polite

    No even thats too lenient, they just need to email the player a gif of a bunch of people laughing at them.
  5. Greatest Naval Disaster 100 years ago.

    The real problem is you have so much history to cover, my HS had two years of world history and we only covered WW2 and the for like a week or two, US history focused more on culture and not events. There is just to much to teach.
  6. Greatest Naval Disaster 100 years ago.

    Maybe, but barely any of WW2 was touched on here in the US aside from the greatest hits, it's kinda hard to cover each and every event in a history class.
  7. Can anyone tell me the song names in this video?

    The one at 4:10 is obviously "Shot Through the Heart"
  8. I am worried about the Essex changes (haven't played her since the patch) But as a strike player I'm optimistic.
  9. Ijn/US fighter tier gap

    Few people I know run IJN AS, and even then I still have enough fighters to protect my planes in a pinch and if I play like I did before and am selective with my targets and where your fighters are it wont be a problem.
  10. Ijn/US fighter tier gap

    I'd disagree there, as a USN strike player this is a great addition allowing us to keep most of our strike power but still have a fighter for utility to defend your planes (Ranger and Lex), and for the Essex you have the same number of squads that the strike Taiho has and will have 2 more fighters per sqaud, and still have a full strike set up. So yeah for AS players this may suck but for strike players this is a great update.
  11. Ijn/US fighter tier gap

    I haven't tried the Essex in randoms yet, but given the fact that my captain has Dogfighting Expert due to me training him for the Enterprise, I am hopeful the fighters will still be able to pull their weight
  12. New Midway Changes

    Not everyone is a good as you though, I loved my lexington but her planes HP shortcomings against T10 AA made it a frustrating grind towards the end.
  13. New Midway Changes

    Here is the real problem, AA is to dang powerful makes playing high tier CVs a nightmare.
  14. New Midway Changes

    My opinion's still out on the Midway, I can only hope her TBs are at least somewhat survivable. I am interested to see how she does with her 2/2/2 though.