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  1. Down Load problem

    I had same thing >will not up date
  2. ingame toxic chat suggestion

    Good advice, it would be good of all to follow. Thank you.
  3. Harassment in Dock

    I wouldn't take it to heart. I have met all kinds of rude and angry people in this game. I usually just look up their win rate before I even try to respond. I find in this game that you have to have a thick skin and try to not let things bother you. The fact that you are coming to the forum to look for a solution instead of complaining shows me you care about the game. Just block him and enjoy your game. Clear sailing my friend.
  4. Pearls: Short a Baker's Dozen

    Well good luck I hope it works out for you and you get the ship
  5. Rank went down?

    WOW! D id not see this coming ty WG
  6. Salem Witch Gameplay - Eerie Events

    The same for me .What can you do but hold on
  7. german low tier API

    T4 Karlsruhe 24 Target hit 5 torps 1 kill 2 floodings And i got 240 XP
  8. problem to connect

    It will be ok.a good hug helps