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  1. After spending more than I would like to admit on Santa boxes, my guess is that it is about a 10% chance for a Supercontainer (i.e. a premium ship). Typically, I got 2 Supercontainers per 20 Santa boxes (ranging from 0 to 4 per 20 boxes) Did not notice a difference in % chance between "big" $2.99 gift and "mega" $4.99 gift, you simply get double flags/doubloons per box with the "mega" Good luck!!
  2. Simple - my Alpha and Close Beta stats were wiped with Open Beta. I have hundreds of games in CVs
  3. Drakedge - what are you talking about? I have played hundreds of Open Beta games with this account. Why should I start another account to post here? This is my only account and I used it for Alpha, Close Beta, and will continue to use it in Open Beta and Release.
  4. Taichunger - You admit to never playing CVs so you have not experienced that aspect of the game. And then you declare that CVs are OP by citing your Colorado example. Play a couple hundred games with CVs and then build some conclusions. If you really "don't want to spoil the game for others" then play CV in Co-op mode. You will be sinking bots that generally sail in a straight line, and you will still have a hard time sinking 7+ ships. You are exaggerating the effectiveness of CVs. Sounds to me like you are not reacting soon enough to TBs and that is made worse if you are also sailing solo. We saw the same TB rage in Alpha and Closed Beta. Since Alpha I rarely see CVs (or anyone for that matter) get 4 or 5 kills and don't recall seeing a CV ever get 6+ kills. So start collecting screen shots of all these 7+ kill games, and then post them. If you can post 50+ examples after 1000 or so games, then maybe you are onto something. Otherwise it seems you are raging about one bad battle. As for your numbered points, here are responses: 1. If you are killed in a DD by TBs - that is a combo of a skilled CV player and poor steering on your part. A competent CA can often get away with zero hits as well, and shoot down a bunch of planes in the process. 2. Once all a CV's planes are shot down? Oh yeah, the CV is worthless. So sending planes into AA fire or against Fighters is not zero risk - every plane shot down gets them closer to zero effectiveness. All other ships have unlimited ammo. Your heart can bleed all it wants, but the fact remains that no other ship except CVs can run out of ammunition.
  5. Funny how the manual TB debate has been raging since Alpha. I suspect it is balanced about right with the number of people weighing in for/against. WG also has a ton of data by now, which helps them see things none of us players can. Some things to keep in mind: - TBs (manual or auto) are virtually useless against any DD who is even half paying attention - TBs (manual or auto) are not easy to land against a competent CA player... and that is only considering CA maneuvering. Add in the AA/scout plane and a CA starts looking less attractive than a DD as a target. - That leaves only CVs or BBs as reliable TB targets... no other class is as limited in targets as CVs. Then add in these factors: - Players generally remember only the times when they get hit by TBs.... they do not always see when TBs are shot down by AA or Fighters before they even get close... so players have a skewed perception of how many successful attacks TBs have. - When ships are grouped together, the AA fire intensifies dramatically. This simple teamwork provides a strong counter to TB attacks. This game is a PvP MMO. The game design intends to reward teamwork and punish solo play. Think of CVs as the punisher of solo play, especially for a solo BB hanging out in the backfield lobbing in shots at leisure. For those of you that play fantasy MMOs, it is almost like a tank (BB) complaining they need a healer (AA screen or Fighter cover) to make them successful at the game. Sorry - you need to work as a team to succeed. If you want solo play, choose a different game to invest your time in.
  6. Regarding Original Post: yes, clearly an MM screw up. But remember - there are probably not a whole lot of tier 7/8+ CVs out there yet. So after 5 minutes a tier 8 CV will get placed into a game regardless of ideal match-up. I suspect low population at higher tiers and time of day drives some of the poor MM balancing.
  7. Thanks for the list. Very cool! I'm curious - where did you included Scharnhorst and Gneisenau? I'm guessing they are the two BBs before Bismarck and Tirpitz? It will be interesting to see how WoWs will classify Scharnhorst and Deutschland class ships.
  8. Yes, CAs and CLs occupying 2 slots vs. DD 1 slot is an interesting balance question. Ultimately, it can be solved by the Matchmaker: include same number of CLs on each side, even if they take two slots. In this case, even if a CL is not worth two DDs, the game will be balanced. Alternatively, CLs may provide some specialization that makes them worth the 2 slots. I know the USS Astoria (CL-90) in WW2 was specialized as an AA escort, so perhaps CLs will have this specialty bonus that makes them worth the 2 slots on a team.
  9. Very impressive model! Thanks for sharing all the photos! As for the question asked about "why wooden decks" - I can't say I know the answer, but I suspect it was to keep the ship's weight lower and allow faster top speed...
  10. I can watch this video over and over... beautiful ships. Yamato and Essex are breathtaking!
  11. Historic Battles?

    Yes, there are quite a lot of historical battles that would be fun. And how about a semi-annual "Jutland extravaganza" that allows players to join a big battle with a special hug map and include all the historic ships for hundreds of players!

    Lol! Classic!!
  13. Yamato pic from eu gamescon

    She's beautiful, even in a fuzzy photo of a screen...
  14. What happens if I run aground

    I suspect running aground means you are stuck in place, but can still use guns. You are also an easier target for enemy ships and divebombers since you are not moving...
  15. Nice screenshots! Have they posted any video anywhere? Would love to see it.