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  1. F...ing Grate Game.

    So yes my spelling is not the best at times but its not me spelling that i was hoping to get your interest in. The lag is a big problem for both games and no, it's not at this end. I have spent some time looking into this issue and found that it was at the servers end. So before all of you run ya fat dumb mouths off have a good look into it your self's. Its just a shame that we have fat mouth [edited]in both games that think they are doing the games justices by having to reply with no thought of others.
  2. F...ing Grate Game.

    So I'v been playing WOTs for some time now and watching your progress on this one ,WOWS, and I'v not been disappointed on both games. It looks great. But, Just like WOTs this game seems to have the same issue. That thing that can wreck the hole game. (BAD LAG). Having pour servers out there that can not support it. So PLEASE ,PLEASE ,PLEASE, spend the time in getting this one right and fix this.