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  1. I need a clan

    TY for all of the replies, I really appreciate it. Sorry, it is taking so long to get back to this thread, I had a sudden death that I had to deal with and am still dealing with. I will get back to this when the time is right, again TY all for replies.
  2. I need a clan

    I will take a look, thanks.
  3. I need a clan

    Hi, thanks. I do have TS but discord is so much better imo.
  4. I need a clan

    So I need a clan. Things I require to consider. Use discord, not TS. Have active members. Don't just completely suck. Prefer 18+ That is really about it, I'm just looking to have fun and win more than losing. BTW just started playing the game again after a long break.
  5. Heartbreaking Loss in the Prinz Eugen

    That was a great game, I wish we would have won that one. After tonight RIP to my stats.

    I missed the boobs
  7. Is there a name for this tactic?

    Recon by fire or Probing by fire. It is a legit tactic.
  8. October ARP missions....

    Yeah because they NEVER give us free stuff like ARP ships or a Kamikaze or an Emden or a Mikasa or a Tachibana... etc... I don't think its a crazy idea they will give us silver (or something else) in place of the ships.
  9. ARP speculation for the blue "T"

    Yeah I know it may not be the same mission for NA but I can hope that it isn't just a damage mission.
  10. ARP speculation for the blue "T"

    Thanks for the info.
  11. ARP speculation for the blue "T"

    What tier is required for it? I'm glad to see its more than just a simple easy damage mission.