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  1. Finally got my first T10!

  2. I need a clan

    TY for all of the replies, I really appreciate it. Sorry, it is taking so long to get back to this thread, I had a sudden death that I had to deal with and am still dealing with. I will get back to this when the time is right, again TY all for replies.
  3. I need a clan

    I will take a look, thanks.
  4. I need a clan

    Hi, thanks. I do have TS but discord is so much better imo.
  5. I need a clan

    So I need a clan. Things I require to consider. Use discord, not TS. Have active members. Don't just completely suck. Prefer 18+ That is really about it, I'm just looking to have fun and win more than losing. BTW just started playing the game again after a long break.
  6. Heartbreaking Loss in the Prinz Eugen

    That was a great game, I wish we would have won that one. After tonight RIP to my stats.

    I missed the boobs
  8. Is there a name for this tactic?

    Recon by fire or Probing by fire. It is a legit tactic.
  9. October ARP missions....

    Yeah because they NEVER give us free stuff like ARP ships or a Kamikaze or an Emden or a Mikasa or a Tachibana... etc... I don't think its a crazy idea they will give us silver (or something else) in place of the ships.
  10. ARP speculation for the blue "T"

    Yeah I know it may not be the same mission for NA but I can hope that it isn't just a damage mission.
  11. ARP speculation for the blue "T"

    Thanks for the info.