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  1. Accomplishing all of the goals except for Transylvania having > 50% hp, is that a win or a loss?
  2. So tired of running

    This being an unrealistic arcade game, don't be surprised or disappointed by unrealistic tactics. That being said, in all these games full of idiots being described, half of the players are having a great time. All a matter of perspective.
  3. Hailing all Frequencies

    Also not a good idea to sail between a DD and a juicy target (or into any friendly's line of fire for that matter). He may turn pink when he sinks you, but you are still sunk.
  4. I imagine that they mangled the name Rasputin for the same reason that they mangled Van Helsing, Hyde, and ... Frankenstein (I guess). Whatever that was.
  5. Ship angling

    It occurs to me that if they are going to give ships historical armor layouts, shouldn't the incoming shell trajectories and dispersion patterns match the historical situation as well? I understand that they don't want to make the range and accuracy realistic, that would be too boring for most of us. Perhaps they could alter the flight path to match what it would be if the range was much longer (and probably also alter the shell speed so the total flight time didn't change much). Making the dispersion pattern narrower than it was tall (deep, whatever), would also reflect the historical challenge of getting the right range. It seems to me that those changes would result in historical tactics without having to resort to actual historical range, accuracy and lethality (and tedium punctuated with horror and death, because that's no fun at all) .
  6. Ship angling

    My question is "How much?" Is it As much as you can without blocking the fire from your guns on the far end of the ship Point straight at the threat If the ends of your citadel are flat, go 30 degrees (or something) off or straight on My guess is that the most common answer is going to be the last one. My guess is that the historical answer was more like the first one (or "what the hell are you talking about?"). If both guesses are correct, it seems like this game diverges so significantly from history, why bother for any historical accuracy at all? (If I'm wrong, then... cool!)
  7. Has anyone experienced this?

    Were there any friendlies around to spot the torpedoes? If not, you were dead and couldn't spot them. Could it be that they were there but no friendlies could see them?
  8. Battleship Target Priorities

    On the other hand, those Battleships aren't ever going to get close to sinking unless someone is shooting at them. For what it's worth (not much) I generally fire at the target that I think will take the most damage or is the biggest threat depending on circumstances.
  9. I think that was kind of the point of my question. If I aim at a spot that, one flight time later, will be exactly on target and I fire, if one shell lands short and aft of the target and the other is long and amidship, I either learned nothing or am mislead into increasing my lead. Conversely my aim point could be aft and short, but thanks to RNG, both shells go long and left and hit the target. Either way I'm not learning anything because each shot is an independent trial. The only way I can figure out my error is to fire enough simultaneous trials to be able to detect an average and figure where the center was. Now if my follow up shots had the same error as the first, then it would be useful. Like with a cruiser. The dispersion is so much smaller, each shot will go very close to where the previous one did if you don't change your aim. That reminded me of another thing I have wondered about. If you fire a turret and all of the shells stick together, does that mean they are both low dispersion shots and you got lucky, or they just both dispersed to the same degree in the same direction? My guess is that it could be either.
  10. A.I. Detection In CO-OP Battles

    Anyone else get the feeling that they had just received a telegram?
  11. From what I have seen, that is a perfectly reasonable expectation that is always going to be disappointed.
  12. Given that shell trajectories on a battleship can vary from "spot on" to "which ship were you shooting at?", is there really any point in firing a trial shot and trying to adjust your aim based on which direction you miss?
  13. Why are stats a thing?

    What makes your goal so much more worth/legitimate than the ones you look down on?
  14. I like the new TK system but...

    If you want sympathy around here you have to assume that all enemies will maneuver away from your torpedoes and all friendlies will maneuver toward them. Really cuts down on your firing opportunities, doesn't it? Especially when the friendlies start out by working their way between the torpedo armed boats and their targets, even before they are in range. It almost seems like they want to act as human shields. My solution? Don't drive Destroyers.
  15. Soo... the St.Lo

    It looks like a little over half of that damage was done to ships that go zero exp. AFK ships? If so, this result couldn't be considered representative. I do, however, remember it being a fun ship to blast away in.