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  1. Beta server times

    Was just curiouse what the server times were gonna be. Are the times going to be the same as alpha? If so my work schedule is perfectly inbetween those times. Go to work as soon as servers start, and get off when they turn off....greeaaaat. please tell me this isnt so?
  2. Closed beta question

    should automatically be in if you were in the beta weekend test.
  3. The Official Bacon Thread

    I dont understand the fascination with bacon. Maybe its just me but i dont really like the stuff
  4. Howdy everyone

    youre the life of a party arent you?
  5. would be cool if there were little wooden boats floating around the map that u can just run over and destroy. just for visuals. like how wot has cars that u can run over
  6. What ship is this?

    cant wait to get to the Des Moines, got all the way to the new orleans for the weekend. Anyone got any feedback on their experience with the rate of fire?
  7. BETA tester rewards

    hope its a cruiser, love them!
  8. more cruiser vids! I loved playing my cruiser during the weekend. such great support ships with scary fire power