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  1. Whats your big issue with me sonny? i didnt ask for your stupid comment if you dont like my posts then keep off them with your idiot dribble. Thanks.

    1. BiggieD61


      I'll post what I like, SONNY and if you wouldn't pollute the forum with your inane drivel, you wouldn't need to be told to take a hike.  I thought your quit this game for good 6 months ago?????


      Hmm - how many replies have you gotten to your post?  thats right - just this one.  GG

      Also - it's "drivel" - not "dribble".  Look it up.



    2. abyssofthetriffid


      Hey listen right here if i find something interesting i will post w t f i want and if you dont like that then do not read my posts bloody muppet.