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  1. I personally don't have any self - esteem issues, no. Very accomplished in life, very comfortable in my own skin. Those wings and ribbons? They are mine. I do not lack for confidence, self esteem - or integrity.

    I play devil's advocate in a lot in discussions, thinking about those that aren't represented in the top ranks, or participating in the forums. Really good players like yourself sometimes have trouble, in my experience,  imagining how things are for those that are starting out, don't play as well. Tell me: What is WG's INTENT in adding the emblem/badge feature? What, from their perspective, is gained? What need of ours are they fulfilling? Why is it necessary to put the personal emblem of the person that sank you in your face? You won't see it nearly as often as someone else that's not very good, or just starting out, but think on that. How does it improve their game play or game experience?

    How does it help the community to do that? I don't think it does. I think that's WG playing to a particular demographic, and not caring much about another. There isn't anything wrong with the people that don't like this. They aren't "snowflakes" or "unmanly" or whatever. 

    You're more often than not going to be the one whose emblem is on another's' screen, so I get how you might like it.

    But in the effort to grow a community, in an effort to retain civility and sportsmanship - how does this help?