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  1. BiggieD61

    ST, cyclone in Clan Battles

    Let Clan Battles be ABOUT SKILL - not gimmicks. Why take a chance at ruining the single mode that keeps experienced and competitive players in the game. If you think a cyclone is going to increase the number of clans playing CB you are surely mistaken ....
  2. BiggieD61

    Research Bureau & "Veteran Players"

    Your choice is a valid one, but you are not Wargamings choice for this game feature. You can't have everything without doing everything, so this feature is designed for the players who HAVE done everything, and are looking for more. If you don't like the terms, you don't have to participate. If they lower the terms so that even people with only 3 lines can easily obtain the rewards, then you quickly bore the people this feature was designed for in the first place. I have every tier 10 tech tree, and most of the reward tier 10's, and I'm not sure if I want to do this, but I will probably try a line I liked the lower tiers at and rarely play the tier 10 at - win for me, win for wargaming.
  3. BiggieD61

    An in game survey on game related things

    Wow, an actually useful poll that didn't ask me if I liked to eat Pizza or Hot Dogs....
  4. BiggieD61

    not enough time to complete objectives

    I accomplished the directives on day 1-3 every time, and I have a career, family and numerous social activities outside of gaming. Life is hard, so you have to make hard choices about your recreation time. Why should you expect to complete the directives if you don't make them a priority? Do you expect promotions at work if you don't make your work a priority? Do you expect your wife to do special things for you if you don't make time with her a priority? You played 121 random games in the last 21 days and I have only played 78, so I don't understand what the problem is here ....
  5. BiggieD61

    Omg. How do you hit ships with RN torps?

    You realize that you need to account for the probability of a ship speeding up when launching your torps right? Torps will hit exactly where they are aimed if a target does not change course or speed - regardless of nationality. You have to decide whether a target will slow down, speed up or kite away and adjust your aim accordingly.
  6. BiggieD61

    Tier 8 Clan Battles

    Slow your roll on the conspiracy theories, the MM you faced is a consequence of few teams actively participating in your teams range. At the start of CB last night, there were only two teams in Hurricane, and 15 in all of Typhoon. That means the bulk of clans still playing CB are at Storm or Gale. It's natural you are going to see higher level clans if that is all that's available to fill the M&M queue. The time for your B team to get easier battles was at the beginning when participation by casual CB clans was higher. Hey, it's just tougher training, if they win some earlier matches and moved up, they would still have to face those stronger teams eventually anyway.
  7. BiggieD61

    Tell Tale Signs of Good Player

    https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1010662490,generaldort/ He streams a lot of the time, you can catch him on Twitch. He doesn't suffer fools to put it mildly.
  8. BiggieD61

    Will anti-submarine functions be done automatically by the game?

    If Subs have 25km torps that go 75kts and only hit CV's, wargaming will have finally balanced them! Edit: And they spawn on they enemy side of the map!
  9. BiggieD61

    Tell Tale Signs of Good Player

    This X100 OP is talking about players being nice to him as a qualification for being a good player. General Dort would beg to differ.
  10. BiggieD61

    ST, Submarines

    I am 200% for this as long as they ONLY get 25km torps @75 kts that only hit CV's. Game balance Unity!
  11. BiggieD61

    French Legion

    You have to have a large stable of ships to do it for free - like every tier 10 and many tier 7 and up premium ships. The non-free way is to buy a bunch of premium French crates to increase your odds of getting a tier 5-8 French DD mission. Once you earn the DD you will get another mission to earn 250 tokens. Bottom line is that it will have cost you money in the past or cost you money now. It's a business first and an entertainment product second.
  12. BiggieD61

    add back tier 5 cv's

    Good question, one thinks that the second line will either be more damage oriented or more spotting/defense oriented. Frankly, with the less than stellar results of the first CV re-work, it might be a while before they start the second line.
  13. BiggieD61

    add back tier 5 cv's

    Nope - there will be an alternate line at some point - but the tier structure remains the same. #GITGUDQUITWHINING
  14. BiggieD61

    Rank is just a [edited] show

    Musashi is the solution to that equation, combined with some good DD play.
  15. BiggieD61

    Musashi doing her thing in ranked.

    I had some great games in the Jean Bart as well -more HE spam since there are very few cruisers in the cue. I will probably switch over to the Musashi going forward in between playing DD's. The overmatch is critical for taking out Bow tanking BB's