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  1. Those AP bombs deliver nothing but overpens against many ships, and since they can't stack damage over time like an HE bomb - your total damage effectiveness is limited when you try to combine them with a torp drop. If there are German BB's YAY!, everything else - MEH! So no, I don't think they are overpowered against everything they face, they just have some advantages and disadvantages compared to regular HE Dive Bombers.
  2. Kurfurst question

    Since AR ( adrenaline rush ) works on both secondary and primary guns, and you are going to be taking damage in a brawling/tanking build - I would choose it.
  3. The Arkansas Beta ( if you own it ) is worthy of a secondary build as far as aft/bft goes. Maybe the Konig Albert at tier 3 as well. The Orion has such strong HE with tier 9 level shell damage and 1/4 pen - I wouldn't risk closing into brawling range with anyone. You will be most effective at 6-10 km, far out of the range of any secondary build you could come up with.
  4. No, I just want them to make horrible CV players less of a nightmare for the team. I'll be happy with that even if it wrecks my Kaga.
  5. In many ways aren't CV's already an example of a "High Floor / High Ceiling" ship class already? Until the class is .... "re-balanced" ... teams will always suffer from good to great players using their skill advantage to obliterate and control a match. Most players would be happy if ONLY good to great players were using CV's against one another, but there is no way to stop the 600 game 38% Midway player from corrupting our game experience. That's really the only problem with that idea, if players would segregate themselves and only play ships they were competent in, then the ships requiring high skill would be driven by players with that level of ability. Play 5 random matches at tier 5 -10, and you quickly see that the player base is NOT going to stick to the classes in which they can perform competently, in fact - many can't play any class of ship competently. That's also such a subjective thing - What is competent? I may feel that based on my average damage or win rate in a ship that I am competent in it if I am at or above the server average - but that certainly isn't the case for a player in KRAKEN, where our best 2-3 from our clan would be the bottom 2-3 in yours. Overall I like the idea of having ship classes that require more skill than the average Joe can muster to play well, but only if their is a mechanism that logically causes players to segregate themselves from playing that ship/class poorly. I don't play above tier 5 CV's in randoms because I don't want to hear the salt from not holding up my end. Unfortunately my self prohibition is not common on this server. ...
  6. Oh noes another OP thread? Worcester

    They are actually quite nimble at dodging in the open water, surprisingly so.
  7. We can't name names of this becomes a political discussion and it will get locked. One of them is facing bad news from the US just today. PM me for more if you think I am mistaken.
  8. I am serious, no need for a cute mug with a staring Chihuahua to see that. I'd list of a number of middle east dictators alone who have survived long past their expiration date to due to "loyalty". I'm not against loyalty at all, you have to be sure of what you are being loyal to though. Blind loyalty is not a virtue.
  9. New xvm mod now working?

    It can easily ruin your attitude before a match, you can assume you are beaten before you even start if the other team is full of elite players. Or on the other hand, if you think it's going to be an easy win, you can play sloppy and over aggressive - giving away an easy win. It's better to learn the clan tags that good to medium style players are on - not just unica, and see what ships are in the match on both sides. Play to the ship strengths of your team, not what a bunch of tiny numbers say.
  10. I don't even know where to go with that. So if you gave your loyalty to someone who later turned out to be evil, a vile racist or a worse - that's it - you are sticking with them no matter what? That kind of thinking is what has enabled so many modern day dictators to thrive comfortably when there was every reason for them to have been dethroned.
  11. Just got forced into team eagle

    @SinbotoBut look at you swing that damn stun staff!
  12. The point of switching from Sharks to Eagles was enhanced by the offer they made, now you can get both tier 10 camos because of the additional tokens they are offering for playing Eagles. @Chaos_EN2 This is a made up competition, the sole point of which is to allow us to get some free stuff for being regular players - you seem to be a little too invested in staying on the Eagles. I'm happy that you feel good about sticking with the Eagles, but no one else cares.
  13. Stalengrad

    Thank you, it's nice to hear the voice of reason balancing out the howls of the angry and unwashed.
  14. I've had both the OP's situation and other times when I saw my shells pass through a ship without registering as a hit, shatter or bounce. It's not a straddle, they are going through it - I figure it must be a de-sync of some sort, but it is happening more frequently.
  15. Where's my kraken?

    Didn't you quit this game a month ago? Why are you still playing?