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  1. BiggieD61

    The automated team damage system. I went pink?

    I imagine the guy you shot has a VERY different recollection of what happened, but I bet has already gotten over it. You should probably try and do the same - that is Get Over It. Also, why do you feel the need to start multiple threads every day about common occurrences that can be answered by using the search function?
  2. I would point out that most of the top 25 clans in the Naval battle rankings are also pretty good at Clan battles too.
  3. BiggieD61

    Hakuryu tips?

    Watch and learn from the best - follow him on twitch and set up his ship in a similar fashion. Totally reworked my CV and have been getting ready to start playing this one again. This is Gaishu from NO_CV, if you can emulate about a third of what he does you will find yourself as a competent CV player in the Hak.
  4. BiggieD61

    PSA - Don't complain about MM in all chat

    That is some terrific insight there, thanks for contributing! Yes. See what I did there? On the actual topic, yes MM is designed to give us the occasional challenge along with the occasional "easy mode" game. You can always guarantee you will be top tier by playing tier 10 - but if you are NOT a premium account user, you will have to drop down into the "food" tiers ( 4-8 ) to feed your credit habit for tier 10. I actually would rather have decent tier 8 players on my team in a tier 10 match than the sub 45%'s failing in 10's that seem to live there recently. Regardless, don't start the match complaining about being bottom tier or being "stock", every single person in the battle has faced the same challenge and moved on - you can too. EDIT: Running out of upvotes for Ducati and Tybalt - there be some salty boiz downvoting you two!
  5. BiggieD61

    Racial Slurs in Chat

    Wargaming keeps every players chat logs, so if you send in his user name and a screenshot of the battle, they can look it up and will punish him accordingly. Salt is not an unexpected byproduct of a competitive game, so the taunting is to be expected to a reasonable limit. Randomly dropping racial epithets is not, and wargaming will act swiftly IF you give them the evidence to do so. Make sure your chat logs are spic and span as well, they will also review the reporter's along with the reportee's in these situations.
  6. BiggieD61

    Hello Mr. Nelson, What are you doing Here?

    They do consider it, which is why you can fairly put a tier 9 with a tier 10 and help a friend grind the tier 9 while you play a tier 10 - MM being what it is tier 10 was likely anyway. Dude, you got called out on your mistake - admit it and move on.
  7. BiggieD61

    Hello Mr. Nelson, What are you doing Here?

    You aren't thinking it through very clearly - this was done to exploit the system - that should never be rewarded.
  8. BiggieD61

    Long Term Goals

    Congrats! Goal oriented people will always be a mystery to those people who prefer to float along in life. The world needs both those types and all the others in-between. My stats represent my approach to this game, focused on winning by doing team-oriented things in battle. I have been successful with this approach without losing my ability to enjoy my matches - even some of the losses. My next goal is more of a clan goal - getting UDEAD into Hurricane this clan season after knocking on the door last season. Individual goals would be focused on becoming a stronger CV player after they finally finish balancing the class - I realize that is subjective, but some of the most satisfying goals tend to be that way.
  9. I have to give credit to WG when they do something right, and this new iteration of Clan Naval Battles for oil is a simple but fun way for clans to work together for a common goal. We have been participating since the first week, and have been coordinating with each other during div play about which ships XP goals we are going for and waiting until a div is in battle before dropping the next div into play ( so we don't end up facing each other and ruining one whole div's attempts at hitting XP goals. Once people have expended their10 attempts at gaining Stars, we continue to work with people who are still trying to help them gain the XP needed to hit their levels. It's a good team building experience and allows for clan leadership to coordinate and manage team play outside of normal Clan battles. We went into this week ranked #10 on the WG world ( CIS, EU, NA and SEA ) leader board and faced off against the #12 team FW from the CIS. We had a solid win, 108 stars to 85, and racked up another 243 ranking points to get our overall score up to 892 - enough for the #4 ranking in the World! The top 3 teams are still all from the CIS and I expect we will probably draw a very tough team this week - still, it's nice to know that your clan had the teamwork and motivation to work and achieve this notable goal. If you are looking to belong to a fun and competitive group of players, drop into our Discord and plop yourself into any voice channel where you see some players - everybody will help you speak to who you need to get started. Check the first post for the Discord link and the names of the people you want to reach out to, don't be bashful, none of us are and we like to talk to new people.
  10. BiggieD61

    CVS Still deleting DDs ( Rant/rage)

    You know what else is still deleting DD's: Other DD's, BB's, CL's and decent players in general. If you are getting wrecked that early in the match, you need to rethink your approach.
  11. BiggieD61

    The reason why you think CV is OP

    Your simplistic attempt at arguing that CV's are overpowered has been roundly defeated in two separate threads that you have started. I predict the same result in this one.
  12. Sorry, but nope. You are parsing data to make it support your conclusion - even then it actually doesn't.
  13. He ran this same trash thread a week or so ago, why are you doing it again OP?
  14. @xTybaltx Ignore the "Water Boy", I can hook u UP! with a totally "certified" degree from 'Nigerian Polytechnic Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences BEST BEST" (NPILABB #1 Biches!). Oddly enough, the Interior Minister of Nigeria is a lifelong friend, and he is VERY interested in investing his wealth into an American bank for more security. Just PM me your Bank account Info, so he can transfer $3,500,000 into your account for safe keeping - he totally trusts you, and then we can arrange a degree ( with honors !) for your co-operation.