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  1. BiggieD61

    CV's Are Trash Now

    OK - you aren't really listening to what people are trying to say. I'll be clearer - "competent" CV players have no issues shooting Destroyers without losing all their planes, ergo - you aren't a competent CV player. It's cool, the fewer bad CV players are out there is just dandy for the rest of us. Take the time to learn how to play the other classes better and leave the CV class to other players. EDIT: OMG - please - stop playing CV's in randoms until you learn how the new system works. You are averaging under 9k damage a battle in your 16 tier 8 CV games - the bots from PVE do double that at least and they are comically bad.
  2. BiggieD61

    Just becuse you can doesnt mean it right

    Faced a 3 man Georgia div from a Hurricane clan ( this season no less ) in a tier 9 match filled with tier 7, 8 and 9 ships. They lost but had fun pushing one side of the map like terrorists, our 3 man div died as well and it was just average players from both teams that decided it in our favor. Frankly, it was three times more fun than your typical 50% and below player snore-fest. We had better balance across the board, which is why we won. I have no idea why OP thinks 3 Stalingrads are magically going to carry a side better than a Kremlin/Stalingrad/Grozovoi or a Bourgogne/Henri/Kleber or a Yamato/Zao/Shimakaze. Oh, it's because OP is a perma-green DD main who can play DD's adequately but can't work out how to use the other classes effectively. You had a horrible day ( we all do! ) yesterday with a 35% win rate and a 700 PR in your tier 10 cruisers - it's obviously a 3 man Stalingrad division in THAT ONE BATTLE that is holding you back ....
  3. BiggieD61

    Improper Use of "GG"

  4. I agree - there is nothing wrong with divisions in the game. It's the only way to utilize team tactics effectively in randoms. Have you ever seen Yuro's Des Moines spotter plane video? It's full of similar lols. Frankly I don't understand the title of this thread, are you implying that divisions are actually OP, or that you can't find good players to division with and are sad over it?
  5. BiggieD61

    Enterprise still king of t8

    I found the people lamenting the weakness of the Enterprise's planes very comical. The Saipan has tier 10 planes and you never hear of people calling it OP because of that - in fact you rarely see if in game and it's still actually available.
  6. BiggieD61

    Disparaging name?

    I am certain that many of our enemies over the course of our nation's history have referred to our soldiers as "Those damn Americans..." . Sounds fine to me.
  7. ^^^^^^^ Missions for every early release ship are listed there.
  8. ^^^^^ An on the money evaluation of the KS clan family. Every line of the above is true, it has been an absolute pleasure to be a member of this clan and I look forward to the upcoming events like KOTS and the following CB season. Definitely check out the discord channel, you will get a clear idea of why all the clans stay near full to capacity.
  9. Speaking of - isn't the next Double points available for Research Bureau soon?
  10. BiggieD61

    Traffic Light Aim Assist

    Someone else mentioned this earlier in the thread - and it's true, the torp aim assist is very accurate at the moment you launch. One of the reasons that true aiming hack mods haven't taken off in the game is due to the long shell flight times and the ability of the target to shift course and speed sufficiently to make all the "assisted" shells miss easily. Everyone who has ever launched the "perfect" torp spread at a slow-moving BB, only to have them all miss when the BB changes speed and direction radically knows the limitations of any "assists" in this game.
  11. BiggieD61

    Traffic Light Aim Assist

    Then how do you feel about the mod that gives and actually working "dynamic" crosshair? The dynamic crosshair provided by WG is actually flawed and inaccurate - several mod versions actually account for the correct distance and are usable. or do you feel that any crosshair provided OTHER than a static crosshair is cheating?
  12. BiggieD61

    Traffic Light Aim Assist

    Why worry about that mod out of all the things that are fallible in this game? Do you feel like you are being outperformed because some people use this mod? By what percentage would you say this mod is hurting your game experience or win rate?
  13. BiggieD61

    Utter waste of time/effort.

    Would you like a hug friend?
  14. BiggieD61

    Kaga HE Bombs

    They are pretty amazeballs normally at starting fires - just a weird night I would guess.
  15. BiggieD61

    Player base skill getting worse!!!!!

    I am not directly supporting this argument, but the belief was that players who came in from Steam were not Naval Warfare enthusiasts and simply came to try out a new game. I'd say the skill level across the board was pretty equal for new Steam players versus new players from other venues.