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  1. There you go - in the end, WG will help you out, but the wait is designed to keep people from griefing WG and each other for petty politics.
  2. BiggieD61

    German tokens

    It's fiendishly clever actually, they also bound together so many missions of various types in an attempt to make it more confusing while saying that it was attempting to "clarify" the missions tab. Even if you got all the early access CV drops, you needed to own the Graf Zepplin to get the final tokens needed for a perma camo from missions. So towards the end you are stuck with a decision between buying the Graf Zepplin ( 14k doubloons ) or a perma camo package mission for 7500 doubloons and having 515 tokens left to buy .... meh. If WG had simply posted at the start that you won't be able to get a perma camo from the early access crates UNLESS you also own a Graf Zepplin, people would have simply decided if they wanted to drop 7500 dubs for the unique perma camos and not bothered to buy any premium german crates. Of course that goes against the "sunk cost" mentality that WG is so eager to invite at every opportunity they get.
  3. I think there is a lot of tension between China and other nations that play on this server. For better or worse, some people want to blame anyone else for their mistakes, rather than accept the fact that they need to get better. I don't see that tension abating anytime soon, in fact more conflict rather than less seems inevitable. You can report those people who make derogatory remarks about your country ( bigotry is not the same as racism, China is a country, not a race ), but that won't do too much in the long term. You could transfer back to the SEA server as an alternative, you probably won't be getting grief for being from China there.
  4. Interesting question Ducky ... but lets talk about anti-CV 3 man divisions made up of two AA build Kidds and an Akizuki for DPM against cruisers and battleships instead. I'll see myself out now ....
  5. I watched General Dort's stream with him, bfk_ferlyfe and a third DD decimate team after team while taking CV "skins" in every match. Any CV player not named Gaishu is going to get rekt. Watch some of the recordings from Dorts twitch, they simplty massacre what ever ships are between the CV and them, then promptly knock off the CV - it's pretty interesting to see how focused they are, and how many steps ahead they think - also the large number of torp hits they get from predictive torps launched based solely on info from the minimap.
  6. BiggieD61

    Question about T4 carriers

    First off, the tier 4 British CV is the Hermes, the tier 6 British CV is the Furious. You got this CV due to an early access mission out of a British CV crate back when the line was introduced. As you know, early access crates allow people to play with a line and store up xp for the following patch when the early access period is over. If you don't like CV's you can sell it for credits, or dont and stare at it in port. That's it. 19,000 battles and you aren't familiar with how WG operates these events?
  7. BiggieD61

    Petro AP

    15 citadels is very impressive, great aiming on your part sir.
  8. Oh please, don't act like a drama queen now. I gave you a solution, and added information so that it wouldn't happen again, Hapa got involved as well with what he could do. Life doesn't always work out EXACTLY the way we wish it would, we learn and move forward, hopefully listening to good counsel on how to avoid it in the future. I gotta say, it's like you are happier in your misery than hopeful of finding a working solution...
  9. Wows-numbers shows WHEE's Commanders last battle played as April 10th, so you are just past 90 days from his last battle. When did you start your request for transfer - I believe that's when the 90 clock started for us. The clan is also relatively new, being started just over 7 months ago, that's awfully quick for this kind of thing to happen.
  10. That's 150 wins btw, if you are only playing at a 55% win rate that might take 280 matches or more to achieve.
  11. Steps to prevent losing control of your clan in the first place: 1. Create a second Warships account and promote it to Commander. 2. Give the password to the most active player that you trust in your clan. 3. Tell that person to only use it to promote another to command in case of your death. Honestly, Executive officers do 95% of the work in any clan, they can accept new players, boot old ones and promote people to recruiter or clan battle/brawl battle starter. there is no need to promote an Executive officer to Commander in order to keep a clan running in the short to mid term. Steps to recover a clan from an absent Commander: 1. Notify Wows that you are the clan creator and that the person you appointed to Commander is afk. 2. Prepare to wait 90 days to pass from the Commanders last battle for them to promote you to Commander again. This happened in my first clan RUST ( the clan base that --K-- is now using ), after the clan owner passed command to an XO after he changed jobs. The XO vanished and we had to wait 90 days for WG to give one of our XO's the ability to be come the Commander. Naturally the guy who had been ignoring us in a fit of pique for almost 120 days showed up the day after he got demoted by WG - typical.
  12. BiggieD61

    WG: shot across the bow with sync droppers

    Sync drops with divisions are foolhardy unless the server population is high enough to guarantee multiple divisions per team. Otherwise you are going to end up facing the other division since mm tries to balance divisions. Since one div will certainly lose, it's a dumb idea to begin with, so additional punishment seems unneeded.
  13. BiggieD61


    Hopefully years from now....
  14. BiggieD61

    Soshi's take on Callifornia

    I played the Colorado a long time ago on my quest through the US BB line. By sheer volume of games played counting both tech tree and Premium/Special ships - US BB's are one of most played nation/class ( 943 games ). Counting premium/special ships I own the Arkansas Beta, the Texas, the Arizona the West Virginia, The Alabama, two flavors of the Massachusetts, the Missouri, the Georgia and the Ohio. I really like US BB's. I can't see a single redeeming feature of the California, in fact I would be interested to see if a West Virginia could solo a California 1 v 1 without much effort. I wouldn't buy it on the stats, and if I really needed to play slow BB games, i just run my Mass at 1/2 throttle ... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I am happy you like the ship Soshi, but I wouldn't buy it for a frenemy.
  15. BiggieD61

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    This statement is both gibberish AND "Highly Doubtful". How about taking that extra minute or two and write a coherent post that explains your opinion in a format we can comprehend.