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  1. BiggieD61

    Premium Ship Review #137 - Indomitable

    Such wonderful detail in all your newer reviews! It's nice to get the reviewers "feel" as part of the review, but it's so subjective from one CC to the other. Your data testing allows a player to see things in your reviews that you may not even be aware of yourself. I have all 4 of the tech tree British CV's, and they offer a significantly different playstyle than the US or IJN tech tree ships. That being said, I bought the Ark Royal for the exact reason that it was such an outlier compared to the other tier 6 CV's ( in a good way though ). The Indomitable seems to also be an outlier ... but not in a good way for me. Thank you for your sterling efforts, they are much appreciated.
  2. BiggieD61

    The dock yard

    Looks like you will have to steel yourself for a few more weeks from making an impulse buy.....
  3. Kebobstuzov is certainly qualified to give you recommendations, but he might not have the time. Lord Zath takes peoples replays points out their mistakes and opportunities and publishes the result as a part of "Lord Zaths Theater" on his YouTube. Its worth a shot.
  4. You or I may not have thought the reward was worth the effort, but that still doesn't give people the right to denigrate them for trying. It reeks of self-righteousness that you decide they have no life and that the reward was insignificant.
  5. Base xp for missions is considered before the premium boost, that way there is no "pay to win"advantage in these kinds of grinds. You get the premium bonus when considering all other economic aspects and xp for actual ship grinds, but base xp is exactly that - the base you earned by your performance alone. PS - it's been that way since the beginning over 4 years ago.
  6. BiggieD61

    Wargaming - Your Game is Broken

    Huh? Get over yourself, or better yet, get over your anger....
  7. BiggieD61

    Wargaming - Your Game is Broken

    There is a lot of room for improvement in the client, and CV balance is still iffy. People who complain about the Smolensk though, are just not learning how to cope - kinda like DD players were complaining about Radar for the longest time. Then they figured out how to work around it and the complaints stopped. If you got abused by a Smolensk, too bad, it's win rate and damage outputs are plummeting due to mediocre players scooping it up and then failing in it. The spreadsheet says it's balanced, so either adapt or keep muttering to the screen about OP ships ( that aren't OP ).
  8. BiggieD61

    Alright Squids, test time!

    All right all right,
  9. BiggieD61

    Alright Squids, test time!

    "Get Rekt Losers - we are partying in Ibiza while you futilely slave away for a MEH ship - GIB US ALL UR MONEEZ!" Pretty sure that is accurate, my pennant knowledge is a little rusty, so some spellings might be off....
  10. BiggieD61

    Fate of the PR post event?

    It takes a decent player 100+ hours to earn the PR for free, very few have done it so far. The event will end, you will get whatever rewards you have earned from the shipyard and the PR will go away, the progress will not be saved for a later day and the event will not be extended. You should have earned the Gorizia and however many steel/ coal snowflakes you had from the appropriate tier ships in port - Merry Christmas. If you desire to purchase the PR - there is a button in the bottom right that allows you to instantly buy it for a doubloon price of 35,000 - 25,000 or 15,000, depending on how far you have gotten in the port process. All of the information I just gave you is available from the World of Warships website, it has been reprinted multiple times. There are multiple videos on youtube explaining the process and there is a dedicated spreadsheet players can use to determine which boosters will affect the progress and where you will end up. I will have the PR by tomorrow evening, I bought the first 2 doubloon boosters at the event start and purchased the Gorizia for cash to make the process easier. I finished directive 4 some time ago and ended up with 2 doubloon boosters and 5 token boosters for 1138 ship building points a minute. Good luck in your pursits.
  11. This ^^^^^^ Which means - no, they won't extend it.
  12. The spreadsheet says Nyet Comrade!
  13. BiggieD61

    Indomitable on NA premium shop.

    I never take those rocket planes out in my Ark Royal unless I have misplayed by DB ( level bombers ). The DB's throw their bombs down with a much shorter delivery time than normal Brit level bombers - I have killed many DD's in operations and randoms using them - I normally only launch rocket fighters once a match if my squadrons in the other two plane types are too low
  14. BiggieD61

    Indomitable on NA premium shop.

    Quit overreacting - you weren't stat shamed, I pointed out a simple fact, you have NOT played DD enough to understand the effects of aggressive CV players unrelenting attention to your own DD. I respect your opinions on things you have clearly experience in, sorry - but you don't have enough experience to claim that CV's NEED a specialized anti DD carrier to cope. Calling @NoLoveForPhatShips to explain the obvious here.
  15. BiggieD61

    T8 CV is unplayable in T10 match

    Not true, the damage is harder to obtain, but not impossible to achieve and as Y_Nagato said, you need to play your CV as a support/spotter rather than a damage dealer early in tier 10 matches.