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  1. Captain Philip Francis Queeg is probably available - with a photo of Humprhey Bogart - it's a slam dunk for WG.
  2. How is it fun and engaging?

    Check the stats of the opposing CV ( if they are outrageously good ) in that scenario and also watch the behavior of the Essex in game. There is a possibility of a sync drop from the Opposing CV player using two computers. If your terrible Essex does weird/non engaging things - send a report and a replay to support so they can log it and check for what I mentioned.
  3. So if I read this correctly, you have gone 10 wins and 150 losses in your last 160 games! You sir, are the Unicum of Losers - take pride in your epic feat of ... De-Feat and proudly show off that deep red recent win rate!
  4. Goodbye PVE

    If this is the last thread that Kconvey1 ever starts it will be a glorious thing indeed! They always come back however, .... they always come back ......
  5. Bye-Bye WOWS

    How is it that I have close to 5k games in WoWs and I have never seen any issues with this mystical "Ship Control Setup"? Do you realize that there is a small check.exe program that you can download from WG and it will repair and download any missing or damaged files? That would have saved us from your touching personal story and not wasted all those precious download hours. GG
  6. They would have to offer a refund to every current owner of the Konig Albert to move it to tier 4 - not likely to happen. There are a slew of equally fantastic tier 4 ships to troll with already, Ischzuchi, Orion, Nikolai lead the pack. Just move up and use one of them ( Orion is a tech tree version and is as powerful as the other two overall - especially since it has workable AA ).
  7. [RUST] Rusty Old Frigates [OXIDE]

    I have been a member of RUST since the week of it's inception. In the 397 days since, my win rate has shot up 3.5% overall and my WTR has gone up by over 100 points. As nice as that is, the great comrades I have met in RUST have made the game so much more enjoyable. We skew older, but not crustier. Our Discord is an endless font of mirth and merriment ( until the dad jokes start popping ... yeesh ). We come from a wide group of locales and backgrounds, so there is someone in our clan that you will connect with ( unless you're an evil mastermind set on taking over the world - we are already overflowing with those ). In any case, grab a discord invite from one of the listed folks above and drop in. We have earned all the port upgrades including the 50 man clan one, we have some spots available - maybe one for you.
  8. A Change in Approach

    Enjoyment is subjective - process not so much. Not worth arguing over, too busy at my "job".
  9. A Change in Approach

    Once again, you only see your perspective and how YOU enjoy the game. Don't assume your enjoyment expectations are the same as everyone elses. Fun comes in different flavors, I like to do well - but what is well for me is just that - well for me. I don't own the perspective of what is well for everybody, and I don't say I do. However becoming successful in any endeavor is the same PROCESS, how much a person is willing to invest in that process is how far they will go in that endeavor.
  10. A Change in Approach

    You are assuming he considers 57% successful. You are assuming he thinks his stats are decent. His aim might be 65% overall win rate ( meaning he would need to win at 70% plus to get there ) and dark purple WTR or PR as well. Success is a different number for every person, what's good or even great for one person is pathetic to another.
  11. A Change in Approach

    People who become match influencers don't become that way by accident or luck. They analyze their mistakes, search for answers and practice those new techniques. The path to success in this game is the SAME AS EVERY OTHER PATH TO SUCCESS ON EARTH.
  12. Who is still playing Atlanta?

    What a pathetic post spammer you are. Could you possibly put a complete paragraph together and save us your "dribble"?
  13. [RUST] Rusty Old Frigates [OXIDE]

    Just refreshing this to get it back to the first page ... We had another successful night in CB and are focused on moving up into Storm League this weekend, please hop into our Discord or PM one of our recruiters to talk about joining our band of merry marauders!
  14. Emblems / badges are obnoxious.

    I like the fact that people are so easily triggered over something so trivial. I am looking forward to earning the performance based badges/emblems as well, it's a small touch, but a nice one.