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  1. So, to make your videos better in the future - turn the sound WAAAAY DOWN on the sound effects part of the client. the sound of the 140's firing drowned out your voice and made it difficult to follow what you were saying in the heat of combat during the PC battle part, the blitz gameplay was at a better balance. It would also help if you practiced your ship description portion of the video a bit more, you were fumbling around for basic facts or locations of details, something that made it less dynamic and engaging to listen to.
  2. 1k battles before I could consistently win more than 50% of my battles. At 3.5K I began to leverage knowledge and experience to win 55% or more of my games. At 5k games I can consistently win over 60% of my games in tier 8 and below, still in the low 51-52% range for tier 10 games - that is the next barrier to cross. I still need to work on improving my end game decision tree.
  3. [RUST] Rusty Old Frigates [OXIDE]

    While quite a few of our members are shooting for Rank 1 in clan battles ( the struggle is REAL ), the rest of us are practicing our tier 10 play in divisions to prepare for the next season of clan battles. Are you looking to earn a Stalingrad flag but your clan just isn't into CB? Contact one of our recruiters/clan officers to get a discord invite and play some matches with us. We have space in both RUST and OXIDE for those who qualify, and based on last seasons results, we are hungry to push for Hurricane this upcoming season.
  4. Asashio After A Few Weeks: Meh

    I have been getting better in it every time I take it out, it's a lot more ship than just those torps. Spotting for team and using guns to kill low health ships has made it an interesting ship to play. Sorry you aren't enjoying it, but I certainly have.
  5. Non-Unicum chiming in here, I play most of my games solo simply because I work evenings and have only 3-4 clan mates to division with during weekday mornings. When I play in 3 man divs on weekends, I do it because it's fun, seriously LOL style fun, not because I hope to impress some misanthropes on this forum. Solo win rate ( 54.88% ) percent solo ( 75% ) PR solo ( 1425 ) - 3 man Div win rate ( 65.47% ) percent 3 man ( 15% ) PR 3 man ( 1480 ). Putting 3 players in the range of 52-60% win rates together has netted me a 10% higher win rate in those matches, as Kombat Wombat pointed out, putting three 45% players together will probably net a 5-10% LOWER win rate for the three players. The guys in RUST are all just a bunch of average Joes, I think we have one high school student, one college student and the rest are all older guys with jobs, kids ( some even with grand kids ) who enjoy playing this game together. No one is stat obsessed in our clan, though we are all competitive people, we are trying to win EVERY match, and we keep trying even when we know the match is over - we don't quit. Maybe that is why putting three of us together leverages our combined skill and determination to win and have FUN. Winning and having fun are not mutually exclusive, in fact I would say that they are pretty inclusive, it's hard to enjoy the game when you are losing more than a third of the time - at least for me. The idea that good players are stat obsessed no-lifers goes back to World of Tanks, it wasn't true then and it is most certainly not true in this game. I don't want to burst anyone's bubbles, but I would wager that the average salary and education level of players from -K-, OPG, ZR, 07, PSV, -I- are going to be noticeably higher than those in a 45% casual clan - because people tend to take similar levels of commitment and ability to their recreation as they do to their occupation. I'm sure I will get some "bad" and "angry" emoji's after the last two sentences, but as you reflexively down vote me, ask yourself this " Am I angry because what he said is false, or because it is true?"
  6. There are often not enough new players on-line to form matches successfully at off hours. To compensate during a players introductory period PVE bots get added to the match on both sides to flesh out the teams. This is a relatively new addition by WG, and about 9-10 months ago I tried a late night match with my tier 2 Mikasa BB for fun - que time was at 4 minutes before it threw me into a 4 v 4 match that was over in under 7 minutes. SO the problem is que size for low tiers at off hours - not a problem during the first 6 months of a game introduction, or again when it debuted on Steam recently, but people move past those tiers quickly until they start new lines. That's why after the intro match time period, all low tier players get thrown together, and that's why WG wants to make it disadvantageous for experienced players to lurk in low tiers.
  7. They (Wargaming ) would like to keep tier 1-4 as new player friendly as possible so that people who are still learning the basics ( WASD etc. ) don't get clubbed out by people with10k games under their belt. The low tier reward ships are innocuous and limited in their ability to club, so WG feels safe letting them into the mix. Because of how OP some of the tier 4 ships can be, they don't want to give clubbers an excuse to use them everyday to complete missions, so missions have moved up to tiers 5/6 - which is fine, the largest part of the player base has been in this game for years now, even casual players have a tier 5/6 ship to use.
  8. [RUST] Rusty Old Frigates [OXIDE]

    We are already planning for next season of Clan Battles, and looking for some active and skilled East Coast players to be able to field multiple casual teams after our competition team based on the recent devs video. If you are a veteran CB player from a Storm, Typhoon or Hurricane clan - but your clan isn't the right fit, contact our recruiters to get on Discord and run some test battles with us. We have room to grow in both RUST and OXIDE and are looking for active players who like to compete but still have a life.
  9. Agian invisible ships

    To quote Jeff Foxworthy "You can't fix stupid ..." In case you are confused, I'm not talking about WG ..
  10. Once you get a handful of 19 point commanders, you will laugh at how quickly you double that number. The first one is always the hardest, I had several trying to reach 19 and it seemed like forever in getting them there, I now have 14 of them with 6 more at level 17/18. You'll get there soon enough.
  11. The Rabbit Hole?

    Well, there are always going to be players that play a particular ship in a non-optimal or non-traditional way. This allows some of them to play a ship differently than it's normal strengths would dictate. I think it's a nice idea, no telling if they will be used by a large percentage of players, but a small amount of players will be overjoyed by it.
  12. Orange is the new...

    Lil Tay, is this you ?????
  13. Congrats! Murmansk ( and for that matter al of her Omaha related brethren ) was all the rage when the game was in closed and then open Beta. Lke all tier 5 cruisers currently, it is a victim waiting for a random 3 citadel drive by to dev strike it. Best tier 5 cruiser by far though, and it is fun to play.
  14. Forever horn?

    I had that happen today and didn't realize what it was. That makes sense, the horn started blowing just as an Atlanta got popped and then never stopped as I drove away.
  15. That is what makes it work in my experience, Boom and Zoom - then show your tail and let them, try and hit your 1/4 exposed profile. When Broadside you are very very soft, and an easy citadel machine for even tier 4 BB's. You can't bow tank either, and if three HE cruisers fixate on you, you will get burned down. So the best defense is a high speed offense that makes them forget about you and go dump rounds into a plodding New York.