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  1. BiggieD61

    Don't won't to be that guy

    Actually watching players stream their matches on twitch is a great asset for a new player. They describe what they are seeing on the main map and the minimap, what they intend to do with their ship and where they are going to on the map to do it. It's a good way to leverage their experience for your own use. In terms of describing ship tactics - watching Flamuon youtube will give you a lot of insight into the basics - he has a nice collection of entry-level videos for new players as well. If you were able to play successfully at the other games, you will be able to do the same in this one. Good Luck.
  2. Agreed, While I enjoy playing DD's ( especially tiers 5-7 ), it is a much bigger challenge to play them well at tiers 8-10. It's certainly harder to survive and still have a consistent impact on your team. The OP is typical of the myopic players who "specialize" in one ship type and only see the game from their perspective. I try to play every ship type ( even CV's ) so that I have a better understanding of the game mechanics and meta. The number of whinge threads where players complain about one ship or class would drop by 90% if people took the time to play that ship or class for 100 matches to experience how hard it is. The truth is that player skill trumps ship class ability in the game.
  3. I bought a good amount of Santa Crates in 2016 and 2017 and was gifted very nicely with some of my favorite and enjoyable ships. I got the last couple of ships I wanted this fall, and won't be buying any crates this year beyond what $20 will get me. You can only play so many ships in one session, so having a bunch of ships you rarely play nets you nothing. The black Friday crates were ridiculously generous for ships, that should have been a hint to you.....
  4. BiggieD61

    Flags with Bonuses

    I am grateful for all the missions and campaigns that unlocked a second flag on my ships - the first flag is ALWAYS the MMC flag, the second slot is nice to have for fun/historical flavor.
  5. BiggieD61

    PSA: West Virginia '41 is a monster!

    Every boat is fantastic when played well. The vast majority of the player base is going to get wrecked trying to live long enough and maneuver smartly enough to bring those guns to bear. I suspect most players will make one or two nice volleys and then exit to port after getting smoked. Ships with only ONE gimmick are dodgy bets for regular players, the skill ceiling isn't how well you can use the guns - it's staying afloat long enough through the game to make them work all match. The Warspite and her 15" guns that could overmatch at tier 6 were the rage early in WoWs development. The ship didn't get released after closed beta was over and many players were quite sad. Then once it was released in open beta, it flooded the server, but once its secrets were revealed ( squishy citadel, takes lots of HE damage ) it quickly faded. They essentially gave the ship away for free as part of the early British event. In any case, while you might be racking up great numbers in it, the average player is simply not skilled enough to make that kind of ship work regularly.
  6. BiggieD61

    Goodbye lootboxes?

    Let's be honest here, the explosion in pathetic, excuse filled, bad parenting in the UK is a real problem and shouldn't be trivialized.
  7. BiggieD61

    WoW pulls .99 for 10 guineas

    Yeah.... While WG is sometimes not the best at reminding people when deals are set to expire, they are neither criminals nor slave drivers. Sorry you missed out on that opportunity, but save your rage for the tax collectors ( assuming you earn enough to actually pay taxes ). Also yes to the earlier posters who mentioned the two possible reasons for you not seeing that offer.
  8. BiggieD61

    We should get CW commander free reset?

    That is an important point, one worth bolding and repeating.
  9. BiggieD61

    what's with potatoe alaska drivers?

    Super testers are supposed to keep a lid on their experiences so I don't know who would have told you that. Rumors however are saying the exact opposite, that the ship is not ready for prime time in it's current state.....
  10. BiggieD61

    Current Best Nation in WoWS - Discuss

    I liked the French cruisers and BB's best - the fact that they haven't done a full DD line doesn't bother me, given a choice I would always take a Republic or a Henri into a tier 10 match.
  11. BiggieD61

    Free Black Friday Containers Rewards

    Yeah, because the people who actually SUPPORT the game and the developers by buying those $5 BF containers should be punished into getting lesser rewards because you are either to poor or too cheap to actually pay for the premium version. The saying is true: "No good deed goes UNPUNISHED". Why can't people just be grateful for getting free stuff?
  12. BiggieD61

    Worth getting Kronstadt before it goes?

    If you play fast and lightly armored BB's well, you will be able to utilize it properly. If you can't, you will regret the purchase. It's not an easy ship to play.
  13. Your ability is off the charts, everything average players do is going to seem odd to you. Yet since the server is full of average players, they see no reason to change until they get reamed by a super uni in a DD burning them down. Then the proposed change from them is a nerf to fire damage. I am pretty sure you already knew the answer to this question, so you are either flexing on the pubbies or looking to troll them into making indefensible assentation's.
  14. BiggieD61

    PSA Black Ship prices etc.

    I'll pick up the Massachusetts B for that price, it's the only one of the three i don't own and I am interested in its play style.
  15. You don't know what the overall outcome will be for increasing/decreasing the CV player base anymore than I do - I just don't use hyperbole to describe unknown outcomes. The amount of players that read this forum is a subset of the total NA player base, and the loudest voices in this topic shouldn't be given any more credence just because they are being so aggressive about this. To be honest, I only thought that fighter strafing and manual drop distances needed to be changed to balance the CV skill level imbalance. That they chose to redevelop the entire system was both bold and risky, but they have access to reams more customer data from surveys than you or I. Apparently the best decision for the expansion/longevity was to bring CV play in-line with the first person nature of the rest of the game. Time will tell. Also, if you are willing to quit this game because the Bogue or Zuiho can no longer be played at tier 5, I still think its being immature.