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  1. I have had premium time and a load of premium ships since closed beta, so credits, xp and free xp have always been in abundance for me ( currently 22k gold, 202 million credits 1,2 million fxp ) What I have done through my tier 10 grinds is play competently in most lines ( excepting IJN torp boats ) and then play 1 line heavily once I get to the tier 10. There are two tier 10's I played 40-60 times and just quit on them because I could neither win nor play constructively for my team in them ( Yamato and Minotaur ). I have a bunch of other tier 10's that I do play competently, so I stick to them - my point is that people who are poor and playing 100% F2P might only have 1 or 2 tier 10's, and they might be playing them without all the modules, with captains in retraining or with basic consumables and NO camo or flags. When you combine average to below average skill with those previous 4 things, you will take a 49% player down to a 44% player. Right now tier 10 game play is pretty awful in half the matches, people who are average or below are gun shy about getting erased early, so they play either lemming with the biggest blob, or back line snipe trying not to die in the first 5 minutes. It's fine if the other team has a corresponding percentage of bad players, but games tilt quickly if the best players on the team make an early mistake and die too soon. WG pushed people to get tier 10, but like a lot of people who got sucked into 5 year 0% down adjustable rate mortgages during the housing crisis, most people just don't have the economic (skill) foundation to own that house ( or tier 10 ).
  2. Should I sell tier IX ships?

    I sell every ship in a line that I never go back and play after 1-2 months. There are a few tier 9's that offer better game play in some ways than the tier 10 - the Tier 9 Fletcher DD comes to mind immediately, some people also like the game play of the tier 9 Alsace over the Republique in the French BB line. Unless it offers different and enjoyable gam eplay - there is no reason to keep it.
  3. I fit in with your profile of a Clan Member of a shrinking and highly uncommunicative and inactive Clan.  In two years I have never done one Clan battle.  We don't do them. I am level 15 but play mainly for fun.  I really need help developing as a player   I love Co-op battles but find I am only at a 39% win rate in Random Battles. I have a pretty standard 91/7% Co-op win rate. I want to figure out a lot about the game and things to do with a Clan that sounds like [RUST]. I may never be highly proficient but actual content and play with the same bunch should improve me some. Am I right?  I am in Clan [ENVY}.  We have nine members.  I have never met most of them and only had two very small chats with the XO.   Can you help?  I badly need a transfer.

  4. T5 Ranked Recommendations

    Gremy wins the 1 v 1 over the Kami while the Kami is pure death to tier 5 BB's. DD play will be critical and the side whose DD's are smarter and stay alive will win more matches. All of the tier 5 BB's have strengths and weaknesses - so it's a toss up for them. The Emile Bertin will be the sleeper cruiser at tier 5, it's resistance to getting citadeled and only eating over pens will make it the premier DD "sweeper" for teams that don't have good gunboat DD's.
  5. Spotting gives no XP

    How do you explain no planes being shot down by either team? Neither of you launched planes, that much is obvious, otherwise some of them would have been shot down by AA from the opposing fleet. Edit: You can see that there is still even a 0/0 by the bomb and torp drops - if he had dropped them and missed it would have read 0/4. The 4 released makes no sense. Looks like a game where a bunch of people got disconnected and somehow never logged back in.
  6. Why Was the Konig Albert Removed?

    Yeah, I never played it frequently when I first got it, and only once or twice in the last year, but having essentially a tier 4 ship placed at tier 3 ( protected tier ) is going to cause head aches for new players.

    As a quick add-on, if you have a small clan that hasn't grown the way you had hoped, or you find your clan shrinking due to inactives and a lack of available new recruits, please reach out to me via PM on the forum. A lot of small clans have a nice cadre of good players, but not enough to be able to field competitive teams for CB night after night. We feel your pain, and want to work with you either through a temporary transfer mechanism ( you hop into our clan for CB so you can participate and then return to your own after the season ) or if it's a good fit, a permanent merge might be possible. The pool of new recruitable players is shrinking, skilled players that are available are even rarer - lets work together to achieve steel and other CB rewards that are waiting for savvy sailors!
  8. Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    Beautiful, thank you for the information. Exactly the kind of stuff I was talking about.
  9. Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    Thank you for your info, I take you at your word and assume that they haven't bothered to work on it over the weekend.
  10. Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    Do you work in Russia? Do you develop software for MMORPG? If not, don't assume.
  11. Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    We all know it will get fixed, and we are being patient, but don't be fooled - if WG doesn't hear a constant chatter from the players, they will put it on their low priority list. It's closing in on a week for a game contest that they advertised to get people playing heavily. While i already have the Lightning and am well on my way to the Jutland when the Brit line is released, a lot of the other players ARE NOT, and part of the reason they are flogging battles is for the containers to get those missions. "We are looking into it" is weak when you think about it, it is the vaguest and least explanatory excuse you can come up with. "We had an unexpected data table misread ... we are attempting to verify who already got their containers so we don't double issue them - Sergei and Katrina are diagnosing the problem and we will have it ready by the next Hall of Fame drop". That's an actual update, it contains information and a deadline to show that they are actually committed to fixing the problem. Less video production, less silly Dasha and Alena skits, more bug fixing ( still seeing ships on mini map BEFORE visually etc. etc. ) and better event preparation - like better testing of competition rewards. This is a small thing to most people - a couple of containers and flags, but it is a big thing in how it is handled - typical of WG with poor information distribution, like everything is on a "need to know" basis. This isn't an OPSEC government bureau, it's a game - please just speak plainly to the problem and keep people updated ( daily if need be ) when you CAN'T give a hard date it will be fixed by.
  12. Very true, it is night and day between it and an Omaha clone.
  13. Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    We are close to ending the second round of the Hall of Fame and no progress yet .....
  14. They left out the part where if you can't stat pad in an Atlanta, you need to own an Iwaki Alpha for base consideration!