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  1. That's not a "good" GZ player, that is point and click play (as I explained in my all you need to know guide)
  2. How2play GZ, a comprehensive guide. a) point with mouse b) click
  3. bad luck then. it won't be returning to the premium shop for a very long time.
  4. Atlanta is fairly unique in game, at her tier. Prinz Eugen is a Hipper clone, basically a reskin. The Hipper clone is a superb heavy cruiser, Atlanta is strange?
  5. both points you make are true, but this does not make the loot boxes less than gambling. Where I live, a lucky dip at a local school for kids, where they are guaranteed to win something, requires an official gambling permit!
  6. it is a game of chance, so in that sense it is gambling. Nevertheless, if the contents are unknown before purchase, they are always worth (according to WG) the cost of their purchase, while buyers know in advance, the possible contents. Morally, dubious, but just fine distinction enough to mean these boxes are not at the same level of gambling abuse as a game of casino roulette. Gambling it is, and no, minors should not be allowed to take part in it.
  7. question

    not bad! 1915 Eastern Med, off Gallipoli. which is an (very crazy but typical of myself) argument of course, for starting aircraft carriers in game at tier2, using seaplane tenders.
  8. question

    I am patient, I have not demanded they be introduced 3 years ago, 2 years ago would have been sufficient. All very well a pile of posters saying be patient, but from those who are under NDA, that means little, and is possibly more frustrating than helpful. On the other hand, the recent WG videos on the history of naval aviation are helpful, as they respond to widespread ignorance about this aspect of history, among many players. These are helpful; both to the OP and others, containing a treasure trove of hints and ideas for the future (the future we needed a couple of years ago, *grumble, moan, [edited], whine*)
  9. question

    not that much time. It takes time to model ships, fair enough, WG gas had 5 years to do that. The RN invented much of what we recognize as Aircraft Carriers, inc flatops, islands, catapult arrested landing, deck design, and a whole lot more besides. That they are not already in the gale is scandalous, and WG knows it (but will never admit it)/ If we take a broader more flexible view of where aircraft carriers come from, then of course, it would be another European nation, the French, with the earliest purpose built, seaplane carriers. And where, when and by who was the first ship to be sunk by aircraft dropped torpedo during wartime? Answer this question correctly and I'll reward you with a cookie.
  10. glass half full, glass half empty,
  11. no (probably) yes (whatever happens, some will be unhappy)
  12. I saw a @grumpymunky in a Chapayev save a match by sinking an annoying Kidd!
  13. I edited out the comment myself. I saw no reason to republish it.