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  1. I'll reserve judgement, taking a POPCORN view on the matter, so not voting. But the fact of the sheer number of players who do suspect rigged matchmaking is simply bad news. The effect on player behaviour should not be underestimated, while saying that 30% of players are wrong is unhelpful, it won't change minds, it won't make the game better. It is up to WG to find ways to reassure players and smooth out these win/loss streaks (they go both ways - I have just had a week of non stop wins followed by a day of losses.) Of course, we don't complain about our winning streaks, but a losing streak is beyond frustrating, it is a turnoff .. If you are enduring a losing streak, do what is assuredly bad for the game, but best for you, take a break, stop playing for a while, get some fresh air.
  2. I am not sure anymore. I thought it had died a week ago. edit : but now it is alive again!
  3. There are a good number of casual play clans, while all of them offer players a chance to accumulate 'oil'. None of them, to my knowledge, enslave clan members, yet. Now for the shameless clanvertorial, POPCORN is recruiting.
  4. It is no surprise to me that KM and IJN battleships are especially vulnerable to Graf AP dive bombers (they also suffer higher dmg from the HE GZ dbs too). I have always made a beeline for IJN and KM bbs, some players don't seem to think they need to compensate for poor AA and a very AP friendly deck.
  5. Wow! Major achiev, nice:)
  6. We are getting deep running torpedos in next round of testing.
  7. Just came out of a tier10 battle, versus a GZ1/ He sank a Bismarck in one wave of dbs, the BB was sailing straight at a constant speed, independently without backup from t10 and 9 cruisers that were also in the team. I warned him in in game chat, to WASD and take evasive action. I was ignored (naturally), and he sank, deservedly so. Then chat exploded with "wth!", and "Graf Zep is OP!"
  8. Go to your account (top right), clans/invitations/ (you may have a few others from other people waiting too.)
  9. Make your own or join one. Inv sent in game, just in case.
  10. In theory, more effective against BBs, greater chance of sinking them (breaks the back of the ship by creating a gigantic bubble of air/shockwave beneath the keel, think?)
  11. Following Grathew's advice, am now using Strike once again, hit 'em early hit 'em hard! Working so far, though can do better I am sure.
  12. GZ has a very low skill floor for a t8, making it very accessible and easy to do reasonably well with. Though limited to HE means getting exceptional (200 000k) dmg results would require divine intervention. The premium HE GZ is an excellent money maker and a responsive ship to influence a random battle outcome (good WR fairly easy to achieve and maintain).. Quite simply, in terms of credit earning and match winning, it is worth the money. But It is equally understandable why some feel the opposite, because the GZ does not offer high skilled players easy opportunities to shine, and does not offer as much keyboard tap dancing opportunities as Kaga or Enterprise.. The current iteration of GZ is totally unacceptable for the upcoming ranked season of competitive PVP. This won't matter to most players in practice, but it will matter to many who are attracted by the reputation of a ship as much as by its real value. And it will and does matter to the most committed of players who take pvp very seriously.
  13. You summoned? But seriously, I am glad to hear somebody helped you out. Hopefully your 'need' is not a lasting situation.
  14. Very much RNG, that puts the Battleships (IJN) that are most vulnerable to Graf Zep AP bombers in a convenient spot. It happens, quite a lot, but really demands a huge silly mistake to be made by the opposing team. "Excuse me, would you be so kind as to park your Izumo just there, 20 km away from the nearest AA support, don't move now, keep still, we want this to be a perfect shot, now smile; CHEESE!" The incredible thing, is that people do just that.