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  1. France is having her name changed.

    Indeed, you are entirely correct, "les républicains" and "la république" are themselves political footballs. Generally speaking, the expression "La République" refers to the State and its devolved insitutions, territories, soldiers, warships, mailboxes and so on. For many it is a consensual middle ground of values, historically too, both a rejection of the royalists and the bonapartists at the same time! Which is perhaps one reason why both left and right mainstream politics in France today, lay claim to these terms. So it can be at once conservative and progressive. The attempt to appropriate the term "les républicains" by the Liberal right (not "la république"!) was partially successful, but so tied to one personality (Sarkozy), and his fate, that today, they are a struggling entity. Who knows what they will call themselves next time round. Hope the mods forgive this diversion into contemporary poltics, just this once. (Not discussing the history of the expression "Republican" vis the USA, of course)
  2. The corgi captains are representative, for better or worse, of the playerbase. (which is why you have corgi 57, for example). some are superb captains, others very average potatoes (self inc in the latter description)/ We have great matches, and fail matches. My 1st corgi outing saw me sail a Khaba (1st time ever in that bote) straight into a cap, and get instantly nuked... other battles, I have carried. I am sure all corgi captains can say much the same, we play to the best of our ability, to ensure victory for our team, but also to offer a fair chance of a reward to the enemy/
  3. Are Corgis supposed to be in clans?

    I think you are presuming millenials are at fault, a little too much. Some of our older players have show a willingness to look for shortcuts too/
  4. Are Corgis supposed to be in clans?

    it is certainly not in the spirit of the event, but in the absence of clear rules on this subject, there will always be one or two who exploit loopholes. (Where and how often have we seen this before?)
  5. I only started having serious fun with Dunkerque when I decided to get close up and very personal with the enemy, and stopped bow tank camping at sniper range.
  6. Love this write up Mofton, I have experienced much as you describe as far as Lyon. Richelieu is such a dramatic change to her predecessors, I figure she will take some getting used to.
  7. France is having her name changed.

    Confusion over the spelling of Charlemagne is perhaps a symptom of deeper issues. Is there perhaps a cultural/linguistic lost in translation vibe about all this, for anglophone audiences? (Charlemagne literally means Charles the Great). But within France, la République is synonymous with la France, interchangeable in many circumstances, as the 'UK' is interchangeable in many conversations with 'Britain', USA with 'America'. True he was a European leader of great importance, creating an empire that stretched over much of Western Europe, including France, Germany and Italy. Not just a conqueror, but an able politician too. Sometimes misunderstood by those looking to coopt his name as a symbol for today. A bit of a minefield, really.
  8. France is having her name changed.

    That's a lot of words to not explain the absence of an explanation why you think some names cool, but not others. But feel free to block me if a polite exchange/inquiry is too stressful; or fancy. Alternatively, you could avoid replying to my initial and subsequent questions. (Usually effective)/
  9. France is having her name changed.

    errm République is French for republic, for a French ship. Charlemagne is also a a "fancy" way of saying, Charles the Great, (clue is in the 'magne'). Now all this may be rather fancy, I suppose, and for these reason there cannot be many names in WOWS you would approve of, after all, Yamato is a fancy way of saying, Japan, Grosser Kurfurst is a fancy way of saying, The Great Elector.. (and we can go on..). Now you are accusing me of being obtuse, when I have given clear explanations, but in return all I have heard is evasion, the definition of obtuse ((if I am not getting too fancy mon ami)
  10. France is having her name changed.

    Of course names carry meaning, and it is not about what Charlemagne did or didn't do, but about what his name means to fanbois today. If it sounds cooler to you, it is for reasons, you are terribly shy about expressing. (But I imagine others are similarly awkward about admitting their reasoning too. But this is a pity, because it prevents constructive discussion about why people favour certain names over others.) My own preference for République is quite simple, a name with a rich heritage, both yesterday and today. But which also carries values which I find affirmative. For those reasons, République sounds cool to me. I also liked the name France, because it strikes fear into her enemies, fear of the French taxman possibly
  11. France is having her name changed.

    sounds like rather an evasive rerponse. Charlemagne is a famous historical figure; as you well know, with many connotations/
  12. France is having her name changed.

    well, if the subject is important enough for you to be commenting on it, a convincing argument helps/
  13. France is having her name changed.

    convincing argument..
  14. France is having her name changed.

    Why do people keep mentioning Charlemagne? What exactly does the name mean to you?
  15. you are already in a clan. try again once you have left your current setup.