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  1. shh.. Graf has been over nerfed (torp alpha and DOTs). Agreed on Lex and Saipan. Kaga is decent, but rather staid. Implacable suffers from the very slow speed of her planes, which is too extreme. Lex appears to be very strong, as does Midway. Can't comment on the others, but the nerfs to DOT chance on floods hurt IJN especially, at all tiers.
  2. more likely, an AA specced bb, or a cruiser, or a dd, which can uptier quite well in a CV infested environment (again if properly specced), If a unicum div, fail is unlikely, while the CV gets an easy ride, and in low pop hours, has a distorting effect on other players in other MM queues at similar tiers. Given that there are far more cvs being played recently, this effect is possibly not as bad as pre rework, but then, who knows for sure?
  3. LoveBote

    AP Dive Bombers

    Try dropping on bbs at between 3.5 and 2 (it varies depending on deck and citadel armour). On cruisers, again it depends on their deck armour. training room is your friend.
  4. LoveBote

    Premium Carrier Review (Part One): Introduction

    I would not recommend a purchase of any premium CV on the basis of their performance, before 0.8.4 (June) at the earliest. While individual balancing has been officially stated as finished, the devs have contradicted themselves already on this subject. Furthermore, global changes to CV and AA mechanics, will help/hinder individual premiums in alll sorts of strange ways. But, I stand by my earlier statements in this thread, Saipan is and will remain the best t8 premium CV for anyone who wants a solid purchase for the long term.
  5. I think your browser must have issues if you cannot see the pic :( (maybe an over zealous adblocker?)
  6. Yeh, I wasn't sure how to title this topic. I fear it will mislead a few.
  7. two cookies. (can't tell you which are correct, yet) I admit, I am unsure about that one, so you get a cookie anyway
  8. LoveBote

    WoWS dying?

    *flogs it some more
  9. can you identify their corresponding full size namesakes? (prize will be forum cookie for each correct answer)
  10. LoveBote

    Premium Carrier Review (Part One): Introduction

    It isn't the number one. Mouse made the rankings with incomplete data. See my initial replies to the OP.
  11. LoveBote

    Premium Carrier Review (Part One): Introduction

    can you possibly take this conversation elsewhere, by either creating another topic about "pay2win" or /pming those who accept to exchange views with you? Right now you are persisting in a wholly offtopic subject that has nothing to do with the tier 8 premium CVs (not sure if any of your comments have so much as mentioned them).
  12. LoveBote

    What ships do you love that others hate?

    old RTS Graf Zeppelin 121, nobody who played that ship could possibly fail to fall in love. Everybody else, who didn't have her, hated it, understandably.
  13. LoveBote

    The game is frustrating and unfun

    yes, plenty; both official and unofficial, I'll try to link some here. there are tutorials, but (IMO), insufficient, there is no in game PVE campâign for new players, for example, to teach the basic principles of gameplay. In WOWS learning requires the player to make an effort, the game does not make it easy for you. You have my sympathies.
  14. LoveBote

    Reporting Ships and Captains on Principle

    Somebody will always report me; just for playing a cv, 50% of battles. 10% just for my clan tag. Fortunately, I get more compliments in the same battles, than reports. Net positive.
  15. this is good news, thankyou for the update, courage to the whichever team has the task of fixing the UI after all these years. I have felt the importance of UI in WOWS has long been neglected, because the "competitions'" UIs are so bloody awful, by a wide margin. But, the lag of WOWS port UI, bugs in the port and in game UI (you have suffered from the CV UI bugs for years), detract from the game experience, create interruptions in the flow of immersion, and are probably responsible for a greater number than is healthy, of rage quitting. Every week we see new topics on the forum from players complaining of Hacks, when it is quite possible, they were the victim of UI bugs. In short, a bad UI is just as unhealthy for the game as any other major issue (and there are not that many "major" issues)/