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  1. LoveBote

    Flint and the CV rework

    Flint has 2 special advantages, the camo is simply splendid, very pretty. Enemy players stop firing at you to admire the polished brass. The 2nd advantage over Atlanta is the smoke, this is not minor, as it allows Flint much greater flexibility as a pure dmg dealer. It loses the radar, but at lower tiers (5-9 MM) radar is not so widespread, used or understood properly. But do you want to spend hard earned steel, on a t7 bote? Better to save it maybe, toward a t10.
  2. LoveBote


    Soon, with a credit card or your preferred payment option, (Wargaming premium store accepts Paypal, among others).
  3. LoveBote

    Torpedo Beats Tuesday - Battleships

    Anything French, Warspite and Vanguard, all very manouvreable. But if caught in a smartly executed tartan torpedo drop, that helps them little.
  4. LoveBote

    Tuesday Touchdown!

    When I first played Minotaur, I had a few unhappy experiences near the start of battle, me lazily turning away from enemy ships, and [deleted] by enemy Yamato (or equivalent, but Yamato's are especially good at it!) Last weekend, role reversal, experimenting with Massachusetts, I caught a Minotaur as its smoke faded at 12 km, blap, blap, for and aft guns, [deleted]. Made my day. I always like being uptiered from t8 for this sort of reason.
  5. We are all waiting to discover the Daring and Haragumo legendaries.
  6. LoveBote

    Saipan/Kaga Nerf NEEDED

    a t8 independence without any credible AA or secondary defence. I guess it will get some sort of a gimmick consumeable.
  7. rework cvs in t4 and 6 require minimal player ability or input, t8 and 10 slightly more (but not much). Frankly, if you just want the ships, free xp them all. Even if you play like a potatoe at t10 in your cv, because they will now have less influence tm on battle outcomes, nobody will care.
  8. LoveBote

    CV Rework Going Live early 2019

    And to think, lots of people do that sort of thing, all hours of the day, every day, all year round. Mental juggling.
  9. LoveBote

    CV Rework Going Live early 2019

    No worries, but seeing that video (and similar) for the 1st time, my jaw dropped. Pure magicians (and that is without the technical explanation of how to juggle clutch and 18 gears with 3 sticks while doing everything else a driver has to do. Helicopter pilots too have this sort of "rub your belly clockwise with your left arm and tap your head at the same time with your right hand" extreme multitasking.
  10. LoveBote

    CV Rework Going Live early 2019

    I wasn't referring to education. Truck driving videos like this drive me crazy, because I can't get my head around the mindboggling multi level rubix cube these drivers manage. (/responsibility/multitasking)
  11. LoveBote

    CV Rework Going Live early 2019

    Shouldn't development move in the opposite direction? Make it matter more how players captain cruisers, bbs and dds? Discourage potatoe, afk and so forth.
  12. Looks fun, and definitely one for the collectors.
  13. LoveBote

    Carpet bombing: RN carrier 'perk'

    I might even be persuaded to play a different CV than my usual.
  14. LoveBote

    Carpet bombing: RN carrier 'perk'

    Can you imagine, the in game howls of rage, if a player commanding a FFA Albacore presses the in game radar consumeable just as they fly over a cloud of smoke, and then proceed to drop a bomb directly on the unfortunate camping dd below? Quite hilarious, to me, but.. (Eric Brown is very famous, would make a great tribute if WOWS could make some sort of in game reference to him, @Femennenly.)