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  1. LoveBote

    Someone switched poor #3 kiosk to randoms

    That museum kiosk is being abused, by visitors. Its reputation is being trashed. Its trackball soiled. Someone should do something. Something must be done. @savemuseumkiosk#3
  2. LoveBote

    ZOUP, please don't quit

    well, Zoup is the only NA CC, who totally ignores the CC rulebook, set out by WG, and who gets away with it. Flaming, NDA disclosures, personal (well, let's say "directed") attacks, and possibly other naughty forms of attention seeking. Now, If Zoup engaged with the reaction to his videos, not by making another provocative video, but by actually participating in discussions (like, Mouse, Zath, SeaRaptor and others), then I think I'd have no issue with his attitude. At least there would be a genuine exchange of views. But he doesn't, instead, he's like the guy who throws lit matches out the window of his car while driving through a forest on a hot summer's day. Maybe he will change, and learn to stop, get out of the car, and put out the fires he starts.
  3. LoveBote

    Chinese Clans in Co-op

    4) me I am terrible at coop, or the bots are too mean :(
  4. LoveBote

    1st Game vs Colbert (ALREADY!!!)

    I have a few million free xp, but I'm not going to spend 4 million free xp for Colbert now, when I can safely spend 2 million free xp for the same result over 6 months & 1 day. Free xp is, I agree very easy to earn these days, either in Operations, CB, but also in general random battles (with premium, flags and t8+ premium ships). 250 k free xp per week is quite easy to obtain, for a person who plays 20-30 battles a day, in ordinary random battles. But just because it can be earned so easily, isn't a reason to spend 2 x the base value of Colbert, to have it now.
  5. LoveBote

    ZOUP, please don't quit

    damn its getting cozy in here.
  6. LoveBote

    ZOUP, please don't quit

    Miracles happen too. I just won a battle with my Gascogne.
  7. LoveBote

    Firefight Friday - Rapid Fire vs. Snipers

    both, all, fire EVERYTHING!
  8. LoveBote

    1st Game vs Colbert (ALREADY!!!)

    if you are not patient, (unable to wait 6 months +1 day) and/or only have high xp tech tree lines to reset, I guess it is the only way. still, seems crazy.
  9. LoveBote

    We don' need French DDs!

    French dds teach us how to play, run&gun dds, it follows, we get better at/ appreciate more, RU Khaba line dds such as Kiev.
  10. LoveBote

    ZOUP, please don't quit

    it came off especially badly because his previous video told everyone to stop complaining about WOWS, he took precise aim at the forum, WOWS streamers and reddit commentators. Reap what you sow./ (ironically, some of those defending him in this thread, are precisely the people he denounced in his previous video comment)
  11. LoveBote

    ZOUP, please don't quit

    well it was a follow on from a video he published which complained about people complaining (forum users, redditers and Twitch streamers). While we two disagree, quite firmly on some things, I am sure you will agree, this was going to get on the nerves of many players. Thus his latest video, demolished what was left of the ruins.
  12. LoveBote

    ZOUP, please don't quit

    basically resetting all WOWS accounts and starting the game over.
  13. LoveBote

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    I kinda guessed/ But I am sure, you'd feel better getting these sekrets off your chest, and opening up to your kind and understanding NA playerbase.
  14. LoveBote

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    quick questions : Which department makes the decision to develop x/y/z ? Or do development teams do what they want ? Clearly some aspects of development are more to do with monetization, others are core gameplay experience, yet other aspects have reasons that are quite mysterious for mortal peasants players, for example. How is the balance between these aspects, achieved? Who (or what) decides?
  15. LoveBote

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    just a few ideas, I have gleaned from complaints about the RB : open up Research Bureau (I don't know how) to veteran players who have 10s of thousands of games played, but very few or no tier 10s (they have their reasons) offer premium ship rewards from tier 6 to tier 8 in the RB find a way to valorize the elite xp people accumulate on ships, other than conversion to free xp. perhaps offer sidegrade modules (in the manner of tier 10 legendary mods), or even special perma camos. This way, the veterans who populate mid and lower tier games every day of the week, won't feel left out, or forgotten. I think you can please many more people, than you are doing so far. As it stands, the RB, being a somewhat exclusive club, risks alienating more players, than it satisfies.