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  1. ZERO? not even the halloween / April sci fi scenarios? That's hardcore
  2. You don't know that they agree with my statements. You should ask them. I am tempted to troll you in reply, straining at the leash I am. But I'll be good. I love the fact that on this forum, I can go from being considered anti WG one week to being a WG representative the next. Silly but funny. I suspect, (but have zero objective evidence), that the opposite concerns WG, that Players who spend most of their time in PVP, are using OPerations to grind resources in a manner that was unintended by WG devs. This wouldn't be the 1st or last time WG has ignored the Law of Unintended Consequences until it rebounds and hits them where it hurts. Obviously, those who spend most of their time in PVE setting, in Operations, will feel hard done by. But what % of the playerbase are (genuine) PVE mains? What % of the current PVE population is made up of PVP players moonlighting? We lack crucial data on this, we are debating blindfolded, bereft of facts. I'm sure, 100% convinced, that any changes WG deems necessary to the OPerations/scenarios economy, will have their own unintended effects too.
  3. what insults have I made? Please be sure to quote me with timestamps. who have I blamed, and what have I blamed anyone for? (this isn't denial, but if you are going to accuse me of this, then you should either provide a quote with timestamp or stop making woolly accusations. I have previously stated :
  4. A personal attack requires an individual to be singled out, I have not done so. Further more I have restricted myself to generalized comments about the game/ I have not stated at any point that PVE players and OPS players are ruining the game, indeed, I have expressed sympathy for PVE players. I take that bet, but 2500 doublons is rather a small sum for me, 10 000 doublons raises the stakes to mildly interesting levels, if we agree to more precise phrasing, I bet the following : "PVE Operations and Scenarios will still exist in April 2021"
  5. if you are replying to me, it would easier and politer to tag me. calling me selfish? by calling me "selfish"? "callous"? (and whatever else..) But I don't attach much importance to it. I really don't care. But WG apparantly does, a number of outraged forum users clearly do, and I understand some of the possible reasons for caring, both in favour and against, as I have expressed in different posts much earlier in this topic. The topic has come up, somebody made a forum thread, and I thought,; hmm interesting.. and expressed an opinion. (which you evidently don't like). I have spent the past dozen replies to this thread defending myself against all sorts of offtopic accusations, indeed they are the only reason I am still here, replying this thread.
  6. I would be perfectly within my rights to withold personal data about gameplay. But I am not doing this. My currently most active in game account is under the IGN LoveZeppelin (EU server), other than that, nobody's publically available game data shows how many or how recently they have played OPerations (the on topic aspect of this thread). We have no way of knowing if you play OPerations/Scenarios, either. I am well known in game and on this forum, have been an active player for the past 5 years, and have followed the development of all aspects of this game, closely. You are making this far too personal, and in doing so, endangering this thread. hyperbole. WG is experimenting with adjustments to the in game economy, not the wholesale removal of all Operations. Are there not more serious things going on in the world? (and please, do stop making blind inferences about another forum user just because they have disagreed or shown a view contrary to your own.) As for callous behaviour, I am not the one mounting a personal attack. this is interesting, thanks for that.
  7. Can you? Publically available stats do not distinguish between standard PVE coop and OPerations, there is no way you can extrapolate from this a ballpark figure of the number of Operations/Scenarios a player has joined. Those with a wild imagination will always try, however.
  8. am I being stat shamed? (I have several IGN accounts, not that it will make a difference relating to OPs, WG does not release trackable statistics concerning Operations, about any player, not about you, not about me either).
  9. LoveBote

    Just delete all operations if the nerf is going ahead.

    well as the forums are text based, and require text input in plain English, this is understandable, and quite reasonable. No they don't, forums are not known for their toiletry, or washroom facilities. But this is an excellent reminder in these grave times, offline, to wash our hands regularly, and wipe clean our keyboards once a day. Answered by who? I see lots of answers in the active threads on the main topics. the quality count has certainly fallen. are things really that bad for you? edit : I just caught up, you were being sarcastic. I need a beer/
  10. LoveBote

    did u earn free puerto rico/how do u like it?

    minimum about 120 hours of dedicated battle time. on the NA server, perhaps 200 or so (out of the 8000 who finally obtained her) PR is reputed to do well in Coop PVE, while In PVP she is said to be very user friendly with battleship levels of citadel protection, but surprises both PR commanders and PR targets with wonky dispersion.
  11. I absolutely agree/ All online games need to undergo a constant flow of incremental changes, whether in WOWS, this concerns 0.1 second fire rate changes to a tier 10 dd, gamewide changes to IFHE mechanics, or selective adjustments to the in game economy. Leaving the economy untouched, is bad for the game. A saturated economy, is bad for the game. Some will do that anyway, as they have always done, when and where possible. More? I hardly think so. Those that want to access top tier content, without effort, and who possess the means to whale their way, will do so as they have always done. If some gamers prefer to spam PVE OPerations to amass credits and free xp, to grind their way up the tech tree, so that they can take part in top tier PVP... something is wrong, I would agree. I mean, if some hate pvp that much, why grind PVE in order to take part in PVP? It sounds to me as though the game economy is badly messed up. Fixing it can't be simple, seeing clearly must be a first step. To do that, perhaps devs think it would help to remove/mitigate factors which distort the view, such as PVE OPs. which one am I?
  12. Are you out of downvotes? If you have any spare, I might contribute some thoughts on the abuse of PVE OPs, a FXP/credit loophole scandalously exploited, by even die hard competitive PVPers, to get FXP rich dirty and quick! Read all about it in an upcoming exclusive! (ticket reservations can be made with the deposit of one downvote/angry/bored emoticon, remember, only one reservation/booking per forum user!)
  13. Incredible coincidence that several totally spontaneous threads appear on the forum arguing that MM is rigged to "keep people near 50%", totally spontaneous topics, ofc, no rigging./
  14. LoveBote

    Is Micro-Balancing Necessary?

    Micro balancing is far preferable to the old approach of watch repair with a sledgehammer
  15. LoveBote

    About Gryf (Pan 'European' T1)

    Precisely, why overburden new players with the expectation of actually hitting anything. Although I wonder why we are bothering with the first 5 tiers for new tech trees. I mean a genuinely new player starting off in the game with the pan EU dds? I struggle with the notion.