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  1. You really don't want us buying these crates, do you?
  2. Thanks for the review, fits my expectations of putting a Tribal at t8.
  3. WOWS Blitz: BCV Ise

    So, like the Graf Zeppelin? Sounds good. so you would be absent from your ship for 2 minutes, unable to return until your squadron had either been shot down, or expended all munitions? (If we go according to what has been revealed about the rework, so far)/ Absent, presumably while exposed to torpedo spreads, gunnery, ramming, fires and floods. Sounds fine, I mean, if that is what you want. Not for me to object.
  4. WOWS Blitz: BCV Ise

    1st person control of planes, zero direct control of ship. Kinda difficult.
  5. WOWS Blitz: BCV Ise

    I like the RTS god view for management of the dive bombers, reminds me of how CVs are implemented in WOWS. Oh, w8.. Pity CV rework will make hybrid battlecarriers impossible to implement in WOWS PC. But if people don't want Ise and other nations hybrids, well, who am I to argue?
  6. Until recently, Belfast, but then very recently I rediscovered Edinburgh and why she is better (more challenging MM), but for now, Jarvis has stolen my heart. Once the RN CV tech tree is released, all that will be forgotten.
  7. heavy cruiser guns, underwater torpedo tubes, they get better :=)
  8. and the death knell to German raider BattleCarriers.

    What I do remember about these memes, is how they were used to bully, derail, get moved, locked and deleted, countless constructive threads regarding submarines. They would be funny, if it were not for this fact, and so these memes stand, as a memorial to their own stupidity, short sightedness and mean nature. I only hope moderators also remember this. I also refer the OP to https://forum.worldofwarships.com/announcement/21-world-of-warships-forum-rules/
  10. stand in the queue and w8 ur turn!
  11. interesting, so it would have been historically accurate for WG camo modellers for WOWS, to choose whichever colour was closest to their mouse pointer... I'll trade mark that idea
  12. Who have you seen in game

    I was sunk by @BTed72 who took far longer than he might have done, shooting AP at my little Jervis. But that gave me time to rack up a decent score. Good for him, braving the salty waters during a major update patch week too. I claim that patch as a sort of trophy too, not everyday I get to see it ;)
  13. The problem with Jervis

    simple, don't play it as though it were a Gadjah Mada clone. instead, play it as needle in a junkyard, you are tiny, nimble, and with a dunkirk captain, + flags, you can spend most of battle in and out of smoke. (Think I am managing 20 seconds approx between smokefests). It is crazy, SEVEN smoke consumeables (if you spec for that and take premium consus). take fire flags, and light fires. personally having a blast.
  14. Pure subwaysandwich2win, disgusting. Does it even come with free mayonnaise?

    You are right to caution, but the reasons for WG to implement subs, create a tide that no existing player can oppose. Essentially, submarines will bring new tech trees, new premiums, new players and new money to the game.