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  1. There will always be skill gaps, but, not with the same effect, while the potential for players to express inteliigent gameplay, other than (can I aim straight?) diminish. Ergo, skill gap is flattened, but so is depth of gameplay. There is nothing wrong with skill gaps, that's what happens when a player outplays an opponent. Nothing wrong with that. Every competitve game in the universe relies on one side being more skilled than the other, to achieve a victory. There is an issue, where and when skill gap has excessive influence, harming enjoyment of the game by others, but the rework, as it stands, not only a) reduces CV influence over battle outcomes, but also b) the ability of CV players to express intelligent gameplay. While a) is understandable, b) is somewhat tragic. CV players are being asked to accept a change akin to passing from Supreme Commander to Sniper Elite. Except, Sniper Elite has possibly more depth of gameplay than the current state of the rework. I sound very negaitve, sorry about that, I am sure things will improve as testing progresses. At least I want to think so.
  2. Few notable bugs encountered. But here is one : Torpedo bombers can fly through islands, when they dive on an attack run. A better default setting for aircraft behaviour, would be to automatically abort attack runs when their vectors cross through physical structures. Otherwise, The good : AA graphics are reasonable, UI is mostly fine The air squadron final attack run mechanics and visuals, for all three classes of strike aircraft, torpedo, dive bombers and rocket, are the main reason to salute the rework. This element of the new CV gameplay is a success. Work is needed, to ensure that Rocket (moderate) and Dive Bomb (hard) strikes are as accessible as Torpedo (easy) strikes. The bad : I dislike the floaty magic carpet feel of aircraft squadrons, (all we need are reindeer and santa on a sleigh). Infinite plane reserves encourages spammy gameplay, disincentivising careful planning of attack vectors, while it may temper the skill gap effect, it goes too far, and punishes player skill while rewarding bad gameplay. Absurdly buffed CV survivability as compensation for their increased vulnerability to sniping, just feels ridiculous. Again, this flattens player skill/influence to such an extent, CV gameplay risks becoming less, not more, interesting. I am unhappy with the limited player control over CVs, while airplanes are launched. The ability to return to the CV, letting planes continue their flight along waypoints/headings, would be far nicer. I think I have probably said this quite a lot elsewhere on the forum. I'll shut up now. I am a current CV player, with possibly several hundred hours of gameplay in CVs/ The proposed rework lacks sufficient tactical depth of play, while it neither punishes mistakes, nor rewards success, sufficiently. The apparence of skill is present, but it feels superficial. If the rework continues to ignore the reasons why CV players have enjoyed CVs these past years, then I will inevitably invest less time in them in the future. (I am sure I will still play CVs, but far less often, if they are less rewarding and involved). I am also concerned, that even among players who don't play aircraft carriers now, but who would be encouraged to try more battles in CVs after this proposed rework, CV player retention will be poor.
  3. LoveBote

    CV Rework - WG, this is Good!

    Mostly fair assessment. Although my personal experience on the test server, is that after a fairly brief learning phase (2 battles), well placed torpedo drops take minimal skill. Rockets are straighforward, dive bombers require much more concentration to succeed. It is true CVs i nthis rework, have lost all essential battle influence, they have been nerfed, not a small nerf either, but an almighty squelch under the boots of WG devs nerf. Player ability requirements have been lowered, considerably. perhaps this is a good thing/
  4. LoveBote

    Datamined CV tech tree changes

    I didn't realize they were all locked behind having an account. Sorry if this is so. But that website is well worth supporting, they only ask for a donation (last time I checked, no minimum amount, but it does require paypal). It has a wealth of excellent tools, both for WOWS gamers, and modders. If you have a specific request, I'll try and pm you screenshots.
  5. LoveBote

    Datamined CV tech tree changes

    heretic. I mean, just behold this beauty :
  6. LoveBote

    Datamined CV tech tree changes

    So far the changes are in line with the cv rework that is underway. Each CV has 2/3 attack plane options, while fighters are no longer player controlled. As HP, speed, AA mechanics are being totally reworked/changed, a contrast and compare summary would be meaningless. I don't want to screenshot any of the website, and paste here, for obvious reasons. But I doubt it will be long now, that the cat is out of the bag, before WG tells us more, in greater detail.
  7. LoveBote

    Datamined CV tech tree changes

    That is true, but then so many things are changing, and being both a Kaga and a Zeppelin nut, having both at t8 allows me to spread my bets. I find t8 cving just as much fun as t7 (even better because we currently never see 2 vs 2 cv battles, which I personally hate, and because i get to sink t10 ships with tier 7 Zeppelin planes and generally make t10 players lives a misery) Both can't turn out bad, can they? The big letdown is that there will be NO tier 7 premium CV, if this goes ahead. Crisis.
  8. oh dear. Why don't you apply to join the testing? It isn't all bad, some aspects of the changes are very good, there are things I personally dislike quite intensely, but there are many positive changes too.
  9. LoveBote

    Datamined CV tech tree changes

    AA is getting throughly revised. On the test server, even the dreaded Worcester is sinkable by a CV, while I played a stock Yamato (without any upgrades slotted, and a zero point captain) and had no trouble fighting off air attacks. There seem to be fewer extremes of AA, neither murdererous, nor 100% easy victim/
  10. LoveBote

    Datamined CV tech tree changes

    well, getting a free t8 premium in exchange for a t7, would not be such a bad deal. So it might be worth reflecting that at t8, both ships will earn more credits, and xp.
  11. LoveBote

    Datamined CV tech tree changes

    Kaga already does well when MM'd in t9 battles, so I don't think it will need very much of a boost to be effective vs t10s. Plane hp maybe. While as for Saipan, losing its infamous fighter plane advantage, well, that is quite a nerf. But, those links are of datamined possibel revisions, none of that is 100% dead cert.
  12. But currently that means pressing F, abandoning your planes (forcing them to return to the CV), so that you can return to direct 1st person control over the CV. That seems to me a very strange design choice (and also one that precludes inclusion of hybrids and battle carrier designs in the future - think German CV tech tree for example). if you follow Lord Zath's videos, you can find an example of me cving (under my previous IGN) to appreciate what I mean. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/253495002
  13. LoveBote

    Datamined CV tech tree changes

    oh, and people thought Graf Zeppelin was a good looking ship, check out those very fine Brit CV hulls!
  14. courtesy of gamesmodels3d.com, we have access to proposed/under test revisions of all CV tech trees. Most notable for many, will be the following changes : moved to tier 6 Ranger (no information on what will become the new tier 7 US CV) https://gamemodels3d.com/games/worldofwarships/vehicles/pasa106 moved to tier 8 Saipan https://gamemodels3d.com/games/worldofwarships/vehicles/pasa528 and Kaga https://gamemodels3d.com/games/worldofwarships/vehicles/pjsa518 not moved but reworked Enterprise reworked but remaining at tier 8 (for now) https://gamemodels3d.com/games/worldofwarships/vehicles/pasa518 Graf Zeppelin heavily reworked (unrecognisable!) https://gamemodels3d.com/games/worldofwarships/vehicles/pasa518 new national tech tree The British! this link for the tier 10 Audacious https://gamemodels3d.com/games/worldofwarships/vehicles/pbsa210 Full tech WOWS CV trees under development here : https://gamemodels3d.com/games/worldofwarships/vehicles/aircarrier
  15. LoveBote

    British CVs, WOWS devblog

    well, armoured decks will make have interesting effects, more less vulnerable to HE, but perhaps more vulnerable to AP.