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  1. Unofficial WoWs Discord!

    All the WOWS discords are unofficial, in that none have been set up or are run by WG employees/reps/
  2. Submarine Watch - Update

    some ideas were posted here (in a less successful thread, but still worth a read, maybe)
  3. practical and helpful advice.
  4. Developer Q&A May 8th

    obviously, questions concerning female captains, and captains with cv applicable skills, greater visual variety of typology and diversity of special skills, are without interest to WG devs.
  5. thanks OP, will keep this review/feedback in mind. +1
  6. Submarine Watch - Update

    Subs make sense, but commonsense and WOWS/WG do not always go together.
  7. Throwback Thursday - Premium Ships

    currently, Kaga (no other ship does such consistent damage in as satisfying a manner) and Belfast (this one also piles on the pain, from the start to the finish of a battle). But I have a soft spot for Atlanta, (versatile, though it requires greater attention and daring to do well in) and every now and again; Hood (because nothing says Battlecruiser quite as well as a speeding flanking Hood).
  8. Dev Blog-ST Unique Commanders/Brothers

    How long before we start seeing them in the premium shop?
  9. Plague of Kamikaze and Yolos

    people like you mean people like me are left without quality carry players :( Can't wait for ranked to end, we miss you in randoms
  10. Dev Blog-ST Unique Commanders/Brothers

    All these boys, all these fictional w.., m... captains/ And still not even a fictional fem... in sight, not a single sister, no Jane Dunkirk. Classy Wargaming, so very classy. And with all these new commanders, not a single one with a cv skill. (extra winge)
  11. Plague of Kamikaze and Yolos

    I have had a few say in chat, just before kamikazing, "oh . it!" That makes me think it might be related to the new afk sanctions, the patch backfiring (because a live afker is worth more points to your own team, than a kamikaze who does zero dmg and dies, giving points away, but a live afker gets sanctioned by the auto pink sys, while a kamikaze gets rewarded at the battles end.) Other acts of self ship harm may be related to a need to farm detonation flags? (Showing a full broadside with zero effort at evasion, even stopping, when a cv drops a torp spread, for example.) FInal reason maybe (?), many 'good' players prefer to stick to ranked this week, meaning the average player ability level in randoms has declined, temporarily. A combination of all the above/
  12. Plague of Kamikaze and Yolos

    yup, plenty of tech tree ship drivers edit : (often enough players with 1000s of battles, and members of clans that have done quite well in CB)
  13. Plague of Kamikaze and Yolos

    If I am noticing it more now, it is because there are more now, at least in my own battles.
  14. Plague of Kamikaze and Yolos

    As the title suggests, I am seeing a huge spike in the number of yolos and kamikaze players this week in random battles (since patch). Is it related to ranked? It is very demoralizing to watch it happen, helpless from my CV top down view. These are not genuine mistakes by new players, but often enough, t8+ players. Anyone else notice the same?