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  1. WoWs roadmap 2018-2020, (maybe)

    https://wowslegends.com/forums/topic/79-status-update-start-of-code-distribution/ they are still in alpha (beta?) stage, xbox only I get the impression, without carriers, as you say. https://wowslegends.com/forums/topic/42-the-shortest-faq/?do=findComment&comment=712 Legends faq from Philegula : "Play sessions will start in July! Playstation testing will start a bit later than Xbox! Alpha will feature USN and IJN trees, but no carriers! There will be 7 (VII, seven!) tiers of ships! We will not answer any questions about particular ships and will deflect those with poor attempts at comedy! There will be no cross premium time with WoT console or WoWs PC. No crossplay between PS/Xbox or consoles/PC (different game). No transfer of assets from PC to consoles. The UI WILL be nice on huge screens! The controls ARE comfortable and intuitive! Ships pictured on our promo screens are confirmed 🙂 no 6 is worth noting, a useful reminder that the console version and our beloved/hated pc version may follow differing paths.
  2. Champions du Monde!!!

    Bien joué les Bleus! (mostly..)

    we are not criticizing the content of, but the announcement of, the rework and WG-player relations management. I think that is clear enough. As for 'fixing real problems' as neither you nor I know the content of the rework, we do not know if it will 'fix' problems that you percieve or feel exist.

    whether true or not, my comment that criticism of the cv rework, before knowing the content, is quite reasonable, especially for those that play cvs. Across all servers many thousands of players have invested time, energy, and perhaps money, in cvs, since Alpha. They will naturally be anxious about this announced cv rework of unkown content for an unknown date in the future. As I explained, the very announcement of the cv rework, hurts the cv population, as it discourages players from investing time in the cv tech trees (as does the unavailability of cv premiums).

    not really. the very premise of a rework, hostile to current cv players, at an unknown date in the future, hovering like a sword of damocles over us all, which has placed a freeze on cv tech tree development, discourages new players from investing time and effort in current cvs who naturally prefer to w8 and c, keeping cv population low, creating a hostile attitude toward current cv play (and players) in a feedback loop of ignorance between devs and the community. You know that sound when your speakers squeal when you plug in the amp?
  6. If you buy potted roses, be sure to trim them as soon as you have replanted them. I found shielding their stems from summer heat with stones/rocks or tree bark also encourages them (I bought a few 'cheap' from a local supermarket, to brighten up an old wall, they had clearly been 'pushed' or hot housed, and exhausted, needed help to recover) Peppers are a great idea, now googling them too!
  7. Europe, 2hrs from the Atlantic coast, large river nearby, temperate humid, sandstone region, clay too, (many vineyards). I grow mostly in the ground (a couple of hectares to look after). herbs and decorative in pots (surrounded by stones to absorb heat at this time of year). Plants get plenty of sun (and rain this year, unusually tropical). It is a local tradition to place rose bushes among rows of vines. So there are plenty of ancient, semi wild, varieties nearby. I have tried to grow stuff from seed, but as soon as a bit of green breaks the surface, either an early bird or a neighbourhood cat scoffs the lot (also deer keep breaking in)/ I have learnt a few other tricks (the hard way), green beens don't like to be seeded in clayish/sandy soil mix (their shoots find it hard to break the surface), leeks love this soil, trim roses as soon as flowers die to encourage further growth, mint likes semi shade, water plants in the evening, not the morning! Google is my friend, but now I have discovered this thread, who knows?! At least I now have a goto rose specialist on this forum, so thankyou in advance!
  8. roses, herbs, a cherry orchard, vegetable patch (tomatoes getting out of control, beautiful aubergines,) 1st time here too! I have so much to learn. But am having a lot of fun doing it (except I don't want to see another cherry for the next 12 months, harvest was fun but I got indigestion from eating so many). Favourite plant is a 100+ year old rose bush.
  9. WoWs roadmap 2018-2020, (maybe)

    Well this is true, along with the hip replacement, pacemaker, cataract removal, false teeth, and mobility scooter, there are many ways to stay young nowadays!
  10. WoWs roadmap 2018-2020, (maybe)

    exactly. They surely do have a roadmap, but one that is in constant flux. The image I posted may quite easily be a fake/fantasy, an amateur guess, as it might genuinely reflect WG internal planning at some stage in the past. Even so, speculation is always fun. Anyway, must be fake, no mention of the Dutch.
  11. Fighting Fridays - La Fete Nationale

    garden party, silly amounts of rosé, hangover. usual stuff. If by chance you spot me in game, I have made a mistake, and beg leeway.
  12. WoWs roadmap 2018-2020, (maybe)

    interesting. I have heard elsewhere, (probably unfounded) cv rework now pushed back to next year. As you can I imagine, I am mostly dismayed at lack of mention of RN cvs. Time is running out, I found a grey hair this morning
  13. 1st published here, with speculation about the source (or sauce, as it is possibly spicy) http://rykoszet.info/2018/07/13/co-nas-czeka-w-przeciagu-najblizszego-roku-w-world-of-warships/ reddit discussion here : (gossipy)
  14. I am not a big bb player, but of all the bb lines, I find them the least inspiring of all national bb tech trees, as they are currently implemented (except KGV which I have a soft spot for)/