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  1. Suspected bandwidth throttling

    Some people have reported avoiding some ISP related slowdowns by using a VPN. However, the VPN itself will add a lot of latency. In some cases and for some uses the VPN may still be better if your ISP is being particularly shady. In particular it can avoid site and service based throttling. It may also help to avoid the ISP intentionally routing packets along a constricted route. For this game the extra latency would probably be noticeable and make aim more difficult but the bandwidth could be better. Usually latency is more important for gaming but I wanted to share this option anyways. If nothing else you could use it as a way to test your ISP and see if they are throttling you.
  2. Verified in game graphics settings are correct. Tried changing them to some other settings just in case. Did not resolve the issues. I verified the game files using the launcher and it passed with no files replaced that I could see. No problems found in Dxdiag but included it with my support ticket anyways. I would like to avoid a full reinstall if possible because of the time and internet bandwidth usage required. It is looking like that may be necessary.
  3. Updated the game today after not playing for many months. Over 9GB download took hours. Game is unplayable after launch and causes a serious issue with Windows after exit. On launch even before entering password and joining a server the cursor is not aligned with where a click is registered. I have to hold the cursor well below a button in order to click it. After joining the bug continues and makes it difficult to navigate the list of owned ships and tech trees. The issue remains after rebooting and logging in again. After exit the windows desktop is gone. Parts of the desktop will reveal after moving the cursor around but it is mostly unusable. Rebooting resolves this graphical error. However entering and exiting the game again recreates the issue. System details: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit 16GB RAM i7 4790k CPU @ 4.0GHz GTX 980 GPU SSD OS and drivers are up to date
  4. Patch Notes

    Experiencing brutal lag now for some reason. Ping went from around 50-70 before the patch to 150-600 after.
  5. Input lag

    Update: I tried lowering my refresh rate to 85Hz and 120Hz. This appears to have reduced the problem significantly at either setting. I read about some games having odd issues running at 144Hz which is why I tried this. There are still some problems with syncing and what appears to be some other latency related issues but it is playable. My ping is typically around 35 so it is something besides that.
  6. Have you tried it with a somewhat reduced overclock? Did you recently install the new driver from AMD?
  7. Input lag

    Experiencing an intermittent delay in response to my input. I have only noticed this on my gaming system - did not notice it while playing on a mid range system and below spec system. I am pegged at 76 fps even with maximum settings. Tried turning down some settings to high but did not seem to make a difference. The delay is quite long when it occurs and can be as long as several seconds. Sometimes there is no response at all. This happens several times in each battle. Game play is otherwise smooth. I am currently connected via wireless. My mid range system was also connected by wireless though and did not have this issue while playing at 60 fps on medium settings. My specs are i7 4790k @ stock 4.0GHz, 16GB RAM, EVGA FTW GTX 980, Samsung EVO 850 SSD, ASUS VG248 1080p display @ 144Hz. Just installed all current drivers yesterday.
  8. Why are battleships so inaccurate?

    If WG could add some very slight heave, pitch, and roll at the same time as they reduced dispersion it would make shots more skill dependent and could potentially keep damage output by an average player roughly the same. Long range battles would become heavily skill dependent and this would fit well with higher tier battles. Close range fights by new players would see more hits and high damage but easily countered by those of average skill that keep mostly at mid range and score more hits. This could make mid tier battles more fun and reward players for increasing skill.
  9. Why are battleships so inaccurate?

    After playing the game on a couple of different systems and experiencing connections of varying quality I have found that both system and connection quality play a large role in perceived accuracy. I found it significantly easier to hit when both system and connection were reasonably good. I suppose this should be obvious but I was surprised by how much of a difference both factors made. I still think the shot dispersion is far too much for battleships, especially at short range. But, the accuracy only needs a slight improvement. That dispersion doesn't seem likely to be accurate to me. Pennsylvania participated in record numbers of bombardments including many fire support missions and was able to reliably hit targets on islands at least as far as 13km out. She was in many battles as well and earned numerous awards including eight battle stars. A dispersion that horrible would make hitting anything past a few kilometers impossible. Since Pennsylvania was apparently able to hit targets at range numerous times that doesn't add up. I could believe perhaps a tenth of that dispersion rate.
  10. Done till next patch this is insane

    Historically battleship guns had decent accuracy. Like all artillery, they did need to be adjusted to target but once you had them dialed in you could expect multiple hits on a large target. http://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/ship/weaps/bb-61-dnsn8709176_jpg.gif
  11. Done till next patch this is insane

    I was interested in giving carriers a try but I am not having fun grinding through the battleships to get to them. The main reason is the inaccuracy and dispersion. I can survive and help a little bit but damage output pretty mediocre. I have tested using one shot at a time to verify that my point of aim is dialed in to the center of the target but most of my shots still fall around them at most ranges.
  12. American Cruiser DPS Jump

    Tier 3, 6, and 10 US cruisers are great. The rest are meh. Those three ships are enough to justify grinding through the line though.
  13. Rammed, and I'm Penalised

    The griefer was trying to ram me. I got stuck on the map edge trying to avoid him. I happened to get disconnected just before he collided so I think that may have saved me a hefty fine for being rammed. I have been rammed several times today by team mates and always got a fine even though I did my best to avoid them and they collided with me. It is worst when in a battleship because they can even intentionally pop out in front of you at the last second and there is no way you can turn or slow down in time. Also got shot many times. The amount of damage can affect the outcome of the battle if severe but I am more concerned about my credits and experience being chipped away unfairly. I do my best to just ignore them. The penalty system is out of whack though because it does not seem to take maneuverability into account. A fast agile ship should be able to avoid a slow lumbering ship so should have a greater penalty.
  14. Rammed, and I'm Penalised

    Happens all the time to me. In fact I just got chased down by a griefer on my team who insisted on shooting my battleship repeatedly even though I was on the far edge out of the line of fire to any enemy target.
  15. I have been getting all kinds of errors today while using this ship.