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    weapons researching, music, football, drawing guns, playing battlefield 3, playing wowp and wot, helping beta testers in wowp
  1. if i were in a DD or a BB i'd call the carriers a "free meal" cuz they are huge, slow and a very easy target. but it will surely be interesting to try it out at least once
  2. jeewee i hate cats too :Smile_sceptic:
  3. Know your Camos

    as far as the german ships are concerned, they had a rule, all german ships had to be painted grey before entering the Atlantic ocean so the bismarck there is painted grey, like all the other german ships operating in the area
  4. yes they will, for confirming this yourself u may go on the the wargaming site and check it :D
  5. USS Iowa

    good looking ship that one, but what of the bismark? is she gonna be a T10?
  6. me gusta xD il join in too Education: Just got off 12th grade and currently studying in the university of wollongong, Dubai, after completing my masters i will be flying to the states for studying weapons designing xD Intrests: oh i love to draw guns, other random stuff if im bored, i love gaming, listening to music and sometimes flirting with girls and trolling random people :Smile_trollface:
  7. first of all mate, Respects to u for those amazing sigs they really look cool image: Ghost of The Bismarck. name (on the top right corner): Sydd thanks a lot mate :Smile_honoring:
  8. one thing i'd hate to see in this game is a corsair diving on my poor ship with a torpedo :Smile_amazed: take cover me maties :Smile_hiding:
  9. Helpful Knowledge

    nice info u guys xD really helpful n id like to say, "me Gusta" :Smile_veryhappy:
  10. Can you help me on this

    maybe i can meet up with u guys soon, im gonna be a weapons designer :Smile_smile: