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  1. Greetings! I must say this game has really hooked me. I have not been this interested in a game since the first few years of WoT. I was in the Army for 8+ years and had a good grasp of real world tank tactics which helped me when I started playing WoT. Now, with ships, it's whole new experience for me because I don't know dog doo about ships! My first experience in WoWS went like this: Thought Process: OMG this thing takes forever to speed up.... OK, round circle on map... let's go that way.... oooo... enemy ship, and they have turned to show their broadside to me, go sniper mode and let's kill this thing... wow... that's a fast ship... FIRE!... miss!... damn.. What the hell is all that beeping.... BOOM! damn... OK, mental note, surfboard looking things coming at you is very bad. Alt-Tab out and spend an hour watching "How not to suck at WoWS videos." I love the game and look forward to playing with you and improving my game play.