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    frustrating directives

    for the Pot Damage, I found Randoms the best. I used a NC the most. I would spawn rush, get aggro and kit.. go dark rinse and repeat. At about 2mil pot damage this one was pretty easy.
  2. Had the opportunity to... well I would say play, but it was more like get curb stomped.. by a Ludendorff this past weekend. Although it did die during the round, not before laying waste. It was a total ricochet machine. Gave up trying to do damage at 12km, and changed targets and ran. Died with my tail between my legs with laser like AP. GORGEOUS to look at, but painful to be at the receiving end of.
  3. Here is an idea... What about Crew-Served ships... where you would have 3 live players, one driving the boat, one operating the guns and one manning AA? :)
  4. OFF TOPIC::: This^^^ I have long held that those who scream "Lemming Trains" are DD and CV players who like to pick off lone targets. I have seen the effectiveness in game of 2 US BB with a US CA close together. The CV squadrons never got close enough to launch. The 3 of us chalked up right at 100 downed planes. I dont think that ships should be in tight clusters as that is any torpmans dream, but I wonder how effective a team would be if it went in mass from one cap to the next with someone calling out targets. I guess that would be called a Clan IDK. Just a thought

    Why do you play the game?

    I have played from the beginning (although a long break for RL reasons) for the spectacular 3D models of some of my favorite ships. I like the gameplay in Randoms as every match tends to be a little different (it is amazing how often the same thing occurs tho... Me dying..hmmm). I love the journey from T1 to TX in a specific line for a single country (Finished US CA, almost done on USBB - Im looking at you Montana and getting there in german BB and CA). I DONT like grinding T8, but that is the only part I dont like. and I like the matches are 20 mins, so I can either go all day, or get a quick fix...

    Do top clans get secret buffs?

    Remember... The first rule of secret clan elite buffs is that you dont talk about secret elite clan buffs....
  7. If I were you, I would blame MM Meta... seems the fashion JK!
  8. Usually in smoke, but not always... For example, I was in a fight with a DD last night.. I was in my Hipper, it was a Akatsuki I think.. 5-7km, several volleys.. I'd see where the shots came from but the dd never appeared. Also, shots outside of LOS dont blow concealment, like from behind islands...
  9. 1) I'd just like a reasonable reward for playing an AA build.... Although I am not a fan of being a T8 in TX match, I wouldnt mind taking my Baltimore out and just AA defending the TXs... but right now there is no incentive to do so. I can get 30+ plane kills and no XP for it. I dont mind CVs, but give me some incentive to play a support role. 2) I do find it frustrating that stealth ships (you know who you are...) can sit there and shoot me non-stop and not become located. Maybe some mechanic that one shot increases your concealment range a little, but more and more would increase it more and more. I dont know.. I usually just end up charging these guys so others can nuke them... I guess that was two... but REALLY would like to see just #1.
  10. GBOBVA

    Make shooting planes down matter.

    ^^^^^^ This. It is NOT uncommon for my CA to lose a launcher or steering from a strike that is 10+km away. Especially from anything IJN aka Laser guns... Maybe not destroyed, but certainly Incap... Of course I find that I will get plenty of incaps from lucky hits at that distance on DDs so it certainly goes both ways.
  11. Baltimore... I just dont get it. I hate the gun range. Other's play it wonderfully, so I am sure it is me...
  12. GBOBVA

    Make shooting planes down matter.

    The issue isnt penalizing for missed salvos, torpedos or bomb runs... I think the premise is that when I shoot a salvo at an enemy ship, I have to wait 3-12 seconds to gauge it's effectiveness, exposing my ship to return fire (I dont play hiddy DDs), during which my cycle time on my cannons (15-30 seconds) to shoot again. Currently the engaged aircraft can make multiple attack runs in a matter of seconds (say 10 or so), with another squadron on it's way. And there is no risk to the CV. They essentially dont have any skin in the game as it were. I dont hate CVs... I like the challenge they bring. The only thing I ask for is give me credit for the damage I inflict on planes, like the damage I inflice on ships. Nothing more.
  13. GBOBVA

    Make shooting planes down matter.

    How about every plane shot down is like 10 HP removed from the carrier? That would be some type of limiter... Or another thought... How about each re-spawn takes slightly longer... but returned aircraft count right away... I haven't thought through these, just kinda brain (or brain-less) storming..
  14. I am a mediocre player, I get it... I play to have fun. I go through streaks where I just cant seem to hit ANYTHING... I like to blame it on RNG, but its not.. it's me. If and only IF I feel frustrated I take a break or play a different type of ship... Come back and boom, I am in the top half of score. Thats all I ever really look for. I dont worry about WR because there are so many variables that can go into it... from being on a potato team to just bad luck to my making bad decisions (it is usually me making bad positioning choices...). I find it more difficult to blame it on MM, if it is random or not, or any of that. I do not believe that there is a pre-ordained winner at the onset of the match, and lots and lots of things can go right or wrong to affect WR. I look at DMG (my goal is to do more damage than the ship I am sailing's HP... a NET benefactor, and my Potential Damage.... Oh, I do like to watch my airplane shot down stat, just because I dont play CVs because I am bad at them too... I guess I am saying: Dont base your self worth off of a game....