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  1. alfa_dog


    Here's my issue today. I log on, get to the port menu pick my ship and it goes to the next menu and just sits. Tells me that I have been disconnected. I reboot and find that I have 2 penalties for " non participation ". Start a new and guess what, I am dropped again. 45 minutes later, when I get back into the game I now have an 8 penalty charge that I have to work off. Not AFK, not working, not watching t.v. or picking my nose, just waiting for the game to boot up so I can play.
  2. alfa_dog

    Update 0.9.2 - Bug Reports

    Game loaded, got to the port, checked on ships and hit the play. Never got to the game and it froze and disconnected. When I logged back in and got to the port screen, I was penalized one game. Now as I sit here typing I have been waiting for the game to authorize me to get into it. A year ago I bought a gaming laptop because my old one didn't work anymore. These updates suck!!! Retired USN Equipment Operator Chief Petty Officer Seabees Can Do
  3. Trying to add a photo to my profile.

    1. alfa_dog


      I have tried 3 different photos but I can't get any of them to fit. The error says they are too big and I don't know how to make them smaller.