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  1. Invisible ships

    I think that there is bad game mech. I was in a game a few hours ago and after being sunk I tagged along with a team member. His cruiser was going for a battleship. BB was on the other side of an island heading right in front to the CL when all of a sudden it was gone. No smoke, no island blocking the view. Then he popped up in front of the cruiser. I have, playing a cruiser, had eyes on a ship ready to fire and it is gone!!! NO smoke, just gone.
  2. Starting with the oldest, but the best; USS Constitution Old Ironsides. USS Missouri USS Bowfin USS Midway USS Intrepid USS Growler USS Edson RMS Queen Mary SS Lane Victory SS Jeremiah O'Brien Star of India Balclutha
  3. Customer Service

    I just signed up for the to "Try the Public Test". I filled out all of the needed information and checked my email as required. No email so I went to the CS and it came up in Russian. If my son were here he could translate for me but I don't read or speak the language, sorry. When I went back to retry re-do my account, the name I was using is not available even though I did not receive the email for me to activate the account. Can someone please help! It is very frustrating especially since you are requesting feedback for the game.
  4. How does the queue work?

    Don't know if this is the place to get my question answered, but it seems like I am in the queue a long time before the game starts. I watch the other ships moving around the map and some are actually capping areas before I even get on the game site. It doesn't matter if I am just getting on or finished a game and staying on. Is there something I need to do. It happens on my laptop as well as the desktop.
  5. I have had issues with going from the queue to the game. It seems like I am always the last one to enter the game. I watch the mini-map and see the other players moving around, some times they are almost to an area to capture it. One game yesterday, some joker shot at me as I was just entering the game because he said I wasn't moving. He was pink by the way. Has anyone else run into this problem and what can, if anything, I do about it.
  6. Can you switch a catapult fighter plane to a spotter plane.
  7. Moonrider, thanks for the link, now I have to figure out how to do all of that. xXxRCADDICT, I didn't know about the name rule, I won't do it again. I usually ignore the people who bad mouth other players and don't reply. I guess I was having a bad night but the way this person turned and zeroed in on me, I thought maybe he was shooting at the enemy and was letting them know I was on their side and their division that they invited me too. I guess that made it easier for them to pick me out of the fleet because I was marked for their division. Oh well lesson learned and I certainly won't let it bother me again. By the way, how do you turn on replays. I'm not very computer savvy, I turn it on and play games or read emails. Thanks everyone for your input.
  8. Well I'm back on this topic because just a few minutes ago I was sunk by a team mate, a person with a Clemson DD and I had a BB. I know that the names of other people that have been nasty but this person, and I use the term loosely, invited me into his division. Right at the start of the game he came right at me and torpedoed me. As I was letting him know we were on the same side he did it again. I did not retaliate but kept on sailing forward. He fired on me and when I asked him what I had done to him he told me that he had been with my mother, who is 91, and proceeded to unload on me all kinds of things. He was sunk and his parting words were that he had taken 3 of our team out and that he was glad that we would lose. I didn't shot at him because I didn't want to seem like the aggressor and turn pink. I don't know who to report this person to. Thanks for reading.
  9. Ran into this again the other night. One person keep telling us how incompetent we all were, losers, idiots and so on. No one replied at all, it was quite comical. My question is how do you take screen shots and how do you just block/mute one person on chat. I only turn on the game and play. Thanks for any info and keep sailing the seas.
  10. Yesterday I was in a game, my 4th or 5th or 6th..........I don't remember which........when I was dutifully taken out by one of my foes. Okay bad day for me, not the first or the last, when one of my so called teammates begins to belittle me much like this individual did. The funny thing is that he had been taken out prior to me because I scanned around to see if he was still in the game and maybe I had not helped him, i.e. being a team player. I respectfully informed him that it was just a game and he went off on me some more. I then proceed to tell him how proud his parents must be of him for using the language that he did and what he was calling me. The thing is, I've heard worse so it didn't bother me other than maybe making it uncomfortable for someone else playing. I will win some, I will lose some. I will sink some and they will sink me. It's a game, for fun, to relax, maybe, and pass the time. But if I run across him again I will blacklist him, because if I sink him I will turn pink and then he will call me a f** again because I'm pink, lol.
  11. Like Sgt. York, I lick my front sight, gobble a little and hope to hit em........it's more fun that way.
  12. Fishfuzz, I think I was in a battle with you when those very words were mentioned. I couldn't agree more with you and with TheKrimsonDemon when we are here to relax and play " A GAME! " Maybe those who are complaining have not had the opportunity to experience life outside the gaming world. Instead of ranting they should be helping out their teammates by giving them advice and suggestions. I try to stay active on the chat even after I'm down below with Davy Jones having some joe. Just my 2 cents, enjoy the game and see you in battle.
  13. "With compassion for others, we build, we fight", Seabees.
  14. After reading some of the posts here I don't feel so bad about going "pink". I'll do my time in the brig and hope to get off early for good behavior.
  15. Concerning my Avatar

    I'm new here on the forum but your avatar is fine. At least you have one, I've been trying to load one and can't get it to fit. Mine doesn't look much bigger than yours. As Judge_Doom stated..........PC is over rated.