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  1. They can't even incentivize me into reinstalling the game at the moment... I haven't played since a couple updates ago corrupted my installation and the Game Center keeps trying to download the entire game again. I have, and many others have suggested a myriad of things they could do for lower levels for a few years now. They just DON"T CARE. Low levels do not make them MONEY. They screwed over tier 4's, by eliminating them from being able to complete daily missions and a vast majority of any missions or campaigns, snowflakes, etc. Tier 2-3's were always generally port queens or collector bait. Mikasa needs a secondary range buff!
  2. Valas1

    People quitting the game

    I stopped playing a couple weeks ago. Then Game Center tried to do something last week, and baked my WOWS installation. It's now trying to download almost 48 GB, so I just shut it down. Maybe I will be back, but I don't see any real draw to the game right now. Anniversary time and Christmas perhaps. For now, my ships will gather dust, along with my tanks, and other companies get my money.
  3. No idea what happened. Last time I logged into WOWS a few days ago, I had ZERO issues. I've been on my system the last few days, and the game center client didn't do anything. Today I started my computer up, and Game Center started doing some crap in the background. Then I see a little red ! appear on the icon in my system tray. When I checked it, it says my game files are now magically corrupted, and it's now trying to download almost 48 GB of data. Nothing else has been installed, uninstalled, moved around, or anything else on my system for weeks. And certainly nothing on that drive. WOWS and a couple others have a dedicated drive. The drive itself checks out ok. Everything else on the drive checks out. Several files my WOWS folder were updated on today's date, 4/27/22 with one being listed as changed at 10:09 a.m. EDT, which is about when I booted my system. I have no idea what the Game Center client was trying to do this morning. Did it botch an update preload? Guess this solves my dilemma whether to uninstall or not lol.
  4. Valas1

    Underwater torpedo tube

    The thing is, you can set the gyro angles on many torpedoes. Just because it fires in a particular direction, doesn't mean it HAS to go that way. You could in theory, set some torps to circle around and hit yourself. The Fixed tubes on several ships, could easily have wider firing arcs, than what we have seen on the Sherman. It would be a matter of figuring out what types of torps were available to that ship. But I'm sure they will have all sorts of issues with "Balance".
  5. Valas1

    The Wierdest Hacksuation ever : )

    Most of my "Hackusations", have been from players telling me I can't shoot them in smoke. Because, I can't see them... My most memorable one though, was right after I bought my Nikolai. I got into secondary range of an almost full health Wyoming, and full broadside to me. Obliterated him in one volley, 5 citadels, 9 of 12 shells hit for damage. He ranted in chat about how that was impossible to do. Members of his own team, were trying to explain to him what happened lol. I can only imagine what it would have been like for him, after his first full health detonation. I really don't miss those days at all.
  6. Valas1

    Cruisers, why are they made of 99% CIT

    True, which is why I said you need to be wary of torpedoes. Proper use of your hydro can help mitigate that risk as well. Plus resisting the temptation to sit broadside in the smoke, in open water. If I don't have something to block torps, like an island, shoal, another ship, etc., I generally stay bow in to reduce my profile, and use my hydro while smoked, if possible. Fiji, Ed, and Neptune can bring at least 6 guns to bare bow in, with a good rate of fire. Minotaur can too, as long as the target isn't too close. I use the Floaty shells on my Neptune to decent effect. It can reach out to 19 km. Not ideal, but, it works if need be. Not much different that adapting to floating USN DD and Atlanta shells. But, I got lots of practice with stuff like that, back when open water stealth fire was still a thing. AFT made a lot of shells floaty lol.
  7. Valas1

    Cruisers, why are they made of 99% CIT

    Yeah, not sure if it was the same rules or not for sure. I do recall there being superstructure damage and losing guns. My Bismarck had 2 working main guns when we finished playing. You can lose secondaries here, and it's very rare, but you can lose main weapons too. I've had tubes destroyed on a few destroyers before, and I remember losing turrets on a few cruisers. I don't recall, ever having lost a BB turret completely though. Just damaged and had to wait for repairs.
  8. Valas1

    Cruisers, why are they made of 99% CIT

    You can also try RN CL's, with smoke. That can mitigate some of the incoming damage. You still have to be wary of torpedoes and the fact that you can see tracer fire coming from smoke. It doesn't make you invincible, just a harder target. They might start shooting something else till you pop back out lol And they get some healing a lot sooner than most other cruiser lines. Leander and Fiji are both solid ships for their tiers.
  9. Valas1

    Cruisers, why are they made of 99% CIT

    I recall playing that or a very similar game, once many years ago. We had a 3 way fight between the US, IJN, and KM. Think it was the Graf Spee and Bismarck, vs the USS Indiana and a US heavy cruiser I can't remember (This was 35+ years ago..), vs the Yamato. I don't remember much, other than the guy had a large collection of well painted models. The Yamato disabled both US ships pretty quickly. I do recall though, playing the Bismarck, and the guy playing the Yamato complaining that the 5.9" secondaries should not cause damage, or even the 11" guns on the Graf Spee, but according to the rules they did lol. If it was the same game, I wonder if it was the same issue with caliber mechanics lol
  10. Valas1

    Anzac Day – Vampire and Perth

    The Commonwealth needs more ships. Even if they are clones, there are ships that represented the Commonwealth, that could or should be in the game by now. Aussies and Kiwi's need some love! A guy from the U.S. shouldn't have to be asking for them.
  11. Valas1

    Queue Dumps are awesome!

    I wish I had a screenshot of it, but I recall one years ago, with just my Fletcher vs a Taiho. Was an interesting 4 A.M. drop lol.
  12. Valas1

    Narai and Weimars

    Follow the Weimar and shoot everything it does, as best you can. But, on a side note, there have been multiple threads about this already, in this forum and the PVE section. Pretty sure, WG doesn't care, as long as it boosts sales of a premium ship. The guys posting screenshots and videos of stupid high scores in them, in Narai, aren't really helping the matter. Pretty sure many of them don't care either, because all that matters is, it's fun for them.
  13. Valas1

    Do NOT play Brawl

    lol Glad I haven't bothered with it or the game really. Pre-made teams vs random solo players, is never fun. Main reason I quit playing Mechwarrior Online. Logged in yesterday, and couldn't even bring myself to click battle in any mode. Seeing this, doesn't make me want to play.
  14. Missing a couple of BB's there...North Carolina has been a museum ship since 1961 and the Alabama since 1965, both are floating. But I am pretty sure both of those ships, judging from their condition, have had better care taken of them. I had planned on visiting the Alabama when I was stationed at Fort Rucker, but never really got a chance. https://www.ussalabama.com/ https://www.battleshipnc.com/ I donated last year for the Sullivans and the Buffalo park, I still get email updates from them off and on. Wish I had know that park was there when I was younger. We lived about 30 mins from it, and I never knew it existed. But not sure if it was there, or anything like it is now, back in 1981. So that's possibly why I never heard about it then.
  15. Never saw a survey anywhere. Probably selectively...um, I mean "randomly" sent out. So any data is suspect