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  1. More wasted dev time...although I guess it can't be that hard to slap a new coat of paint, on the same old ships. You know Ponies will be coming...just a matter of time. Any firm ETA on Italian Battleships?
  2. Valas1

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    More carrier crap. Highly accurate secondaries? Really? That's just encouraging terrible game play in a ship class that's already a pale comparison to it's former self. Meanwhile, carriers we had in the game, are sitting dormant. Where are all the odd tiered carriers that were removed? Wouldn't it be a better use of resources, to make content that was already in the game, usable again? I have zero use for the new CV Rework crap, but, it's obviously not going away. So why not get the old ships back up and running for the people who do like it or used to have those ships, and want them back?
  3. Valas1

    British Heavy Cruisers: Ships History

    Still waiting for the Renown and/or Repulse...
  4. lol, wasted 6000 gold on the first booster, but that's on me really. I should have read the fine print a little better. Certainly not shelling out another 35000 gold to complete it. That's a complete joke.
  5. Just scored a Graf Zeppelin from a free Santa Crate that came from playing my Tier 10's. Opened 5, got 3 sets of signals, some frosty camo, and the Zep. I can't complain. So thank you for the free ship. Too bad I can't trade it to a CV guy for a Massachusetts lol.
  6. Sorry, my info is staying nice and safe, in a fireproof safe, other than the one copy of my DD-214 in my wallet. Not giving out any of my personal or U.S. Army info to some random website. that claims to keep your stuff safe, for a Tier 2 ship I already own, let alone anything else. Too many leaky websites these days. Thank you, but no thank you. Donate mine to a random new player.
  7. Valas1

    How to make Blyskawica work in Sprint

    I play mine very similarly. Although for ranked sprint, I honestly use my Akatsuki or Sims more often. I really miss the Kiev at Tier 7, and playing the Blyskawica reminds me of it a lot, but with usable torpedoes. I to do NOT run AFT on mine, for the gun bloom issue. 12 km is a workable range, that you can hit and fade in and out of.
  8. Crap as usual lol. I burned up all my Super Container luck/karma last year when I finished one of step of I think it was the Hit'em Hard Campaign, and opened 2 SC's, and got two Tier 6 ships back to back. Have pretty much gotten nothing but signal flags, and I think 1k doubloons awhile back, since then. And frequently, the signal flags are semi-useless, like a stack of 100 Die Hard flags...YAY!
  9. Valas1

    Apply to Beta Test Submarines!

    No thank you. Waste of dev time.
  10. None. I don't grind. I play what I feel like playing, and if I unlock the next ship, and I want to use it, I buy it. I have enough free xp to unlock several tier 9's and a couple tier 10's, but no dire need for them. None of the new ship lines they have added, have sparked any major interest to me. The only tier 10's I somewhat want right now, are the Yamato and Minotaur. I have had enough xp on the Amagi to unlock the Izumo for months, but I have the Musashi, so never really bothered. I love my Neptune, and will unlock the Minotaur eventually. but not before I skill up a new captain for the Neptune. I plan on keeping it. So pretty much, until they release the Italian BB line, or if they actually release and do something interesting flavor wise, with Italian DD's, I'll just earn xp as it goes and play the ships I enjoy.
  11. LOL. Pretty much my thought. I closed my wallet when they launched their screwed up console port of World of Warplanes Lite and called it the CV Rework. I have no intention of spending anymore on this game. With some of the questionable ships they have released, and now Subs, (which were NOT coming), are now coming, I don't see it happening. I'd be willing to bet, a good amount of the people who were spending money on the game, and aren't now, have the same sentiment.
  12. Valas1

    Submarines - Make or Break for WoWS future

    LOL....yet another troll who thinks his point of view is the only point of view. You thinking your opinion, is the only one that matters, and completely disregarding the concerns of a large portion of the player base, is the only foolish thing here, not anything else. Troll and fire away man. You can shoot all you want, but, it still won't make your opinion any more valid that anyone else's. The fact that you reiterated your opinion, by stating that other players viewpoints were "less" and "don't matter", because they aren't in the game,, because you assume they are all not playing the game, or because you disagree with them, shows just how naive you truly are. I was on the fence until they started talking about subs moving around 30 kts and homing torpedoes, that completely shot it down for me.
  13. Valas1

    Submarines - Make or Break for WoWS future

    LOL...how is the anti-sub viewpoint any less than yours? They aren't even subs, in the remotest sense, other than they can digitally go under the pixel water. They certainly aren't remotely close to their historical counterparts in anything but their ship models. People who don't like this path they are taking, are going to voice their opinions on it. So to quote you, "O'well, to bad, so sad, DEAL WITH IT".
  14. Valas1

    Submarines - Make or Break for WoWS future

    They have already broken the game for me. I'll dabble here and there, but not a dime more. Adding in Subs, is like adding a second round of nails to the lid of a coffin, or sealing it in lead, just to make sure it's dead and stays there. That's how I feel about a game I used to spend many hours a week playing and loved to play. There are so many other things they could be spending dev time on. Like the CV's we had, that are now gone, the CV crap that it is now, the rest of the Italian Navy lines, more scenarios, etc.