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  1. Valas1

    Summer Sale: Today's Deal!

    Wallet still closed. No way I would buy a tier 8 premium, if there is a chance one or both of the random drops is a Tier 8 CV. Or some of the other miserable Tier 8's they have in the pool. If we could pick 3 for that price, I'd bet you'd see ships flying off the virtual shelves.
  2. Valas1

    Savage Battle opinions.

    It sucks.
  3. Probably their biggest crime of all!
  4. Yeah, my wallet closed with the whole CV Rework debacle. I don't mind supporting a game, but, CV's and AA are still a mess as far as I am concerned. I'd love a Benham, as I love my Fletcher, but I will likely never see it. Have no intention of playing the new mode when it goes live. And I have zero intention on spending money on loot crates for crappy looking camo, etc.
  5. Valas1

    Rogue Wave: The Full Guide

    Tried this out on the test server. Did not find it fun to play at all really. The old Torpedo Beats was better. Couple of ships far outclass the others in terms of range of their guns and/or torps. Couple, even with the changes, aren't really agile enough to be weaving in and out of the islands they packed in. Don't think I could stomach that many games of it for the Hill. Not that I need another tier 5 DD.
  6. Valas1

    xp earned by premiums

    You can occasionally earn Doubloons for free. Save that for xp conversion sales, if you really, really need the xp that badly. Otherwise, there's always premium time, Papa Papa and other signal flags, and several camo's you can earn off and on, that give free xp bonuses. So you don't have to convert the xp. Base camo on the Anshan gives a 100% bonus to free xp earned. There is also a camo for the Tirpitz that does the same. You can get 20 Papa Papa flags in the Armory for 6400 coal, before any discount coupons you might have. Also the Team Fire and Water camo's are in the armory at the moment too. So there are other options available, to get some extra free xp, without converting what's on your ship(s). I'd personally be happy for larger xp conversion rate around the holidays, like a 50/1 instead of the 35/1. They don't have many "sales" on it. And it barely qualifies as a sale, with the paltry amount they bump the conversion rate up. Only sitting at a little over 10 mil xp on my ships not converted. Have 751k free xp, after buying the Alaska recently, and the Missouri awhile back, but I don't usually spend much on converting free xp unless it's on their doubloons from a crate or something. Bought my Musashi with coal.
  7. Yes., they have. There is NOTHING for Tier 2-4 now except randoms and co-op. No events, no operations, almost no campaigns you can use them for. With the exception of the Snowflakes we had around Christmas/New Years, I think I have seen maybe a handful of combat missions that a Tier 4 could get a reward for. They used to include Tier 4's in almost every event/mission chain. Loved using my Yubari, Nikolai, or a Kuma for stuff. Sold the Kuma and the other two gather dust now. I know I and many other players have PLEADED with them to make some low end content. I honestly think they don't care now. How hard is it to shuffle some islands around on existing maps, and make a scenario for Tier 2-4 ships. We have enough pre-war or WW I ships in the game for a Jutland based scenario. Almost enough for a Ruso-Japanese scenario. Where's our Tier 2 Borodino?
  8. I've kept most of mine, but the Fiji is one ship that will never leave my port. In no other particular order, the Aoba, Akatsuki, Yugumo, Leander, Neptune, Cleveland, Benson, Fletcher, Algerie, Budyonny, Gadjah Mada, Lyon, Richelieu, Alsace, Bismarck, Kiev. I did not count any of my Tier 10's, as I would never ditch them either. These ships are my "go to" tech tree stuff now, otherwise I use my premiums. 122 ships in port, counting premiums, so I might have a problem too...
  9. Valas1

    Armada: Georgia

    And it has 3 less of them...
  10. LOL.........CV rework is, and always will be garbage in my book. So that would be a no.
  11. Rogue wave is crap. Ranges are too short on several of the destroyers. Having 4 km range and a surface detect of 5.8 on the Lancet, makes it almost useless versus most of the other destroyers. Plus the mode just isn't fun to play and I am a destroyer main. Torpedo beats was a lot more fun than this mode. Hell the Bathtub April Fool's mode was more fun than this. Destroyer Skins are meh. If I want a post apocalypse look, I'll fire up Fallout 3 or 4. Looks more like some Warhammer 40k Orks started slapping stuff together. "After the bomb", I'm certain no one is going to be welding spikes on top of their ship's turrets. That metal would be useful elsewhere lol. Ranked Sprint? Never got a match to launch. Not enough players. Armory changes did not pay attention to. AA updates, were ok, the few matches I had with CV's. A couple of my destroyers actually managed to shoot some down, but, they were both equipped with defensive fire. (Fletcher and Groz) The CV rework is still total garbage. Minimap and UI updates were nice. As other's have mentioned, and I myself, the fire button will randomly cease function and you have to play around with things, remap the key, or restart the game to get it to work again. The UI, at 1920x1200, seemed to clip the damage counter off slightly in the far upper right hand corner of the screen. The last digit was partially pushed off the screen, but still readable.
  12. I had this happen today, My second match of the day, in a Kagero, I fired both torpedo racks off. After they reloaded, I could not fire ANY of my weapons again using my left mouse button. However, I was able to hit escape, LEFT click on the settings button, left click on controls, left click on the fire buttons and map a second fire button to my mouse 5. And use that to fire my torps and guns for the remainder of the match. Started a Rogue Wave match, which sucks btw, and same issue. Could not use my LMB after I fired the first volley of torpedoes. Had to use my alternate mapped button after that. Quit playing, too buggy and not enough people playing randoms at the moment. Was taking 3-5 mins sometimes for a queue to drop. Will try again another time.
  13. At least the Texas and Warspite were decent ships, the ships they are giving away now, other than maybe the Kidd, are mediocre at best. And correct, a Tier 3 is just an insult. Tier 5 should be the minimum, as at least they can earn rewards from most events. Since Wargaming felt it necessary to shaft everyone with Tier 4 premiums, and tier 4's in general, from being able to participate in just about every event, challenge, daily mission, etc. now. Really, only 5 camo's? I mean, I'm sure someone will figure out how to farm this, but 5 camos also just seems stupid low, even if they are good ones. Overall, doesn't really make me want to go out and spam referrals to get a random loot drop.
  14. Valas1

    Petition to WG to unistall

    I have seen no less than 3 rental Shimakazes this weekend, die, inside a cap circle, before their torpedoes were even loaded. Just had a match with a rental Groz, that just sailed around outside the Epicenter circle, shooting every so often, then when things started going south, he just sailed to the north side of the map, and hid. When we called him out on it, he said he'd never played a tier 10 DD, let alone a Russian one, before, and was still working on CV's... I have seen very few of the "rental" ships, do very well, in the matches I have had. That being said, even the aforementioned Groz guy, did better than two fully kitted out Tier 10 BB's on that same team. So I guess our mileage will vary lol. Still think it was a terrible idea. Personally would have rather seen Tier 6 or 7 ranked back and there would have been no need for rentals.
  15. That would be even more fun. BATH TUB RANKED! Bring on the Bottlesheep and Pokeboats! It was the 2016 April Fool's event. Instant classic, wish they'd bring it back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SPECVvfHkc