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  1. Valas1

    DD's dont need help from Wargamming.

    LOL. The tears. CV tears, the Karma train is rolling around. As you CV players were quick to point out in so many CV Rework threads..."Adapt". I never had much issue dodging most rocket strikes before. Oddly enough, it was the skilled players and Dive Bombers that would be more of a threat.
  2. Fiji is absolutely a keeper, and great in every mode of game play. Leander, Neptune, and Minotaur are all great. I found the Ed to be a bit lackluster. Bismarck I have had some great fun in. Des Moines is still a solid cruiser. I haven't used mine a lot, but I definitely felt it was performing well. The Tier 3 USN St. Louis, because, GUNS. So many guns...and a stupid high HP pool for it's tier. Did I mention it had lots of guns? Aoba oddly enough, has been one of my go to cruisers pretty much since I got it fully upgraded. It's been power creeped some now. Budyonny is a solid mid to long range cruiser, just don't show your sides to anything. Almost every tech tree DD I kept, excluding ones I got for free from events with permanent camo that is: IJN Isokaze, Minekaze, Akatsuki, Yugumo, Shimakaze, Akizuki, Kitakaze. USN Farragut to Gearing. Except the Mahan, oddly enough I hated that ship. My Kiev I loved at Tier 7, it still does ok at Tier 8. Another ship that has been power creeped though. The French BB line from Tier 7 up can be pretty fun. Honestly, what Ensign_Cthulhu said about the test server is great advice. I have tried several ships on the test server, and it's helped me decide whether to train for a line, or even to quit playing a line, etc.
  3. Sadly, this has been an issue since Day 1 of ranked. Watching a guy bring a stock Colorado to a match... It's the same reason I don't care for the split tiers. That, and when you see guys with no camo, not even the super cheap, basically free stuff, no signal flags, etc. It just boggles my mind, when I see someone get detonated in a Ranked match. You can literally buy those flags in the armory for credits or coal, and there are coupons no less. Also, it should be one tier, period. If they want to include CV's, and have tier 7 ranked, give the CV players back their odd tiered CV's already. I'm ready to face my arch nemesis the Taiho again! But anymore, does it really matter? Ranked is kind of a joke now.
  4. Valas1

    nerf salem that i paid for really WG

    Lol. IJN DD's were nerfed awhile ago. You can spot most of their torps from orbit now because whining BB players, couldn't figure out something as simple as WASD. Minekaze lost it's 10 km torpedoes, which was definitely a balance issue at the time. I can't remember for sure, but I think few US torpedoes had their detection range increased too. Wrong. My IJN DD's get attacked all the time by competent CV players. Ok, maybe not ALL the time. I do have matches without CV's. And ALL of my DD's have been spotted, attacked, and harassed by CV's before. Wrong. On so many levels. The only buff that even remotely mattered, that I can think of in recent history, to IJN DD's, was the slight stealth reduction the Shimakaze got. If there were others they were minor or moot. Wrong. How is a ship class trashing and itching a post? I see the exact same amount of vitriol coming from BB players, if not more so. Wrong. I can guarantee, there are not IJN DD's in every game. And wrong yet again. Removing DD's will not change anything. You will find something else to whine about. Probably CV's, or Cruisers, or other BB players. While I am generally a DD main, I play a good mix of cruisers and battleships at all tiers. I don't even mind CV's, annoying as they are. I just hate the current incarnation of them. I have zero issues with ANY of them or playing against ANY of them a vast majority of the time. Except for the usual back of the map campers, map edge runners, and the occasional island humper that shouldn't be humping an island. If you are having issues with DD's, you should probably be reflecting on your gameplay, not wanting their removal.
  5. Valas1

    Grand Battle

    Exactly. Logged in this morning after work, and surprise, I can't play. Wasted time with the captains and credits on equipment, but I can always use the equipment later. So at least not a big loss there. Maybe someone will enjoy the battles later today, while I am sleeping. Won't be able to access the game mode till maybe late Friday night.
  6. Yeah, even if you don't play BB's, I'd get it now. I absolutely love mine. It's been great for this horrid season of Ranked. Plus it does great in Narai, Co-Op, and Randoms. I have seen a lot of players using the butt tank position. Seems counter intuitive, but it does work.
  7. Valas1

    Epitome of a T8 Utility Cruiser

    Still won't make me buy that turd lol. Could get the same results in any tier 8 cruiser, by doing the exact same things. Except maybe the Tallinn...
  8. Valas1

    The boats we wanted since Beta

    Yes, but sadly, we've had dozens of fantasy ships show up, before them. I'd have to search through old posts, but I'm pretty sure the 3 ships I wanted added years ago, were the Alaska, Leander Class (Ajax in particular, but the Leander works too), and the Renown/Repulse. Two of the three have made it into the game.
  9. Bathtub Brawls....give us back our Bottlesheep!
  10. Valas1

    over 50k random battles

    Could be multiple people using the account to play too, such as a parent and their kid(s). Guy I used to play World of Tanks with, I know let his kid use his account. I could always tell which one was playing, because his son actually played better than he did lol
  11. Valas1

    The boats we wanted since Beta

    HMS Renown and or her sister Repulse. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Renown_(1916)
  12. Valas1


    Yeah, while annoying, as I think you or someone else pointed out in another thread, the torp damage is horrid, and it takes 8 BB guns out of the game while they are screwing around with their planes. But as it stands, I plan on avoiding randoms and ranked for a couple of weeks at least. Till the Tirpitz syndrome dies down.
  13. Valas1

    What are your WoWS goals for 2021?

    Riding out the remainder of my premium time and then probably looking for something else to play, other than maybe some co-op. Even most of the scenarios don't interest me anymore, because it's the same lame few. They removed some good ones, but are too lazy to reinstate them. I don't buy the "we don't have the time" [edited] they feed us. Considering all the silly crap they have done in the last few months. I won't set foot in randoms or ranked for at least a couple of weeks, now that Ise has dropped.
  14. Valas1

    How to unlock torpedoes on the Tiger 59

    BE the torpedo! Words to live by. I have rammed several people, openly admitting I was using a full sized one shot torpedo in chat. Hell, I rammed a guy in my Sims once after he ate both racks of torps and lived. He repped, and I was close enough to turn into him after his DC dropped. I remember he flooded out, and we were both laughing in chat about really, really wanting him dead lol.