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  1. I don't want access to my Saipan on the test server, I want a full cash refund for it. I have ZERO interest in the new abortion of a dumbed down console crossover of World of Warplanes they call the carrier rework. My Saipan being magically bumped up to Tier 8, and me not being able to control all the flights of aircraft on it, is significantly NOT what I paid for. Glad I never bought any of the other premiums. (Yes, I know I won't get a refund, but, doesn't mean I still don't want one.)
  2. Valas1

    Imperator Nikolai

    The armor is what made it amazing, and the gun angles. In skilled hands, it could troll even most tier 6 BB's consistently. But, it didn't take long for people to just burn you to death, and it's still allergic to planes and torpedoes. Now it never see's tier 6's, but still plenty of CV's at Tier 4 and 5 to make ones life miserable. Bought mine the first day it was released, plus the Warspite bundles they had. I don't regret either purchase. Both are very fun.
  3. Valas1

    Post your 2018 Crate Haul....

    Heh, I want to buy some, but they have released so many mediocre premium ships in the last year or so. I'm quite sure, that IF I get a ship or ships, it will likely be one of those. So I may pass this year. Broke down, and spent just over 39 dollars, and got a little over 17 dollars worth of Doubloons (3500) and a Dunkerque, 10k free xp, 2500 coal, and a ton of llags and camo that I don't know the value of. The ship and doubloons were worth more than I paid for the crates, so everything else was just a bonus. Not really a ship I wanted, but I could have done much worse *coughKrasnycough*. Doubt I will buy more. as upcoming ships like the Alaska, and others, have me wondering how they will release them.
  4. Valas1

    Auxiliary ship (medic) lines

    Yes, my Shimmy loves bunched up slow or stationary targets. Well, hmm, pretty much any of my DD's, but 15 torp wall can make for some hijinx with ships all clustered up.
  5. Valas1

    Auxiliary ship (medic) lines

    /em throws pencil and dice bag. "I quit!"
  6. Valas1

    Auxiliary ship (medic) lines

    Your Wu Jen Class IJN DD, casts Fireball at a BB, causing 36 pts of damage, half if he saves, and 1 automatic fire. Roll a d20 for the amount of tears created.
  7. Valas1

    Auxiliary ship (medic) lines

    Just give every ship that doesn't normally have a heal, a one shot heal for like 5-10% of their non-citadel health back. No upgraded consumable available. Or perhaps, allow Damage Control to repair like 1-2% health per activation, up to 5-10% maximum non-citadel health, on ships that cannot fit Repair Party. Gives them a slight boost to survival, but don't think it would be utterly game breaking. Would help some of the more squishier cruisers in the game, especially at low to mid tiers. I really can't see auxiliary ships being viable in a random battle. Scenarios yes, the chaos or lack thereof in a Random Battle, as others have mentioned, you will find most of your team humping that ship for all it's worth until it's dead.
  8. Valas1

    Harugumo Verses Other Destroyers Unfair

    Gumo and Kitakaze, if I can help it, I just keep them spotted as much as possible with my Gearing, Shimakaze, Fletcher, and Yugumo, and usually other players take care of it. And as others have mentioned, if it smokes up, and my racks are loaded, it's getting a torp wall.
  9. Valas1

    Yup. "Super" Containers suck

    Lol, he ninja'd you a few posts up. Well, sort of anyway.
  10. Valas1

    Yup. "Super" Containers suck

    Had 2 Super Containers last night (from completing part of the Halsey Campaign), 1k Doubloons and 100 AA flags. The last straight up SC I got about 3 weeks or so ago, was 50 Restless Fire Camo, and the 2 I got before that for a previous step in the Halsey Campaign, were literally back to back Tier 6 cruisers Perth and Huanghe. So I can't complain too much, I've been pretty lucky with mine when I get them for the most part. Not that I haven't had some stinkers, like a stack of Spotting Planes or Spotting Plane upgrades.
  11. Valas1

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Just make radar work like a glorified Radio Position/Direction Finding. No god's eye view of the map, just blips on the minimap. Or as I think someone else mentioned, make radar range your detection range, like firing your guns. There are several other ships as mentioned that can pull this off stealth or near stealth radar.
  12. I don't see it happening, the balance issues, and mechanic changes they would have to make to existing ships, would be absurd. I have no idea why they even went there in the first place, unless it was in desperation to draw in new players. I can't even imagine the headaches of having to revamp most of the destroyers in the game, plus many cruisers that were armed with ASW equipment and weaponry. They really should have left the subs in the "no we aren't going to touch them" stage, period.
  13. Valas1

    0.7.10 - Public Test Feedback

    RN Navy/Brit DD's did not get to test, other than receiving rewards for the directives. The Halloween Event, the original two are still fun. I don't remember the Transylvania having a repair aura, so if that's new, that's great. The Submarines scenario is terrible. The controls are terrible. As someone else mentioned, the Q/E are hard wired into many of us as rudder locks. Also, why can we only remain submerged for 60 seconds before being forced to the surface? This needs to be longer, by another 30-60 seconds at least. The subs should be able to snorkel at periscope depth. Perhaps have subs maintain the status quo on their oxygen while at periscope depth, but not reset their timer. IE, if you dive, lose 15 seconds of air, then come back up to periscope depth, you would have 45 secs on your timer if you dove again, and reset to 60 if you fully surface. Other than that, tried it and really didn't find it as fun to play, as it looked in the video. The old scenarios are still a blast though. Deck guns on the subs are utterly useless. Sitting 1 km from a catapult, and 90% of the shells, flew into the rocks below it. Apparently the gunners are incapable of any kind of gun elevation, or accuracy. Some players seem to think Subs are coming to Random Battles, this needs to be quashed or commented upon by Wargaming. There are websites reporting, that Wargaming people, have told them they are coming. PC World was one of them. I chalk it up to a miscommunication, but others I have seen in the forums here, and elsewhere, seem to be taking this stuff as gospel, that subs are coming to Randoms. This needs to be clarified, one way or another. Tried Ranked Sprint for a few hours today, made it to Rank 3. As with any tier, certain ships seem to shine. Tier 5 CV's somewhat tough to deal with, when you consider nothing has Defensive AA. I tried both the Zuiho and the Bogue, and both did pretty well. I would give the edge to the Zuiho though, just for the pair of TB squads and enough planes to replenish them fully at least once. Being able to cross drop on targets with a pair of TB squads was pretty strong. Of course, yet again, we cannot test anything with premium ships. You guys need to allow us to use premium ships to properly test new game modes. The entire time I was playing Ranked Sprint, all I could think about was, how Tier 5 Ranked would affected by multiple 19 pt captain'd Kamikaze cousins, Gremyashchy, the Texas, the Giulio Cesare, etc. operating in divisions. I know if I was playing my Fujin, against a team with no CV and no comparable DD, they would be hard pressed to compete with the damage output and stealth of one. I'd limit it to tech tree ships only, or allow us to purchase tier 5 premium ships on the test server, so you get a better sense of what will likely be happening. Taking into consideration the premium tier 5's I own, the only tech tree ships I think I would use, are the Zuiho and Kirov. Otherwise, it will be, Fujin, Gremy, Murmansk, and my Cesare for sure. I did not get into any torpedo heavy matches, so cannot report on the Torpedo Warning change. Not enough players for me to get a full random battle, so never saw more than a couple DD's on either side. Supply seems good. Will update as needed.
  14. SIMS! Strong AA, good rate of fire from it's guns, and fast loading, if slow torpedoes. And it can mount defensive fire. Blyskawica does well. Mahan does well. I cannot speak for any of the others.
  15. Valas1

    I got a ship! T6 Duca D'Aosta! Tips?

    I use mine for Co-op and Operations, it just gets punished too much in Randoms vs it's counterparts. Cons: Shortish range guns, spotter planes don't last long enough, meh health pool, the rudder reminds me of playing an IJN DD or French cruiser (IE something sneezes, it breaks). 12km Watermines...er Torpedoes are slow. Pros: It looks sexy. The shell velocities are very nice, comparable to the Russian rail guns on some RU Cruisers. Engage at range, and don't make yourself a primary target.