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  1. Because it is a no fault system.
  2. You do know that large, any ship in this game steered off the compass. A ships wheel turning tells you nothing.
  3. Big, damn big, I am going to guess at least 150k tons if not 200k tons. It would make the Yamato look like a light cruiser.
  4. Casual Saturday - Low Tier Action

    A different way to look at it, different strokes.
  5. Casual Saturday - Low Tier Action

    That isn't much of a range. I gather you play mostly 8 - 10? Most people look at 1 - 3/4 low tier, 4/5 - 7 as mid tier and 8 - 10 as upper tier.
  6. Casual Saturday - Low Tier Action

    So if tier 5 is low tier what do you consider to be mid tier?
  7. Where's the oil go to?

    This, at least until the devs come up with a use for it.
  8. Rank 10+ even worth it?

    Rank 18 wasn't worth it for me. Have a really good game an not advance but stink up the house and you do. They need to remove or reduce the team factor. Something that has been suggested by multiple people is that the top 7 experience earners get a star. This would remove riding the coat tails of the better players and reward the players on the losing team that perform well.
  9. The Most Roma Match Ever

    Did 52k to a bow on Missouri with 7 hits, 3 standard pens, 1 shatter, and 3 over pens, and a citadel who died before I reloaded so I switched to a broadside DM that was 10 Km away that was shrugging off my shells like I was using a .22 on a Tiger tank.
  10. The Most Roma Match Ever

    I also own the SS Jekyll and Hyde, I love her and hate her usually in the same match.
  11. Submarine Watch - Update

    I left because it is not worth the aggravation, see ya.
  12. Pensacola

    Also, did you log into a different account or a different server? Check you user name and password.
  13. Pink because a stupid player

    Automatically blaming the smaller ship creates its own issues and opens up DD's/cruisers in smoke to griefing by larger ships.