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  1. Two Encyclopedia Kizarvexis.
  2. BrushWolf

    Fixing Battleship AP

    Because the DD will have disappeared somehow most of the time before a BB is reloaded.
  3. The first test did feel like an alpha but by the second test it was feeling much more finished.
  4. Final balancing is always done on the live server because the test servers never have enough players to be able to do it there. That is also the reason that Supertesters play unreleased new ships on the live server.
  5. BrushWolf

    DDs Still Not Fun To Play

    Ah, the old radar shouldn't go through islands. Well you shouldn't be able to target anything from in or behind smoke for one example of game mechanics that are not realistic
  6. BrushWolf

    Fixing Battleship AP

    I was never talking about evasion, I think you have me confused with someone else. I brought up that while most large caliber AP should over penetrate there are some like engine/boiler and steering hits that should be a standard penetration. Sorry if there was some confusion.
  7. BrushWolf

    Fixing Battleship AP

    What are you on? This isn't about in your face shooting so yes only one or two because of dispersion and with a 30 second give or take reload DD's can fairly easily disappear with smoke or an island.
  8. BrushWolf

    8.0 PSA

    It won't or shouldn't matter shortly as this has already fallen off the first page of General and is second from the bottom of recent. I looked for a staff post since I didn't see anything in recent and not seeing either made this post
  9. True but if you run into a few teams with a few of those ringers before they have brought the team up enough to get the higher level matches it just sucks. I have come to the conclusion that during CB that the cool down before being able to join a new clan should be a lot longer.
  10. BrushWolf

    CV rework and the premiums

    My thoughts are that they are still working on their final details, a possible reason for the delay of the patch.
  11. BrushWolf

    Code for 10 camos + flag - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    Worked for me too.
  12. BrushWolf

    8.0 PSA

    I looked for it and didn't see it.
  13. BrushWolf

    8.0 PSA

    Just saw this when I logged into the game. 8.0 is being delayed a week until Jan 30th. That gives an additional week to finish the missions/campaign that was ending with the patch.
  14. BrushWolf

    Where are The Nelsons Torpedo Tubes?

    As has been pointed out fixed tubes are not modeled on the ships and historically they were next to useless because the ship had to slow to 5 knots or less to fire them. Not the best image but you can see the port tube about halfway between the forward turret and the anchor.
  15. I like the PEF. The fact that it is not over powered leaves room for buffs down the road instead of exile to only being accessible in crates.