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  1. BrushWolf

    In Rememberance of the Great War

    My Father served in Greenland in WWII and it was a combat zone with the Germans constantly trying to set up weather stations. An older uncle a a short little Italian immigrant who had no patience for stupidity and who wouldn't back off from an exploding volcano and if the volcano was smart would wait for another day did serve in US Army in WWII by lying about his age, he was too old. If family rumor is correct also served in the Italian army in WWI by lying about his age because he was too young. I remember spending some time with him when he was older and he told me about the illegal alcohol industry here during Prohibition and how he ran the liquor to the bars/speak easys with a motorcycle side car. Of course like all vets he never talked about combat. Of all my relatives I miss him the most and wish I could have spent more time talking with him, he died at 95 in 1997 and was arrested for disorderly conduct six months before his death, you had to know him to love him.
  2. BrushWolf

    Can anyone explain what happened? wth is this

    That is weird, it shows the main actors except for Dennis Quaid as Halsey which is the real Halsey and I am going to guess Mandy Moore as Ann Best which is Dasha.
  3. The drop rates really are not that much of an issue. The real issue is that people with gambling addiction, I know someone that spent an insane amount of money to get a tech tree ship early in a previous roll out, I was on TeamSpeak with him. I liked that the currency for the Italian cruisers was not doubloons aka real money and instead the special currency we earned in game.
  4. They advertise on The History Guy's videos too but of course I can't find one with a WG ad.
  5. Very true but WG at least puts some value into their boxes even if you don't get the bigger prizes where the other companies boxes more often than not will have nothing with a dollar value anywhere near what you paid for it.
  6. BrushWolf

    Italian cruisers over?

    Yeah but try to find that information a month later.
  7. BrushWolf

    Sick of these Streaks!

    Yeah but we can still say that they almost never come to the forums to complain about winning streaks.
  8. BrushWolf

    In Rememberance of the Great War

    Ah, I see said the blind man to his deaf brother. That would be a very real issue if they lost but a draw would also have been likely with both sides declaring victory
  9. BrushWolf

    PSA: Today ONLY - Earn 111 doubloons

    Oh, I wouldn't turn it down but I don't really need it
  10. BrushWolf

    PSA: Today ONLY - Earn 111 doubloons

    I mostly ignore the Twitch missions as they are a lot of work for not much, if I finish one great but I don't play to do so.
  11. BrushWolf

    PSA: Today ONLY - Earn 111 doubloons

    I see this as more useful for newer or credit short players as a quick way to build up the bank balance.
  12. BrushWolf

    PSA: Today ONLY - Earn 111 doubloons

    That is a lot of work for 111 doubloons as what is another million credits when you are sitting on almost 170 million.
  13. BrushWolf

    In Rememberance of the Great War

    I doubt they would have lost Austro-Hungry as an ally because of there being no one else for Austro-Hungry to look to. I doubt the conflict would have lasted long as all Russia wanted from it was for Austro-Hungry to quit poking the Serbs and Austro-Hungry was not going to fight very hard to keep the right to poke the Serbs.
  14. BrushWolf

    In Rememberance of the Great War

    Poppies always were more of a Memorial Day thing here although you used to see some worn on November 11th by those that were old enough to remember WWI. Interesting thoughts. There is another what if, what if Germany hadn't declared war on Russia, they did debate not doing so because Astro-Hungry had started it and the treaty was defensive. The resulting Austro-Hungarian Russian conflict would probably not have lasted very long.
  15. BrushWolf

    In Rememberance of the Great War

    Yes it is. That is how people use them here and if we still had negative reputation he would have lost reputation.