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  1. BrushWolf

    WOWS VS WOT...

    It isn't just that but they are making/remaking maps to favor the RU server's brawling meta just as here with maps like Shatter that make even medium range fighting near impossible.
  2. BrushWolf

    Giulio Cesare vs Konig?

    Giulio Cesare Konig
  3. BrushWolf

    Where are the UK missions?

    I heard 100k but I could be paying for all the drugs in the 1970's.
  4. BrushWolf

    Giulio Cesare vs Konig?

    The Giulio Cesare is Mohamad Ali - float like a butterfly - sting like a bee to the Konig's Rocky Marciano's brawling.
  5. BrushWolf

    WOWS VS WOT...

    You only get a good flight model if you play modes other than arcade in WT and making a simple no pedals joystick, Logitech Extreme 3D Pro for example, work is pretty much impossible for any mode. The flight modeling in WT arcade mode makes WoWP pre 2.0 look like a hard core flight sim.
  6. BrushWolf

    Let me pick my tier

    Without changes to the economy that would only move the problem to a higher tier.
  7. BrushWolf

    Monthly Event Bloat - Destroying its usefulness.

    We have to opt in outside of the game for far too many things because people were complaining. If they are going to stay with opt in I would rather see it in game and when you log in you are given the option of taking it or not.
  8. BrushWolf

    WOWS VS WOT...

    This, Here and over in WoWP if you ask a question people will try to help. Over in WoT you are happy to get a wise [edited] answer if you don't get told to FO.
  9. We passed Dead Sea levels early on in this thread.
  10. BrushWolf

    Why do people do this?

    The best I have puled off has been a few 11 Km shots with 10 Km torpedoes at a closing target. I don't give a hoot if they fire them only that those shots do not disrupt my maneuvering. I think it is a combination of not giving a damn and not understanding how things work.
  11. Percentage wise our experience earnings are much higher than in WoT and even at a 50% bonus for first win we get more than they do. I am a ship collector, cough cough horder and I have no desire to get these ships but I will take them if they show up as a missions reward.
  12. BrushWolf

    Let me pick my tier

    We can see what really happens now. They really needed to bite the bullet and admit that they made tier 10 too easy to play regularly making them too common in the queue and figure out how to reduce their numbers there.
  13. Better than different armors would be having a couple of different skill sets.