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  1. BrushWolf

    Sub over-penetration de-buff suggestion

    I distinctly remember getting flooding from shell fire, it was very rare, less than 1 in 100 matches, but it did happen for quite awhile. At a guess some ships still had a few target points that triggered flooding.
  2. BrushWolf

    Removal of Subs from COOP

    It is more of an issue when a player commanded sub does the pinging because it forces you to react even if they have no ability to attack. This is why I think that having any ship that sees subs unable to defend themselves is a mistake.
  3. BrushWolf

    Sub over-penetration de-buff suggestion

    I got into Alpha after the twin DP pools were still in the game. It still happened on occasion until well after launch after launch, it took them awhile to lock down all the ways that flooding could be triggered. I think that they should have left the flotation damage as a secondary type of damage at a low level of damage that could could be repaired with DC but at levels that you normally would ignore.
  4. BrushWolf

    Are PT boats really next?

    They were only in that operation. If we had true night battles they would make some sense for those night battles as their stealth would allow launching torpedoes at large targets and using small caliber weapons on enemy boats.
  5. BrushWolf

    Removal of Subs from COOP

    The worst part of bot subs is they make the match last longer without the playing the objectives benefit because they force you off with that ping spam. At least a bot isn't smart enough to hide when they are the last of their team and time is in their favor.
  6. BrushWolf

    Sub over-penetration de-buff suggestion

    Flooding used to happen from shell fire in the early days after launch which I think was a left over from when there was separate hull and buoyancy. It was eventually removed but the chance was so low that it could have stayed and the amount of flooding reduced to a minor irritant.
  7. BrushWolf

    Sub over-penetration de-buff suggestion

    I was only arguing against what you proposed as an outright no but I do see an delay or slowing in diving as realistic in game.
  8. BrushWolf

    Sub over-penetration de-buff suggestion

    In a simulation any sub that has been penetrated would be unable to dive and that is not something that can be repaired while in combat. Since this isn't a simulation something like you are talking about or what I mentioned is not going to happen.
  9. BrushWolf

    Scale models for sale?

    Things like that are priced more on size. The Rocinate from The Expanse 8.6 inches for $59.99 USD. The same model at 12.8 inches is $79.95.
  10. BrushWolf

    Spend Labor Day at Sea and get Unique Rewards

    I have to admit that I didn't read it and if I had I would have noticed.
  11. BrushWolf

    Spend Labor Day at Sea and get Unique Rewards

    Labor Day is not until September as the May holiday in the US is Memorial Day.
  12. BrushWolf

    Bot Tools

    @SunkCostFallacy the Devs tweak the AI pretty regularly. Some time back the Devs tried to implement a more human like AI and the uproar was off the charts because the standard co-op charge in to sink them as fast as possible didn't work any more. However, playing the objectives more like how you would in a random match would yield about 500 base experience or 750 for a win in match times that were still much less than the typical random match.
  13. BrushWolf

    New Policy?

    Actually since the OP had a general question on moderation Ahskance was the correct person to contact. Now if you have a question about a specific case of moderation contact that mod. This is how almost every place on the internet works, you explain to the mod why you think the moderation was not needed, they will explain why it was. If you really think you are right you can ask to go higher but you better have your ducks in a row if you do.
  14. BrushWolf

    New Policy?

    It all comes down to how you complain. If your complaint comes out that x is a terrible piece of s*** and who ever designed it should be slapped the thread is likely going to be locked if the thread got unruly of the post will be deleted. I wish that the mods would delete posts more often than locking threads that were actually constructive until a couple of people got into a personal flame war.
  15. BrushWolf

    New Policy?

    Having been here from almost the beginning it is this kind of post that gets locked or even deleted which happens on any forum when people let themselves get angry and stop using logic in their arguments.