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  1. All I am trying to say is not all CV players have the skills to smack a DD at will which the OP and many others keep claiming. That is limited to above average and better players.
  2. BrushWolf

    Was wondering about the radar cruisers in PVE

    Ah ha said the blind man.
  3. BrushWolf

    Was wondering about the radar cruisers in PVE

    I have had better luck capping in cruiser and BB's in co-op.
  4. BrushWolf

    Roma issues.

    She can troll the reds and yourself all in the same match.
  5. Yeah, you are right but I seem to have a desire to tilt at windmills.
  6. BrushWolf

    London vs. Albemarle

    I only have limited experience in them but others have said that the London is the better ship. I don't have the money so doubt that I will have a real shot at him so I plan on picking him up when he is a resource captain.
  7. BrushWolf

    Skip Bombing

    It is an interesting idea but skip bombing was used against stationary or slow moving targets which most of the time were merchant ships.
  8. BrushWolf

    Naval Battles

    Both Duca's count now that the RM cruise line is out. The BB's however do not count yet.
  9. Please stop minimizing the game when the game opens a browser window on a different monitor than the game is.
  10. This many times over. I feel that they pushed too fast on the CV rework and I think that subs are an even more dangerous mine field that has to be near perfect before they ever touch the live server. Ironically CV's have shown to be more dangerous to subs than other ships because if they spot them everyone else unload on them and the CV's can hammer them at periscope depth or if they revert the nuclear attack subs from the last go round on the surface.
  11. I know well that every CV player isn't low skill but I get tired of people claiming the opposite, usually with little or no rework CV experience, not every CV player is high skill either. I agree that I am not good in 8 & 10, I don't think I am terrible in tier 8 when it is top tier and I stopped playing those tiers in randoms. I got tired of being up tiered into a tier 10 match in my tier 8's so much and I found that the AA is insane in tier 10. Now this was before the last MM change which limits how often you are up tiered but I don't find tier 10 randoms fun in any ship. You get the warning that you are detected by a ship and you have to more or less blindly pick what direction to go and if you pick wrong you find yourself two Km inside of the AA aura of a Minotaur before the damn ship even renders, good by squadron. There are too many ships with AA range or near AA range detection, it is damn hard to get better when you have to be perfect to do anything.
  12. Ok, maybe not just unicums, but above average and up which I am fairly certain are out numbered by average and lower.
  13. BrushWolf

    Time to buff CVs

    They are the exception but those ships were unable to respond long before they sank.