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  1. This, there are some tier 5's that struggle when uptiered but most do fine.
  2. Along with submarine and PT boat threads.
  3. Isn't wanting detonations removed because they are RNG when there are many other examples of RNG in the game cherry picking?
  4. Base experience is the number on the left side of your first screenshot and can also be found on the team score tab. Hang in there and just play to win, it will come.
  5. I don't like steamrolls from either side because they are so unsatisfying. Since WG rightly does not factor skill, the period it was in the MM over in WoWP was a disaster with some players were being passed over time and again, you are going to get teams from awesome to incompetent and everything in between. Roll with them and do your best to bring out the desired result.
  6. It is 1600, the one you put in your OP you only got about 1300 base exp. You got yours but for anyone that is still working on 1600 base experience is to be patient and play each match the best you can aiming to win and don't worry about your experience until the match is over, it will come.
  7. Another hint is to put those otherwise mostly useless ramming flags up, particularly on the Jackals. We took Rasputin down with two rams in our five star run.
  8. I forgot one other big difference between the two classes. PG = steam powered, PT = gasoline engine powered.
  9. Right, detonations need some work done but removal is not the solution.
  10. This works in any operation or co-op match, the bots put out fires almost instantly
  11. USS Erie 2800 tons, 4 - 6", 231 men, Higgins PT boat 43 tons, 11 men.
  12. In many ways a devastating strike is even more RNG as multiple shells have to fall on the target ship.
  13. You have a problem with detonations because they are RNG so you must have problems with fires because that is nothing but RNG too. RNG is part of most everything in the game even simply getting hits because no matter how well you aim if the dispersion gods frown on you your shells will miss.
  14. You can use the .exe to run the game but you will still have to use the WGC to update.
  15. There is a rather large difference in earning potential between tier 9 and tier 3.