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  1. Why you may actually need XVM

    When I was more active in WoT I did use it but only to figure out who to be near and who to stay the hell away from.
  2. Legendary Commander Idea

    I think Thomas Lord Cochrane would be a great choice for a British legendary captain and taking on a 32 gun frigate in a 14 gun brig and winning is about as legendary as you can get. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Action_of_6_May_1801
  3. That is a lot of money to spend for only a few weeks of use. If the OP is using a right handed gaming mouse his best bet is to pick up a cheap universal mouse. and simply play the low tier cruisers and BB's
  4. It is probably the toughest operation and any small mistake can lose a star or even lead to complete failure. I suggest getting together with some friends on voice chat for your best shot at completing it.
  5. PM Niko or one of the other WGNA folks, maybe they can help you and it isn't like you have lots of tier 10's so if you reroll it wouldn't take you long to get back to where you were.
  6. HMAS Vampire is under powered

    No reason to, it isn't a flame war and it will die of its own soon enough.
  7. If he was banned he needs to contact support to find out if he can get it back.
  8. If you stopped playing and are coming back just log in.
  9. It is a damned tough one to get even with a CV particularly if the cruisers & BB's don't launch their planes and you only have a 90 second window to shoot them down with the BB's planes.
  10. The requirement is 50% of the enemy planes with a minimum of 30 and this includes all of the planes that are on cruisers & BB's. It is excessively hard to get particularly for a simple Honorable achievement. You are far more likely to get a Kraken along with Confederate & High Caliber.
  11. Yeah, the Emerald is a candidate for preferred MM as the other tier 5's are able to do well even in tier 7 matches.
  12. Very true but fire was not a weapon in the era of the game and hadn't been for about a hundred years. The fires that started on these ships were side effect of the shells/bombs that hit the ships. I have more issue with how we get fires on our ships than the effects of the fires themselves. Realistically, I know this isn't a sim, it should be penetrating hits that cause the fires including AP hits. Fire should be less common but far more dangerous when it happens.