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  1. CV's are not designed to trade gun blows and it takes a pretty stupid player except against a secondary spec Graf Zep maybe, don't have it and don't know, to get within a CV's secondary range. The rework CV's never had an alpha attack and it was only the unicums that were wrecking face even in 8.0 and every change since has impacted the less than unicums far more than they have the unicums. Dodging is based more on where they started their approach run and not zigzagging and staying in your turn until the attack run is over. Yeah, CV torpedo attacks are pretty easy for all but BB's to dodge. The problem with balancing the tier 4 CV's is most of the tier 3 ships are almost if not completely defenseless to CV attacks where the tier 4 and tier 5 ships effectively got a huge AA buff. Any buff to the CV's there will allow them to hammer tier 3 ships even harder. The other CV's should be easier to tweak but the devs need to put the sledge hammer away and go with less extreme changes.
  2. BrushWolf

    WTH is wrong with this

    It does sound like the Nelson and its ability to print a new ship on demand.
  3. The problem with 8.5 is we have RTS levels of plane losses without RTS levels of alpha strike power.
  4. I have said this time after time when DD players are whining about CV players wrecking them. Any maneuvering at all will impact CV attacks by all but unicum CV players and this applies to all ships although DD's have a much better chance to FUBAR the attack run. The Germans had pattern running and acoustic homing torpedoes by the end of the floor.
  5. BrushWolf

    Twitch Mission 2?

    And a hell of a lot of work for the final result. I mostly ignore the Twitch missions, I have gotten to where I refuse to grind and play to enjoy the game and log off when the enjoyment wanes, and just enjoy whatever comes out of the crates.
  6. The French Turenne at 3 for 3 tied with the Black Swan also at 3 for 3. I have several DD's at 2 for 2.
  7. BrushWolf

    Confess, have you ever

    Too close with those planes which need 8 Km give or take to do a sling shot unless there is another ship past the original target at the right distance.
  8. BrushWolf

    Confess, have you ever

    I keep starting bomb drops from torpedo run range. That is immediately followed by F because any attacks are FUBAR.
  9. BrushWolf

    [edited] [edited] [edited] [edited] [edited] [edited]

    It is called desynchronization, it happens when the target is not exactly where the server has it. Shoot at something else and hopefully it will self correct if you come back to them.
  10. BrushWolf

    PSA: Just apologize for friendly fire.

    That is society in general.
  11. BrushWolf

    PSA: Just apologize for friendly fire.

    Don't worry about others apologizing. Just know you did the right thing.
  12. BrushWolf

    PSA: Just apologize for friendly fire.

    Ok, that makes sense. Odds are that was a work in progress report as she had the long range moving mine fields from release or shortly after.
  13. BrushWolf

    PSA: Just apologize for friendly fire.

    You almost always have enough time for a quick "sorry". She always had 12Km torpedoes. He must have been thinking of another ship, the Atlanta most likely.
  14. We had them as doubloon only at first and if you have Superintendent it is like using premium consumables except for the longer cool down.