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  1. Weekend shenanigans

    Here be shinies.
  2. They didn't do anti-sub duties while in surface combat.
  3. Appealing A chat ban ?

    They have the chat logs although I have no idea how long they keep them so if he wasn't out of line he will win but as I said the ban will have expired by that time but it will be removed from his record for increasing ban time.
  4. I never got a real answer to these in the last sub thread so will throw them out here. How will the ships that do not have anti-submarine weapons attack a submerged sub? What happens when all of a teams ASW ships are destroyed?
  5. Game is broken

    Actually they are harder to citadel than other cruisers because the Cleveland's citadel is in multiple sections so it takes more normal penetrations.
  6. Appealing A chat ban ?

    He isn't discussing a chat ban and was simply asking if there is anything he can do about them. There is no reason to close and lock this thread.
  7. I said 6 - 8 because it was typical, not that it was the limit. However, there is one thing all of them have in common, extremely limited endurance at those speeds. The I-20 an I-16 class sub has a submerged speed of 8 knots and even the fastest subs both on the surface and under water are very slow compared to most surface ships with only the low tiers have somewhat similar speeds.
  8. Appealing A chat ban ?

    You can appeal to support but the ban will likely be over by the time they answer. However, if your appeal is successful they will be removed from your history so you won't end up with long bans down the road.
  9. 6 to 8 knots submerged was typical with 2 knots for endurance.
  10. Those sound like que dumps where the rules are pretty much thrown out to create a match as soon as possible. These are more common during low population times but a CV waiting for a long time for another CV to show up will cause them too.
  11. Several times, the subs that have "high" underwater speeds were the exceptions prior to nuclear power.
  12. Exactly what part of exception do you not understand?
  13. What planet are you from that WWII subs were faster underwater? Boosting their speed is turning them into something that isn't a sub anymore. Do you even read? " Two 126-cell battery groups gave her a submerged top speed of 8.75 knots (16.2 km/hr); holding her speed to 2 knots (4 km/hr), she could remain submerged for 48 hours. "
  14. He might want to save the flags for the more competitive environment of CW & Ranked and instead use the -70% upgrade module. It isn't 100% but the rate is drastically reduced.