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  1. Ok, just tried and experiment with my South Carolina and the the additional protection is only 2%. This is hopefully a display bug and the reduction really is increased by 3%. Some tests are in order.
  2. Torpedo protection is the damage reduction to the base damage that a torpedo does. The module reduces the chance for flooding after the torpedo hits. Two different things.
  3. Devastating strike

    Gah, clicked on the wrong tab.
  4. Actually there was some good discussion in there and the OP did regret starting it. However, it refused to die.
  5. Bah, this is nothing for thread resurrection. Take a gander at this now thankfully locked thread.
  6. Asking for the plus/minus 1 two tier MM actually makes far more sense in WoT. Bottom tier medium tanks are next to useless because they are unable to cause damage to the top tier tanks and are also mostly useless in the scouting role being spotted by the very tanks they are supposed to spot instead of damage before they can spot in return. Edit: Hit post too quickly. Here on the other hand any ship can damage any other ship no matter their tier difference. An Eire can hurt a Yamato.
  7. What I would like to see is mostly older ships. Dreadnought, Olympia, The SMS Goeben, the Roberts which is the only DE that could fit in the game of course, and because I am from Minnesota BB-22. Edit: Two more which have zero chance, the HMS Carmania and the SMS Cap Trafalger the only two ocean liners to fight a battle.
  8. I clicked on this thin king here we go again but instead I find humor.
  9. Do we need faster games?

    The guns in the game are already vastly more accurate than they were in reality. Increasing it any more would be equivalent to replacing the guns with lasers.
  10. Hey, quit whining about the whining.
  11. The real problem with standard mode is the players. Personally I think that standard should get draws back to push players to push.
  12. Normally they would say co-op so this might have been operations.
  13. With the randomness of the MM I don't see the need although I will admit it can get frustrating dealing with bad teams it does not happen with every match. Also even the worst players can have a flash of brilliance and play far above their skill level and the best players can make mistakes, fighting better players is a learning experience.
  14. Fix your teaming algorithm, WG

    It is in the patent but they have only used it in WoWP with disastrous results, people were waiting for excessively long times when there were more than enough players in the que and matches were being created.