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  1. This but those that are able to do well with it will be cursed by the enemy team.
  2. Logistics isn't sexy but that is what wins wars, ask the WWII Germans & the Japanese about our being able to supply our troops at the end of a 6000 mile supply chain when they were struggling at 2000 miles. We don't need more super carriers we need the ships that support the troops. We don't need F35's we need heavy lift planes like the C-5
  3. You might be able to get close enough to make the other ship take a lot of the damage ment for them but all they would be able to do is sit in that shadow. Any shots from the protected ship would damage the other friendly.
  4. They weren't in smoke but I citadeled two ships with a single salvo so it can happen.
  5. While we are at it let's get rid of devastating strikes because they vaporize ships at akward moments along with everything else that provides nautical flavor.
  6. Wasn't it the mid 1980's when Canadian ship building law was changed allowing foreign built ships?
  7. It took me a few days to pick up on that. What took me until very recently was how to adjust attack direction with planes. Even knowing that I suck at carriers.
  8. QFT and a plus one for manning up.
  9. Every ship in the game is far more accurate than they were in reality. On the citadels it sounds more like you are pushing too hard too soon.
  10. This, and if a player does this enough they will get a vacation and even banning if they continue.
  11. That is an excessively high rate for someone with only about 30% of their matches in DD's even with the number of matches you have. The magazines are in the citadel or in the case of DD's where it would be. If you can aim for for the citadel you can aim for the part of the citadel where the magazines are.
  12. I replied to the all luck statement. Also torpedoes and HE have a blast radius so can damage the mag even without penetrating.
  13. It is not all luck. First you have to hit the magazine and skill improves that happening. Second which is when luck comes in there is a percentage chance of detonation based on how much damage the magizine has taken.
  14. What happened happened and the light is nearing the end of the tunnel.
  15. Unless they run the event again you missed out. I feel for you, do to some real world issues I have not been able to play since late June andchave missed everything since.