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  1. ContraSteve

    Anchors Away Tour Stop 9: USS Iowa Nov. 16th!

    Never mind , apparently clans didnt count ...got that patch
  2. ContraSteve

    Anchors Away Tour Stop 9: USS Iowa Nov. 16th!

    Did that , plus Clans last night ...still no patch . No big deal , just wondering.
  3. Yeah I have since realized that the server is only available from 6am PST to 10 PST...like I'm really going to get up that early to play a G damned game...
  4. Oh Hell no , that's the dumbest idea ever!!!!
  5. I have been able to play 3 games in 24hrs and only 1 in a sub, the server is continuously crashing and I havent been able to log in all day....worthless.
  6. Got my email invite , logged in and started outfitting a ship then the game just crashed , I have not been able to log in since , that was 3 hours ago . I still get a message saying that the server can not be contacted. Will it be working at al this weekend ? WOW Sub crash.docx
  7. ContraSteve

    Apply to Beta Test Submarines!

    Got my invite, logged in , started outfitting a ship , game crashed, cant log back in....in other words it's a normal Friday.
  8. ContraSteve

    Smolensk too strong

    Get this spam barge out of the damned game!!! , I dont know where it came from I just want to know when its going away!!!
  9. ContraSteve

    Submarines are Coming

    As long as they stay in there own sub game ( ranked , co op , etc) its fine but if they are in Random and Clan play the game will die.
  10. Its the internet, its a horrible place ,filled with horrible people and we're all going to die.
  11. I was looking forward to the Soviet BBs however I cant possibly play the Vladivostok again ! While I understand historical accuracy is always strived for but in this case a 32 second reload time in this game is brutal!!! Hopefully this will be adjusted somewhat in the next patch but as for me its unplayable in the current configuration.
  12. ContraSteve

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    This latest update is pretty bad, bad enough that I'm selling off my Carriers. I have a couple of premium CVs and as I understood it I could sell them off for doubloons , however when I try I am only offered credits....wth? Secondly if we are going to be forced to deal with this update can we please limit it to 1 ( ONLY ONE ) CV per team? Otherwise I have no other choice but to vote with my money and feet , as in spending nothing on this anymore and not playing anymore.
  13. ContraSteve

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    BTW, I did sell one CV back and only got credits ( Silver not Doubloons).
  14. ContraSteve

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Can I sell the rest of the Premium Membership I bought at Christmas ???? because this game blows now !!!