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  1. So my question here is about the Moskva, not necessarily the grind but how will this split work??? I currently have the Moskva and the grind for it as others have mentioned is akin to purposefully slamming your fingers in a car door. Since I cant see WG taking it away from me and making it only available in the Armory, will I be given the Nevsky or will I have to go back and regrind from the Damn Donkey ???
  2. I changed my DNS and I run a VPN, I till get booted from the server as the game starts or ends but I always end up stuck in the authorization loop..I guess I'll have to try my company Hotspot.
  3. ContraSteve

    Stuck on Authorization?

    I get booted from the server just as a game starts and then I get stuck on waiting for authorization...I have received TK penalty 2x tonight for quitting early , this is getting ridiculous!! latest update I have a 12 game penalty for quitting early...so much for grinding the impossible PR grind.
  4. Never mind , apparently clans didnt count ...got that patch
  5. Did that , plus Clans last night ...still no patch . No big deal , just wondering.
  6. ContraSteve

    Smolensk too strong

    Get this spam barge out of the damned game!!! , I dont know where it came from I just want to know when its going away!!!
  7. ContraSteve

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    This latest update is pretty bad, bad enough that I'm selling off my Carriers. I have a couple of premium CVs and as I understood it I could sell them off for doubloons , however when I try I am only offered credits....wth? Secondly if we are going to be forced to deal with this update can we please limit it to 1 ( ONLY ONE ) CV per team? Otherwise I have no other choice but to vote with my money and feet , as in spending nothing on this anymore and not playing anymore.
  8. ContraSteve

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    BTW, I did sell one CV back and only got credits ( Silver not Doubloons).
  9. ContraSteve

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Can I sell the rest of the Premium Membership I bought at Christmas ???? because this game blows now !!!
  10. ContraSteve

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Congrats , if you wanted me to not play anymore you succeeded. CV's make the game unplayable especially with 2 per side!. Uninstalling , it was nice until today.
  11. ContraSteve

    Indianapolis Marathon Depression

    yeah I have a [edited]ton of silver too, didnt even notice , thanks
  12. ContraSteve

    Indianapolis Marathon Depression

    So here's a depressing thing that just happened , admittedly I wasn't really trying for the Indianapolis since I already had it but because I was chasing down the US Cruiser line I seemed to have completed the marathon anyway and my reward was.....nothing . Again I already had the ship , why not a equal amount of Doubloons or something ?