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  1. Way back when the game was in beta me and a friend of mine we're keeping a eye on it when the beta went open I bought the Yubari and gave the game a go before I let my friend know it was good and he bought in. As for a story of us playing together, the first that comes to mind is a time during the beta that I bumped into him and ran him onto a island (may or may not have been intentional) after much trying to free himself he concluded that he was stuck good of course as the good friend that I am I could not allow my fellow captain to remain beached like a wheal so I gently helped him get "unstuck" and off the island using my torpedo to stunning success as his ship rolled off the island and into the water where he quickly became a sub. I think I will chose number 50 right in the middle.
  2. Yes, Wyoming is fing massive! And the ship we will get is the the 'Modernized' version just like Bayern it's not the original configuration.
  3. 3k31001

    The A-Poi-calypse is Coming

    Yeah, there ballistics are the best in the game
  4. 3k31001

    The A-Poi-calypse is Coming

    No I don't disagree they are good torp boats but those ships have good guns and not that bad torps. I play a lot of IJN DDs and do like them.
  5. 3k31001

    The A-Poi-calypse is Coming

    No just people who don't understand how war works. Go read the Art of War.
  6. 3k31001

    The A-Poi-calypse is Coming

    I admit the IJN have suffered a lot from power creep and have greatly list there dominance to the PA like and others but they are still good torp boats.
  7. 3k31001

    The A-Poi-calypse is Coming

    The reasion that they strafed the ship with MG and cannon fire was to kill the crew who other wise they would have to take or leave to be rescued to fight another day, you can always get more ships or planes but not crews. That's how war works you kill you enemy and leave him with no way to fight back or run. This was a common tactic.