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  1. xWulffx

    Buying coal ships question

    Thanks close to getting the Thunderer
  2. Can you use steel to buy coal ships still?
  3. xWulffx

    A Detailed Look At: Naval Training Center

    WG blatant cash grab
  4. A slippery slope to me not spending 1 more cent on this game
  5. To think … I've been doing it wrong all along!!!
  6. Nerdlaender come back when you break 5000 battles and at least a 48% WR, then you might have a clue what's going on and can be taken with at least a grain of salt ...
  7. Russian BB no need gimmick. Russian BB has Stalinium armor. Russian BB has railguns.
  8. xWulffx

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    Fun and engaging for all …. famous last words
  9. Atlanta/Flint went from the best pound for pound AA ships in the game to almost useless. They were specifically designed to escort CVs for AA. We were told premium ships wouldn't be nerfed. Well, directly or indirectly the Atlanta/Flint has been nerfed. #1 The AA rings need to overlap. #2 In addition to the extra flak bursts, AA Guns Modification 1 needs to have the 20% range boost. Especially in light of the unlimited planes the CVs can now sport. What really makes me laugh, is the fact that 90% of the fantasy Russian paper are better plane killers... From Wikipedia - They also buffed 3 or 4 Russian DDs that didn't need it, and ignored many other ships which need buffs to due to power creep . In 2 battles I managed 1 torp hit in the CVs, this new system was rushed and done to dumb down the game for people.