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  1. torino2dc

    Bathtub battles are back in 12.2!!!!!!!

    Players have known and WG has acknowledged from the very beginning that seasonal events are test-beds for future mechanics -- there's nothing 'stealth' about it.
  2. torino2dc

    Z-42 Should Have Been Better

    Z-42 was nerfed mid patch 0.11.11 (https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/397), was buffed mid-patch 0.12.0 (https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/403), and released to the public in 0.12.1 (https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-121-british-submarines/#armory). Unless you're part of a testing program that has access to WiP ships, you would never have experienced the Z-42 in its original state. For regular players, Z-42 has been unchanged since release.
  3. torino2dc

    Anyway to open a last version replay?

    As others have said, getting older replays to work is difficult even with the correct client. One possibility is that you may not have dragged the replay onto the correct WorldofWarships.exe. When you run the current client, go to the task manager, find the WorldofWarships.exe that is running -> right click -> Open File Location. Remember that path. For me its World_of_Warships_NA -> bin -> 6831266 -> bin64 -> WorldofWarships64.exe (the numbered folder is always the higher of two numbered folders) Find the same path for the 12.0 client. Drag replay on to that .exe Good luck.
  4. The only way that I can explain the complete incredulity of the OP is that they have never run full concealment BBs, so they don't have a frame of reference for how much time they spend undetected.
  5. torino2dc

    Smoke Generator Modification 1 question.

    Fun fact: if you max out a pair of Perth/Mysore/HuangHes with Smoke Mod, Captain skill, and Signals, you can cover each-other's cool-down for EZ perma smoke
  6. One thing that @Mizzerys_Fate didn't mention is that the torpedo hit % suggests that there is room for improvement. The German BC line has very versatile, long-range torpedoes that can be used both on defense (when kiting a pushing enemy) and on offense (to land the finishing blow in a brawl).
  7. This analogy is often made, but doesn't reflect reality. You don't own this car of your dreams -- you've paid a company for the right to use their creation within their ecosystem. If they decide the car is hurting their ecosystem in some way, it is their right to adjust it however they want to.
  8. To force teams away from running the same optimized archetypes over and over again; in this case, Kleb/Marceau wolfpacks. Compositions like these (another example would be Russian Wall) are at once very effective *and* super un-fun to play against.
  9. This has been an issue since forever. They don't call her the "Derpitz" for nothing...
  10. Players: OMG WG stahp "dEveLoPinG" the game to death! It used to be so good, why'd you guys keep adding all this stuff?!?!?! Also Players: Suggest something to play while I wait THREE weeks for actual content
  11. torino2dc

    H Line Supporters

    Advice that has served me well over all my years of wows random battles: Play the match you have, not the one you wish you had. If you're a bottom tier DD with no support, that's just the reality of your match. You can't wish it away by playing as if you were a top tier DD with plenty of nearby teammates.
  12. The caliber is less relevant than the overmatch threshold -- all of the BBs (other than LA) can overmatch 30mm of armor, which is very common among T10 cruisers.
  13. torino2dc

    Armory images never load

    The Armory is actually a webpage that your game client calls up. So if you're having trouble loading images, try loading it in your browser and see if it works: armory.worldofwarships.com
  14. torino2dc

    PTS 12.0 pt 2

    That was probably a member of one of the testing/wiki/privateer programs.
  15. torino2dc

    Snowflake issues

    Twice a year (Christmas and WoWS anniversary), ships have a special bonus prize attached to the first (win or 300+bxp) game you have in them that patch. T10s usually have supercontainer or santa crates as their prizes, T9-T8 gives you steel, T7-5 gives you coal. In the community they've come to be known as "Snowflakes" because that's what the emblem looked like for a few of the Christmas events. Thus "clearing snowflakes" means methodically getting all of these prizes from the ships you have in port.