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  1. Dynamo is/was fun the first few times. When inadvertently going into a 'mine field' can be very dicey, slow the hell down. Arms race, not sure it will last IF you're not on a team that understands the different highlighted areas and their worth. I've been in a few with a team that has no clue and plays like a bunch of disinterested damage farmers. Seems good for a clan who's players will help others accomplish the intended rewards for capturing and holding those special areas. For a random however, just like all the rest, every man for himself, farm as much damage on the way to 'unicum' stardom.
  2. Missing rewards???

    Yep, read it wrong. I stand corrected.
  3. Having done something, not sure what, a mission, an achievement accomplished or... I was awarded 17 days of premium time on my regular account. That lasted a grand total of 2 days. Then 'poof' gone. No where to be seen or found. Same with flags and camo somehow earned. Has anyone else experienced this? Sending in a ticket worth the effort?
  4. I blame the game because I haven't experienced this until todays patch. My rig and install worked just fine until this update.
  5. So I just got the latest update/patch or what ever you want to call it. Entered into two battles, only having to log in twice to get there. About 5 mins into each, I no longer have any control of my ship. It does what it wants despite my best efforts to regain control. It turns unexpectedly, and will not slow down nor speed up even after trying both forward and back. It is as if someone else is at the helm, and I cannot throw the bastard overboard because I can't find him. Anyone have a clue as to what I should do to regain control or just stick this game on the shelf for about 6 months til they decide that fewer sea dogs will log in having such an overwhelmingly unplayable product?
  6. Verify Beta Keys?

    Sign me up. I'd love to come aboard