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  1. SteelCurtin

    0.7.9 - Public Test Feedback

    Dynamo is/was fun the first few times. When inadvertently going into a 'mine field' can be very dicey, slow the hell down. Arms race, not sure it will last IF you're not on a team that understands the different highlighted areas and their worth. I've been in a few with a team that has no clue and plays like a bunch of disinterested damage farmers. Seems good for a clan who's players will help others accomplish the intended rewards for capturing and holding those special areas. For a random however, just like all the rest, every man for himself, farm as much damage on the way to 'unicum' stardom.
  2. SteelCurtin

    Missing rewards???

    Yep, read it wrong. I stand corrected.
  3. Having done something, not sure what, a mission, an achievement accomplished or... I was awarded 17 days of premium time on my regular account. That lasted a grand total of 2 days. Then 'poof' gone. No where to be seen or found. Same with flags and camo somehow earned. Has anyone else experienced this? Sending in a ticket worth the effort?