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  1. Orderofchaos

    Getting sick of the disconnects

    I just got booted from the game have no clue what happened
  2. Orderofchaos

    Well, THIS is a New One....

    yep i try to get in and it sits at logging in
  3. Orderofchaos

    These new American BB's

    Most likely lol
  4. Orderofchaos

    Yoshino is she worth it ? Review video

    Allthough i think she should get a upgrade like the rest of the tier 10s
  5. Orderofchaos

    Yoshino is she worth it ? Review video

    a Yoshino can beat on a stalingrad and moskva bow on and give out a beating on them, I've had the yoshino now for over a year and it depends on the captain skills your wanting to throw on her
  6. Orderofchaos

    These new American BB's

    Cant wait to sell these worthless bbs , wargaming what were you thinking ?
  7. Orderofchaos

    The Dockyard: Build Anchorage

    Spend spend spend
  8. What would be most helpfull wargaming is that you don't flags into a resource container they are a flag not resource, and if a super container pops up have it for resources only. steel coal other than a flag or a mod this 400 coal needs to be raised to at least 1000
  9. Orderofchaos

    A message to all CV-haters

    i have no problems with carriers , guys that are driving the dds turn to a cruiser and stay near your cruiser when theres a cv around at the start of the game, the cruisers and the bbs need to be close to the cap not hanging back . The dds biggest complaint is no support form the cruisers or the bbs . support your players and there will be fewer people in here [edited] about cvs and everything else
  10. leave clan and find some other clan to join
  11. Orderofchaos

    So who is going have to buy the Payto Rico?

    Waqrgaming only did it for the rich and the stupid, 30 days to build a ship horrible design , giving us two months would have been more acceptable , but it isn't
  12. Orderofchaos

    Just about Done with the game

    I guess i havent been aggressive enough and i watched the videos to help me with some stuff
  13. I Have tried pretty much everything to increase my skill points from 40% and have just given up on it. I enjoy playing the game but not the player abuse, Im to the point of walking away from the game cause im tired of being constantly harassed , i block them they make a new account and its the same thing, I think I am going to walk away from the game , it just not worth getting harassed anymore
  14. Orderofchaos

    Player abuse

    I play the way I want to play, If you don't like how i play go complain to wargaming . , But I will not listen nor bend to anyone that thinks they have the right to bully anyone in the game and continue after the battle is over. 1. you obviously lost to your own misfortunes 2. Not everyone is going to play the way you want them to , so GET OVER YOURSELF
  15. Orderofchaos

    Player abuse

    Tell me wargaming what do you plan to do with the continued abuse from other players in random battles, when a battle doesnt go their way , or the bbs arent rushing in. Muting the player is great. But i think a complete kick out of the random game would be better.