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  1. When your playing a battle and you get some player who has died that has resorted to name calling, swearing and making racist remarks and continues after the battle is done , it gets a little tiresome. WOW are you guys going to offer something more than just blacklisting and reporting . Suspending the player from game would seem to be the only way to correct some bad behaviour.. I 'd like to be able to play the game without some player that gets killed who doesnt call me white trash or the N word or whatever comes out of their foul mouths. Racism doesn't belong on any game platform
  2. Orderofchaos


    Hi geniuses, can you do us a favor , instead of adding more ships, how about maps convoy and task force scenarios . better yet guys add waves during a thunderstorm. The other suggestion is have a system where tier 1-10 can join their own tiers rather than mixing them. Finally fix the cv system . And if your going to keep asking if I'm going to recommend a friend to this game each time the answer will be no. I have also been requesting night battles , it would be funnier
  3. PM me if you set an app in.

    I can hardly resist a Gearing captain. 

    I love mine.

    1. Orderofchaos


      I like mine as well, i havent played for some time , and im rusty as hell 

  4. Orderofchaos

    hidden stats

    yeah i finally did
  5. Orderofchaos

    hidden stats

    Okay where do i change stats from private to show them?
  6. Orderofchaos

    player returning

    The last time i went through this i had to talk to 5 people when it said i only i had to talk to two people, so you can see my frustration
  7. Orderofchaos

    player returning

    its unlocked now
  8. Orderofchaos

    player returning

    Im returning to game after a year and a half from medical reasons which are continued to this day .i'm looking for a clan battles and friendly people, Let me specify I don't want to go through all the questions which means i don't want to talk to 10 different people about getting into the clan and why i would be a good fit. Its going to take me some time getting used to everything and i'm going to have some questions as i'm relearning some stuff
  9. Orderofchaos

    Possible Solution to Radar

    And if war gaming was smart they would add a radar jamming device to dds , and if you didnt think they had radar jamming in those days think again
  10. Orderofchaos

    Poll about adding my Subs