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  1. Better positioning, able to run allot faster when going dark, there is zero problem with it
  2. Crowley2022

    Night battles

    Been a request for a long time, Night battles needs to be applied into the game it would make the game a bit more interesting , not every Naval Engagement was during the day
  3. Crowley2022

    Are subs being more accepted.

    If wargaming removed the ping and you did it by periscope and firing , there would be most likely different reactions
  4. This game is starting to be just like battle pirates , its become WORLD OF [edited] , where soon it will be missiles. even zoup said it they care nothing for you all they care for is your money and if its not you it will be the next big whale with his cc
  5. the rate they are going bring in the Los Angeles attack boats lol
  6. Crowley2022

    Premium Battle Pass Price

    I was looking at that new option they have for unsportsman like conduct, My only thought is that people are going to abuse that to piss off the other players. Secondly i would like more ships to be brought back into the game . The battle pass Im going to have to investigate , but if the rewards aren't worth it why get it
  7. Crowley2022

    New Lines

    I started playing the french super cruiser line , not bad but like everything else they will nerf it
  8. Crowley2022

    SuperShips actual purpose?

    Money thats why, the wallet warriors will spend more
  9. Crowley2022

    Dasha presents 11.10

    I have no issues with subs , gives my depth charges something to do , allthough a rework would be better considering how much inaccuracy they have with subs
  10. Crowley2022

    Dasha presents 11.10

    for unsportsman conduct how in the world are you going to stop people from abusing this feature ?
  11. Crowley2022

    Puerto Rico Dockyard event

    looking forward to it
  12. Crowley2022

    11.7: RIP Submarines

    true on that and or cause they didnt submerge and ate some torpedos on the surface and died
  13. Crowley2022

    You were reported! Karma decreased by 2

    someones temper tantrum , I dont pay attention to it all . I play the game to enjoy it
  14. Crowley2022

    Karma's time is past?

    That and having wargaming banning them from the game for a week , people don't like to lose . the racism is getting bad with the hate comments . I can do without that . its needs to be a automatic ban from the game
  15. Crowley2022

    11.7: RIP Submarines

    if your going to do subs , use the periscope thats what its there for . They didnt have homing torpedos but this is wargaming and they want to give it more advancement and make you spend more money.