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  1. Talos3567


    My first game with a 6 point captain, I got over 100K with her. However, I have lost the next 6 games in a row. X200 weekends are tough to gauge a ship because you either get a great team or just awful ones. However, I really want to like her a lot due to her flexibility and her guns. But we will see..... Good luck everyone.
  2. Talos3567

    BB and CA Play Only

    Great advice everyone! Perhaps I am too inflexible in my game style. I will give it a try and mix it up. In any case, thanks again everyone-I find these boards to be helpful and the community very supportive. Have fun everyone!
  3. Talos3567

    BB and CA Play Only

    Well, I have given up for now. CV play has not been fixed to make it fair for all of the players who have them and DD's are useless with all of the radar now in the game. In my last game (playing a DD), I was constantly, and I mean constantly, under radar. Now I don't mind either CV's nor radar in the game, but wow, this is ridiculous. I guess WG wants everyone to only play BB's and/or CA's. Two words: Balance Please! In any case, I am just a bit frustrated and maybe a break will be good for a while. Please keep having fun and good luck.