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  1. BB and CA Play Only

    Great advice everyone! Perhaps I am too inflexible in my game style. I will give it a try and mix it up. In any case, thanks again everyone-I find these boards to be helpful and the community very supportive. Have fun everyone!
  2. BB and CA Play Only

    Well, I have given up for now. CV play has not been fixed to make it fair for all of the players who have them and DD's are useless with all of the radar now in the game. In my last game (playing a DD), I was constantly, and I mean constantly, under radar. Now I don't mind either CV's nor radar in the game, but wow, this is ridiculous. I guess WG wants everyone to only play BB's and/or CA's. Two words: Balance Please! In any case, I am just a bit frustrated and maybe a break will be good for a while. Please keep having fun and good luck.
  3. Prinz Eugen build?

    Hi, I love the ship, but it really is one of the worst Tier VIII ships in the game. A storm ravaged tuna boat could sink her, but what the heck. WG did not do it justice, much to my consternation. She deserved a better in-game profile. However, I still love to play her for the historical significance of the ship. I am hopeful that the upcoming healing module with help her, and she needs the help. Therefore, I would play her as a escort/support ship with the following build: Preventive Maintenance, Expert Marksman, Adrenaline Rush, Basic Firing Training, Superintendent, Advanced Firing Training, Concealment Expert. Remember, be patient and don't rush into battle at the start of the game. You can play more aggressive with her towards the later half of the battle, but if you get to close, to early, you will be joining Davy and his Locker real soon. Good luck.
  4. Stuka bomber sound

    Hi, I personally like that fact that they added the Stuka's sound effect. If you want to be hyper-political, why should we play any Axis ships at all. The Axis forces did horrible atrocities in the war and why play any of their ships. How many Axis ships sunk civilian transports/merchant marine ships and left civilians/sailors to die in the ocean. However, this is a game and I appreciate little touches like adding the Jericho Trumpet, which I and others recommended. Again, someone can make an argument that it was device to impose terror (true), but so was the entire war....it was one big evil and terrible affair that killed 100 million people. We have the luxury of playing "what if" battles with historic warships...why not add some fine touches to the game. In the end, it does not undercut or lesson the appreciation or the great sacrifices that people made for their countries. Have a great day everyone.
  5. Hi, good suggestion. I am U.S. carriers...and thinking of starting IJN ones as well. Also, I played the originally released GZ and got over 100k with it. I look forward when the GZ gets fixed...really like it and I feel I contribute with it for scouting, air defense, and damage. The fighters and DB just need buffs.
  6. AP Bombs and Torpedo Replacement

    I agree. A 2 Fighter (buffed), 2 AP, 2 HE or 2 Fighter (buffed), 4 HE configuration might not be bad. Also, you can always add another loadout later that has TBs. Just need to test it and see that it is balanced an not OP. Thank goodness they are getting input from the player base. Also, I say this a lot, but WG please think about an audio file with the Jericho Trumphet that would sound when the DB are making their attack run. It would be really be cool, interesting, original, and it would make the GZ both fun to play and to play against. My 2 cents.
  7. Hi, I just went and tested both GZ1 and GZ2, twice each. GZ1#1: 54k damage. Enenmy CV: Enterprise. Fighters melted fast, even using our teams CA for help. Lost all my aircraft. Won the battle. GZ1 #2: 57k damage. Enemy CV: Enterprise. Fighters again useless. After fighters lost, DBs soon followed, but played them longer based on luck and highly defensive flying. Won battle. GZ2#1 74k damage. Enemy CV: Lexington. I did 70k to Bismark with luck, but with AP drop patters that work better on auto than on manual. Again, played fighters as scouts and escort duty. When strafing and going against his units, did not do much damage. Battle won. GZ2#2: 45k damage. Enemy CV: Enterprise. Same deal as before. Lost Game. If I had faced any IJN CVs, wow, it would be even worse. I think a 2 fighter (buffed), 2 AP DB, and 2 HE DB might be interesting-if it is balanced and not OP. Add the Jericho Trumpets as a nice little addition (small things can be make all the difference) and I think you might have a ship people would buy and enjoy. If people wanted to use TBs, then there are other ships. Nevertheless, I would not be against adding TBs, but the ship should be different, but effective Thank you.
  8. GZ Testing

    I don't know. Sorry to hear that...disagreement and rebuttal makes for better arguments or makes you rethink you assumptions...both positive outcomes.
  9. Thank you, great advice. I did try to stafe, but it had no great effect. However, if I move my 14 point GS captain to GS1 and GS2, then that should help. I was not sure if WG wanted us to keep the captains they gave us as not to not skew the data. However, I still want to test them, but not impair my team''s chances to win-more than I am already :) I will give it a try with your advice. Thank you.
  10. GZ Testing

    You know I might have gotten the name wrong. If you go to the EU English CV boards, the post is listed as the Authentic Graff Zeppelin. However, I am old and these strange new gadgets called computer's beguile me :)
  11. Hi, To be honest, I am not a great CV player at all, but I love the GZ. I tried both of the test versions and did not like either one. First of all, the fighters melted (and I mean melted), and as a result, they could not support my bombers. I prefer the HE based DB layout because I found it gave me more flexibility to support my team...cap reset, going after DD's, etc. The AP DB is great against BB's, but it was very hard to hit with them, but to be honest, I have lousy aiming skills. Nevertheless, a lot of other people on the Facebook GZ testing page (not all) said they had similar difficulties. As has been said before, the fighters definitely need a buff, and I think the DBs could use a little bit more as well, but not hardly on the same level as the fighters. Also, I had originally turned down the offer to participate in the testing (not an experienced CV player), but WG was nice enough to still invite me. For that, I really appreciate them including me for the testing of the GZ. Lastly, I really like to support my team, and where the AP DB does a lot of damage to BBs, which is supporting the team, the HE DB gave me, the humble noob CV player, a better time with resetting Caps, and going after other type of ships other than just BB's. I believe that they will find the right balance of loud-outs to appeal to the different players and the testing and input from the player base is a very positive decision on their part. Now, if only they can add an audio file to the DBs of the Jericho Trumpet.... Have a great weekend everyone.
  12. GZ Testing

    Your right about the activity on that board. But Widar_Thule did an incredible job with giving the most sourced and detailed information on any ship that I have read about on either one of the forums. Great job!
  13. GZ Testing

    Ok, thanks. Also, I would strongly encourage anyone interested in the GZ to go the European English CV forums. On that forum, you can read the most amazing and highly detailed description of the GZ that I have ever seen-with properly sourced historical material.
  14. GZ Testing

    Just curios, how goes the GZ testing? I know it just began, but any information would be great. Thank you.
  15. Admit it, you were using secret German wonder weapons on your GZ.....perhaps, dare I say, irradiated bratwurst.