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  1. _D_E_E_Z_N_U_T_Z_

    PSA Regarding the Puerto Rico

    No, I think is IP based or something similar. I play in the NA server since I'm in PR and my price is much lower than in Canada and Europe for example OR maybe we got a discount being local?
  2. _D_E_E_Z_N_U_T_Z_

    PSA Regarding the Puerto Rico

    Price vary per región. In my case, the ship is not even $170. 60k gold is around $162-168. I did not sped that since I had some gold accumulated with missions and stuff.
  3. _D_E_E_Z_N_U_T_Z_

    PSA Regarding the Puerto Rico

    Thanks but I will keep using mine, chat turned off, and supporting the team even if they want me dead....
  4. Well, this last two days were not bad actually but today was the cherry on top. I disabled my chat and will stay like that for now. Pathetic the behavior of people in game honestly....
  5. _D_E_E_Z_N_U_T_Z_

    PSA: PR Harassment Needs to Stop

    I'm in the same boat. I will disable chat for some time. Super annoying how childish people are...
  6. maybe we locals in PR got a discount? lol
  7. Well guys, I pulled the trigger. With the gold I had saved, I just spent $128 and got the Lenin also in one of the boxes you get from building thee ship. The full 60k gold price for me is $168us and not the $240+ I have seen around
  8. Well, It has been close to 3 years I don't spend money in this game so I'm about to pull the trigger in the ship because well, it has the name of my country.
  9. _D_E_E_Z_N_U_T_Z_

    USS Puerto Rico and VMF Poltava - Dev Blog

    Holy fck, my wish came true.!!!! USS Puerto Rico is coming to the game. I talked to a few friends some months ago that I wished WG did the ship but I was expecting them to do Guam instead. MY BODY IS READY!!!