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  1. TallGiraffe

    Alaska or Agir?

    Alaska is also more likely to leave before Agir if WeeGee ever decide to take her out for MM purposes.
  2. TallGiraffe

    Anything better for doubloons than Massachusetts?

    De Grasse is a gudboat.
  3. TallGiraffe

    what the hell wg? [dev blog]

    At least we are getting the Super Yamato..... Hahaha.... https://medium.com/@devblogwows/st-new-ships-5703a5b245c
  4. If you haven't noticed, hundreds of american companies do this. Not just wargaming. Complaining about it just makes you look like an entitled [edited]. It is just how the country is nowadays.
  5. I am probably gonna get flak for this, but unless you were drafted, I don't care. YOU made the choice to serve. You voluntarily serve, then I don't really care.
  6. Nothing like smacking light cruisers 10k damage with the HVARs. HVARs for lightly armored targets and mass hits vs heavy damage with well aimed shots with tims. I prefer HVARs.
  7. TallGiraffe

    CV players

    Shouldn't you be playing the game instead of doing what you are accusing CV players of doing?
  8. TallGiraffe

    High tier coal ships

    As someone who has both JB and Georgia, I find the JB much more capable in an aggressive role. Georgia is fun and all, but the lack of gun barrels is tough on you many times. Compound that with the need a for a high skill point captain for the secondaries to be useful, Georgia is just a really big battlecruiser. Georgia is pretty squishy for a BB too. Personally I think JB is the best coal BB available currently.
  9. TallGiraffe

    Anyone else think Ranger might be best CV?

    Tier 6 I feel is where the CVs are most balanced. For the Ranger (as with all USN CVs) torpedo acceleration is a must. All your squads can put out decent damage with their moderate health pool. Specing for speed and Survivability allows you to hit those T8s easier. I have had T8 games where I can carry with my Ranger. Prioritizing important targets helped me pull Victory from the Jaws of defeat. It is a capable CV.
  10. TallGiraffe

    rented boise.

    Boise is a Helena that trades DPM for a british super heal. She isn't able to launch shells over islands like atlanta, however if paired IFHE, can be devastating to targets with HE barrages. Her heal allows her to be more aggressive compared to her fellow CL counterparts.
  11. Radio Location works on planes.... Shhhhh
  12. TallGiraffe

    Helena — American Tier VII cruiser.

    Helena is love. Helena is Life.
  13. TallGiraffe

    Nerf Stalingrad by Just Balancing the Game

    You literally have only 13 battles in it. That isn't a good enough sample for statistics. You are also not taking into account that with the exception of the Henri, all other tier 10 cruisers have ten times the amount of battles. The only way I could conceive of you getting the steel for the stalingrad is that one campaign that gave out steel. I also feel like english is not your native language causing misunderstanding along the way. But what ever.
  14. TallGiraffe

    Debate: Which T6 cruiser is best?

    De Grasse is probably my favorite of the tier 6 cruisers. I never played Graf Spee though. I had a good time in the Dallas as well, but it has it's drawbacks.