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  1. Lextonian

    Rentals aren't all that bad.

    Honestly, I don't mind Rentals in ranked, I see why Wargaming wanted to implement this into the game for players hitting the higher tiers of ships. But, I would suggest capping [Rental] Players to get the maximum rank of 10. This gives them enough chances to earn resources, get steel/coal and learn the competitive nature of Ranked before they get their own tier 10. 10 - 1 being it's a *GRIND* should be restricted to players who actually have Tier 10's, put time and energy into their ships and will generally be better-experiened players.
  2. This man turned me 'Orange' :)

  3. Lextonian

    Premium Ship Review #125 - Azur Lane Yukikaze

    Thanks, Mouse!
  4. Lextonian

    NA server login issues, -right now

    Confirmed. Logging in at the moment seems to be taking a while and timing out.
  5. Lextonian

    Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot - The Turkey Bounty

    Gobble Gobble :P
  6. Lextonian

    STILL No Halloween Containers

    Yeah I'm surprised they aren't out yet. Last year they were pretty good about releasing them prior to Halloween Weekend. Let's see where they go with it, hope they don't wait til Oct 31 to do it.
  7. Lextonian

    Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze

    Thank you for the review!
  8. Lextonian

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Thank you for the Review, made my decision in passing on getting this ship. As always, your service to the community doesn't go unnoticed.