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  1. Did you try playing CV on test? Consistently landing rockets on a maneuvering DD got considerably more difficult, sometimes impossible, given it removes your ability to adjust your aim for the last 2-6 seconds of the rocket strike, depending on which CV you're playing. For tiny tims, you've got a full 6 seconds of being unable to change your aim while the DD can change their heading.
  2. C4Cypher

    The number of DDs in a match

    It works for CV's.
  3. The CV rocket nerf hasn't even gone live and the DD players have switched to crying about radar, wonderful.
  4. C4Cypher

    Frame drops

    I started to experience extreme frame drops, specifically when ships were spotted and when planes dropped ordinance, and no combination of mods or settings would improve it. After contacting WG support, I found out my CPU was overheating ... I had to unclog the heat sink, blow out all the dust. I did so with a can of compressed air. This immediately fixed the issue. You might want to check if your heat sink is clogged with dust. Please ask if you don't feel comfortable opening up your PC case to check if this is the problem, I can offer advice.
  5. Thank you. It's hard to get good information on what is considered 'good' gameplay ... it's hard to determine what lessons to learn as I play. I had the impression that I had a choice between spotting and doing damage. I was mistaken in that regard. This thread has been helpful to clarify to me my misconceptions. I legitimately want to improve, rather than complain about how the game doesn't conform to the way I want to play.
  6. Something I'm not clear on, certain economic factors of CV's seem counterintuitive to me. One of the CV's greatest strengths when it comes to winning matches is spotting. A CV that spots enemy DDs and cruisers at the expense of dealing damage on fat, slow BB's is more likely to win games. However, a CV that does so doesn't earn nearly as much credits doing so. The service cost on CV play can be prohibitively high ... you have to deal an considerable amount of damage in a CV to break even in terms of credits at Tier 8 and an excessive amount to break even at Tier 10. To avoid losing credits, you are encouraged to farm damage at the expense of team play. Why is this? How does this make any sense? Should I be playing to win or playing to avoid losing credits? I just find this incredibly frustrating, and the standard unicum response of "do both, play better, get gud" rings hollow to me. I'm trying to understand why the game will actively punish me, and my progression (XP is easy to farm, credits are not, ships need credits). How do I address the economic factors of trying to earn credits? I have premium ... I'm trying to understand how to efficiently earn credits.
  7. Better yet, do us all a favor and post the replays.
  8. Nothing to see here folks, move along. There is No War in Ba Sing Se.
  9. Weird how I was commenting on the Destroyer's Alpha Strike capability, burst damage. You completely missed that, apparently.
  10. I'm not terribly sympathetic. DD torp spreads give them an alpha strike capability that CV's only dream of, one that reloads every couple minutes. Without cruisers and carriers to keep them in check, they'd totally dominate the game. Every class that overextends gets punished for it. That extends to DD's in CV matches. It's silly to think that DD's should have the same freedom in CV matches that they do in non-CV matches given that CV's counter them, much like it would be silly to expect DD's to have the same freedom in games that have radar cruisers as games that don't have radar cruisers. The only thing CV's really have is spotting at this point, they have an almost zero alpha strike capability and a laughable dpm compared to other classes. Which just got nerfed, again.
  11. God forbid that a stealth based class has a counter, especially given that in upcoming changes DD's themselves will be the counter to the new stealth class (one that should hard counter CV's)
  12. I was under the impression that spotting was a role CV's carried from the beginning, a role they share with DD's.
  13. The M. Immelman will have a huge spike in popularity with this change. This nerf doesn't affect skip bombers.
  14. Some planes are more agile than others, some DD's are more detectable than others, what is your DD and what is the air detectability on it?
  15. You ignored the fact that there are no final adjustments after the CV player pulls the trigger ... you get 4-6 seconds to dodge after any 'final adjustments' .