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  1. C4Cypher

    Why are CVs the teams scapegoat?

    I guess you don't have anything relevant to add to this discussion if all you're going to contribute is personal attacks, unicum.
  2. C4Cypher

    Why are CVs the teams scapegoat?

    Okay, so if we're going to dispose of the pretense of civility, allow me to repeat my relevant question. Do you have anything to complain about that isn't a complete crock of bull?
  3. C4Cypher

    Why are CVs the teams scapegoat?

    Have you ever actually played CV? This is false, blatantly false. CV aircraft have dramatically shorter spotting ranges compared to other ships. Both rockets and torps are massively impacted by terrain. DD's can launch more than one torpedo spread at once, other ships can fire more than one turret at once and you don't see anyone complaining. Do you have anything with a shred of truth to whine about?
  4. C4Cypher

    It's not radar

    *radar intensifies*
  5. C4Cypher

    It's not radar

    You got CV rockets nerfed into the ground, but that's not enough for you. Is it?
  6. C4Cypher

    Wait - 2CV per side next CB season?

    But DD players keep telling me that CV players take zero risk ...
  7. C4Cypher

    what the [edited] is wg doing?

    *laughs in CV* jUsT aDaPt
  8. C4Cypher

    A the fall of CV since rework

    Continuous AA damage is undodgeable ... sometimes the RNG hates you and throws up flak patterns that are impossible to dodge, and if you try, you eat the flak damage and take bonus time (and continuous AA damage) getting back on target.
  9. C4Cypher

    Colorado - you get what you paid for?

    It's a brick, it moves like a brick, tanks damage like a brick, hits like a brick and has the dispersion of a brick. I've had some people tell me that it doesn't fare as well in up-tiered matches, but otherwise, it's hard to kill if you angle your armor and hits like a mack truck ... when your shells actually hit your target.
  10. C4Cypher

    Destroyers Buffs?

    jUsT aDaPt
  11. This isn't a rebuttal. Just whining about how AA causes you to get detected completely ignores the fact that you can turn it off.
  12. fine At a distance a fraction it takes to get spotted by a ship, and well within most DD's AA range, I'm not sympathetic How is this so awful for DD's? Yes, because you have it so much worse getting hit with one BB HE shell than the poor cruiser that got citadeled three times with BB AP (I'm being sarcastic) DD's have it hard because DDs? Wut? Gee what class is the DD going to be primary counter to? How terrible!! Enlighten me Seriously, if this your expectation, you really are self entitled to and coddled to as a DD player.
  13. You do realize that you can turn your AA off if detection is a concern, yes? This is something many DD players have to master.
  14. Again and again on these forums I saw DD player complaining that having to depend on other ships for AA protection completely restricted their ability to fulfil their role, even after the rocket nerf they complain about CV spotting, ignoring how severely restricted aviation spotting distances are (I'm taking AA damage before I ever see the DD). Again and again they demand that aircraft spotting should only reveal them on the minimap, they demand that only DD's should be able to hunt another DD ... and guess what, Wargaming is catering to them.
  15. C4Cypher

    The cost of playing is too darn high!

    *laughs in CV plane replacement cost*