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  1. Tyrannas

    Midway vs Hak

    Looking for tips against Hak. 3 fighters is frustrating to go up against especially if enemy team stays in groups. I find it very difficult to get a strike in without losing all of my planes. 4/2/2 is worse. any advice on how to fight against Haks?
  2. Tyrannas

    CV Players

    I do the same thing in my CV's. I will listen to what my teammates say but generally I have a better idea of what is going on over the entire map than they do. They are looking at the battle through a straw and don't see any threats but the one in front of them. While it may be a completely legitimate threat, there may be another somewhere else that is a higher priority.
  3. Tyrannas

    Question to CV captains

    Dive bombers aren’t terribly difficult to hit targets with...obviously dd’s and fast cruisers can be a little more tricky if they are turning but still not that hard...I find dropping from behind is easier than the front. If defensive fire is used by the target, bomber drop circles get huge and often don’t land many hits. Does that answer your question?
  4. Tyrannas

    new bonus code

    So copying and pasting didn't work for me but when I manually typed them in everything worked.
  5. Tyrannas

    new bonus code

    yes I am logged in
  6. Tyrannas

    new bonus code

    do you enter these in the "activate wargaming code" line? None have worked so far.