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  1. I've got a 2016 Alienware 15 R2. Its got Windows 10 Home - 64 bit Intel i7-6700HQ CPU Dual Intel HD Graphics 530 and NVIDIA GTX 980M 32 GB RAM three hard drives (two internal, one external) equaling 4 TB of Storage (two 1 TB drives internal, one 2 TB external) I also use a Logitech mouse, with a headset and keyboard if I'm at home.
  2. OH YES PLEASE! I'm so excited, Log Horizon has just launched a second season, Arpeggio has two movies coming out in a few months, and Girls und Panzer has a movie in the works too! This is going to be a simply fantastic year for anime!
  3. Ship names!

    It makes a lot of sense not to let the players name their own ships, to me! Just look at Star Trek: Online. Its filled to the brim with ships named anywhere between U.S.S. 13u11h34d and U.S.S. Penetrator WITH precautions towards not being able to name your ships anything vulgar... I'm all for limiting what we're able to name our ships!
  4. So they "answered" 6 questions.

    Quick! Lock the doors or he'll see all our exploding chicken guns!