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  1. GeneralSchwartzkopf

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    Bye, WoWs. Been fun.
  2. GeneralSchwartzkopf

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    I've been playing this game from the start. CBT, Day 1 player, invested since ANNOUNCEMENT in this games future. This change is aimed at me and I do not want it. This combined with every other considerable screw up WG has made in the past year with CVs, AA, the implementation of obviously and painfully broken ships, the threat of premium ship changes, and now this? I'm done. You've pissed off the creme of the crop of your CC program (looking at you LWM, iChase, Flambass, Flamu) and you've pissed me off. I uninstalled today. I'm not coming back. Goodbye, WoWs team. I don't know what exactly pushed you to think these were good choices to strengthen your community's involvement in your game but this is not it.
  3. GeneralSchwartzkopf

    Tides of Change Tuesday - Best of Patch 0.7.12

    Finally picking up my Flint.